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Monday 22 March 2021

About Guernsey - Springtime

Hello my lovelies. 

I know that many of you like seeing and reading about where I live so I’ve put together a mini series about the island in which I share pictures and information about Guernsey and it’s neighboring islands. 

Today I’m celebrating the joys of spring!

Springtime in Guernsey

Springtime officially began in the UK on 20th March this year, but it actually arrives roughly four weeks earlier in Guernsey in terms of climate and flora.

Spring is the time of year when Guernsey’s rugged coastline and leafy interior become adorned with colour, and the mild weather makes it the perfect time to get out and about, and in Lockdown there’s been even more activity than usual around our lanes and coastline. 

Surrounded by sea, there are many beautiful seascapes to enjoy when out and about. 

Back in the day when I was still working, my office window looked out on a beautiful view.   Being greeted by this uplifting sight 5 mornings a week filled my heart and fed my soul. 

 And then I started working!


Our town, St Peter Port, takes on a freshness and vibrancy in spring.  The building facades seem to appear freshly scrubbed and the hundreds of planted flower baskets and containers blossom up with the warming soil.  

The marinas awaken from their winter break. 


They soon fill up with visiting boats. 



Candie Gardens is the nearest green space to the town’s centre and comes into its own in Spring; it’s a lovely place for a pleasant stroll through the gardens as they come in bloom, then take a break with a cuppa in the pretty little cafe.  



Always a winner is the uplifting experience of eyeing the panoramic views across to Herm and Sark, and even Jersey and mainland France on a clear day.

Herm island is my particular favourite.

It’s nice to go there in spring when only the merest trickle of visitors explore the island. 
 And a trip to this island is top of the list for Jacqui of

who ran out of time to visit this island when she holidayed in Guernsey last summer. 

The magnificent Bluebell Woods near Fermain Bay are so popular at this time of year.  In fact it’s pretty much an island Thing to visit the woods and be greeted by a stunning purple carpet of flowers.

Coastal walks can be so uplifting in springtime and many walkers can be found hiking heartily along the undulating cliff paths (or strolling in my case!), taking in some of Guernsey's unforgettable seascapes from the stunning viewpoints along the cliff paths.

Stop off in one of the bays for a breather; most of the bays have a welcoming little cafe or kiosk serving hot beverages and hot and cold cafe type food. 

And here’s our Favourite Photographer on the other side of the camera, hiking his way along a Herm cliff path.  Herm is one of the nearby islands in the Bailiwick of Guernsey and is popular with Bailiwick residents and visitors alike. 

However I tend to avoid the craggy cliff paths and walk along the flatter north or west coastlines for ease of knee!  The walks are less challenging but equally picturesque.

Guernsey's north and western coasts are home to sweeping sandy bays that are popular with walkers during springtime, and many swim in these bays all year round.  

One of my favourite bay walks at this time of year is L’Ancresse.  The heady smell of the spring sun on newly blossoming gorse on the common there tells me summer is on its way, get ready!

The island's countryside transforms into an oasis of colour as daffodils and narcissi leap up and smile, and a stroll through the rural parishes is a wonderful way to while away the hours.  And in this year’s lockdown so many islanders have taken to the lanes to get themselves attuned to nature awakenings. 

Guernsey is just coming out of Lockdown 2021 and life is coming back to normal today as we enter Stage 3 of our exit.  Our  borders remain subject to controls and quarantine requirements but it is hoped that borders will be somewhat back to normal sometime in July.  

So if you are thinking of making Guernsey your holiday destination this year, it would be a good idea to check out 


as flights and accommodation will fill up fast in anticipation of the opening of access to our island once more.

Hugs, Mary x. 

Credits: visitguernsey for some photos and information


  1. Ooh, yes. I really want to come back and see the places we missed last time. I am booked for my first jab on Thursday so fingers crossed that things look up later in the year for us all. xxxx

    1. I’m crossing everything as there’s so much more for you still to enjoy here, including some Mary time 🤣!!
      Apparently Aurigny are already selling tickets for July.
      Hugs x.

  2. Oh, that all does look beautiful and such good walking...

    You are doing a wonderful ambassadorial role for Guernsey, Mary. Do you know I always thought Herm was Hern!

    1. Well thank you, you would love the walks here Vronni, and so funny you called it Hern !
      I get comments asking for more about Guernsey so I’m trying to squeeze in some posts about the island, and I enjoy doing them too.
      Hugs x.

  3. Thanks for the whistle stop tour - looks beautiful and spring must be a very special time.

  4. Your fair isle is very beautiful, what a lovely place to live. I would like to visit but am settling for your grand photo tour. The bluebells are beauties.

    1. Thanks so much Terra, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I think many will be wary of travel going forward so virtual visits are the way to go!
      Hugs x.

  5. What a beautiful island you live on! So many great views and it's really nice in spring with the pretty flowers! :)

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope that you have a lovely Easter Sunday :)

    Away From The Blue