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Wednesday 10 March 2021

What Would Grace Wear - A long sleeved top -


Hello my lovelies! 

Today I’m looking at a real wardrobe staple that I’m guessing most of have. 

A neutral long sleeved t shirt or jumper. 

Start with one in grey for example, which I find myself wearing week on week. It doesn’t get any more simple that that. 

I can wear this uniform of grey long sleeved t shirt and black jeans day in day out, unadorned, and should I be going out of the house I can quickly doll it up with a toning silk scarf, or a chunky necklace.   
Or both simultaneously, because something as simple as this shape can take any amount of layering and adornment you chose to throw at it. 

So on to layering the simple l/sl tee.  Grace wore her grey t casually here with blue jeans and a darker long cardi layer thrown over, probably for a relaxed day at home (on set!).  And I have to say this is a go to for me too at this time of the year when I refuse to put on the heating during the day!

Here Grace wore a taupe coloured tee with black trousers, and some questionable footwear!

This is another style and colour of top I wear on repeat. I seem to be all able the neutrals!  You too?
Mine is not so much a tee as a jumper; it’s an asymmetric cashmere but the effect is the same.  The colour and shape is great with black jeans or looser black jersey trousers (as Grace’s appear to be).
However here I dressed it up with chunky beads and an old leather skirt, which shows its versatility. 

I have to fess up that I’m not much of a shirt person, so throughout most of the year this is my shape and my colours of choice. 
 Simple shape, easy-wear easy-care fabric, neutral colours. 
This is definitely a staple in my retirement wardrobe. 
In yours too?

And where does your affinity lie, shirt or easy fabric top? 

Hugs, Mary x.  


  1. I like plain tops too but unfortunately a lot of mine are unforgiving around my middle, so I tend to wear them under other things rather than making them the feature. Ones that are slightly loose around middle and skim my hips - rather like a mini tunic are my favourites but not always easy to find!

    You look great in both of your featured tops.

    1. I’m totally with you on that clingy midriff thing, but this grey tee is actually loose just where I want it to be. It’s from Next, £6.
      Happy weekend, x.