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Thursday 7 April 2016

(White) Jeans On - Deux

Yesterday was beautiful so it was officially the first day of MY summer,
as I put on my not-so-white jeans and I felt alrrrrright!

M&S cropped jeggings SS14, with M&S khaki knitted jacket and a khaki top from Hennes and Mauritz.  Yes, you read right.  This stretchy top is so "vintage" that its label reads "Hennes" rather than H&M!  Hennes means "hers" in Swedish - just sayin'.
Worn with v. comfy M&S Insolia snakeskin flatties from last summer.

You may recall I was on a quest to find some sparkly white replacements jeans here.  I've tested a few pairs of white jeans and true to my word, I'm reporting in with my findings.

These were miniscule at the ankle and looked silly with shoes and bare ankles.  I wasn't keen on the thickness of the material either, so pretty much a no-go all round. 
I tried the M&S pink jeggings too - pretty colour but again the ankle didn't work for me for summer.

These were a lovely fit, especially around the ankles so looked great with summer shoes, but I don't think I can live with the shallow zipper.  They are a bit too hipster-ish - they give me a fabulous display of muffin belly!  But they are lovely so I'd recommend trying them.

But, a Cinderella moment, these are just right!

Womens Basic White JeggingsWomens Basic Light Green Jeggings

The crops are the same price.  Such good value and the ankle isn't uber narrow like PUs.
  I've worn Peacock's grey version for two years now and they are still looking and feeling good, so I am familiar with their work. 
Who would have thought ... me and Peacocks, bit of a jegg-mance going on there!

So, I Have White Jeans, I Will Put Them On, I Will Feel Alright!

A la perchoine.


  1. i have a pair of white jeans that for some reason i don't wear often. i'm always afraid of spilling something on them! you've given me the push i need to start wearing them!

  2. Oh Janet, I call myself Mummy Messy Eater, so go figure, I am the worst. The good news is that they wash well. Be brave and enjoy the summer in your white jeans!