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Wednesday, 17 March 2021

What Would Grace Wear - Blazer and Jeans

 Hello my lovelies. 

In my last style post I talked about the frock coat’s value on the portly figure .  My frock coat is of a heavyish fabric.  So what about an outer layer as spring hots up?

Well a blazer is the obvious answer.  And a blazer and jeans is classic smart casual dressing, in retirement or otherwise. 

But sometimes, and especially for my life right now, a blazer feels way too formal. 

A pretty cardi and jeans then comes to mind as a spring layering option. 

Or a faux leather biker.  I continue to be amazed how these little complex pleather constructions can provide adequate warmth and go with just about everything that I wear, day to day.  

But there are days when a blazer somehow calls me. 
And brass buttons call me!

The addition of some brass buttons elevates a blazer.  Here something as simple as a white jumper and jeans takes on a smarter role when a brass buttoned navy blazer is quickly thrown on as an outer layer. 

But who is even bothering to throw on a blazer these days?
For most of us in lockdown, going out for our daily chosen exercise is our only “going out”.  And a blazer is not the go-to outer layer for that.  A puffa, gillet or cardi is the instinctive layer and maybe I need to look at those in another post. 

So I’m wondering, will I even think to throw a blazer over a denim shirt and white jeans when I come out of this pandemic? 
Is the classy blazer and jeans combo now a relic of the past?
Has the “smart” been irretrievably removed from “casual”?
What is it going to take for us (me!) to get back into a smarter casual look?

Will smart casual return?

Look, I’ve been a retiree who’s put on her make up and slipped into something presentable each day most days. 
For ten whole years. 

Yet I’ve got to admit that in the last month, as we switched back into our second lockdown, I’ve done neither of those things.  Quite the reverse actually, I’ve actual bought myself some sweatpants!!
And they have barely left my body since I bought them. 

Yes, I’ve caught the “working from home” slobby bug even though I’ve been effectively  ”working” from home for the past ten years and yet have been tarting up and showing up each day most days.
I had zero interest in the emerging leisure wear trends.
Heavens, I felt I’d sold my soul to the devil on the rare occasion I wore a fleece when out walking!
Yet here I am, writing this wearing dreadful sweatpants.

So what has happened to style in 2021?

Is the blazer and jeans thing now a relic of the past?
And with it, smart casual?

Is this slobby bug highly contagious, just as the latest Covid variants are?
You know, I really think it’s a Thing. 


Hugs, Mary x. 


  1. Sweatpants are so Now! Personally, I am very tired now of wearing slobby clothes every day, even though we go nowhere and have no visitors. I can't wait until we are in a position to get back to a more normal way of life and I can try to remember how to look (reasonably) smart.
    You always look so glam, I can't imagine you looking slobby!

    1. Oh Jay you don’t know the half of it! But YOU will have no probs getting out of your sweatpants and looking nicely turned out, you always look pretty and stylish. But slobby habits do form very quickly eh.
      We’re out of lockdown on Monday and you won’t be far behind.
      Hugs x.

  2. I am sure you never look slobby. I love your blazer collection. I did not change my dress code, which never has included sweats, however this winter I discovered that a pair of woven leggings I hardly ever wear are really warm and comfy - wearing them now - so I have relaxed too. I an looking forward to wearing my blazers again when the weather warms up and can go somewhere other than a walk! Lise

    1. Oh trust me Lise, I do slobby very well, or very badly, depending on how you look at it!
      I am so impressed you’ve kept up the smarter dress code, well done you, and the occasional walk in leggings is perfectly fine eh. Yes, won’t it be lovely to do something other than WALK!
      Hugs x.

  3. I still try to look presentable every other week when I venture out of the house. Haha! I do love a blazer and jeans outfit and I sure hope we can get back to getting somewhat dressed in the near future!

    1. My dear Laura, I’m sure you look stunning each and every day. Your blog looks never fail to inspire. I’ve just seen your latest post on spring joggers and I’m taking that inspo and applying it to my new sweatpants!
      Hugs x.

  4. I love all of these toppers! I typically make sure to dress cute every day but I do sometimes switch early to my workout clothes to make sure I do get out there and walk or put my pjs right before dinner.

    1. Hi my dear, that’s a clever approach, switching in and out of the more comfy clothes to follow your day. Currently I’m starting the day in Sweatpants ... and that’s where I stay!
      Hugs x.

  5. It's a good question Mary. I think once we're out of lockdown that may be a frantic dash to buy nice things, and lots of people posing in restaurants on IG. I think high heels may well be the casualty. I may be going back to the office by Sept, so a blazer and smart jeans will be required. Thanks for joining #WowOnWednesday x

    1. Well that’s an interesting observation and one to watch, Gail. Handbags are definitely something that go in lockdown and retirement along with maybe heels. But my short legs NEED heels 👠 !!!
      Hugs x.

  6. Well. I've just started wearing mine again Mary. All of these jackets/blazers looks fabulous on, so no, you can't put them to bed. I think we should set an exsample. Enjoy wearing them and when that woman passes you on the street, she will think about wearing hers again xx

    1. Most inspiring advice, Laurie. We’re in Stage 3 of lockdown exit now so hopefully there will be some example-setting blazer opportunities!
      Hugs x.

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