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Sunday 17 April 2016

What I Wore To Church

Hello, lovely people.
Today, I'm cribbing the post title off a lovely lady called Karen who writes  here.  I find her blog most uplifting.  She writes a regular feature on what she wore to church and as today I did that very thing, I thought the homage would be fitting.  So, here we go.
We were invited to the christening of the lovely daughter of our nephew and his partner.
What should I wear to church?

I tried on my Per Una frilly fuschia cardi and "made in spain" pink heels with this colourful jersey dress from Madeleine, old but similar here.  Much as I love the dress, the beautiful day forecast had not shown up yet and I felt a little chilly in it.  So,

I tried on this East dress, it's longer, uber comfy and it's lined, so it felt a little warmer.  It is, of course, many seasons past, similar here.
Of course, it turned out to be a blindingly gorgeous day later but just not at the time of christening :-(.

If it's a tad chilly I close the cardi with a brooch.  This little statement piece is Victorian and features an amethyst stone and little pearls, so the only other jewellery I wore was a pair of small pearl stud earrings. 
I think Ines would approve of my restraint :-).

We had a lovely day.
And I think you've probably guessed, dear friends, that based on the above analysis, What I Wore to St Martin's Church today was the blue floral East dress.
So, peeps, to recap - when in doubt about what to wear, go for comfort every time.
And here endeth my lesson for today!

I hope you had a nice Sunday too. 
A la perchoine

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