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Friday 12 March 2021

What Would Grace Wear - The Frock Coat

 Hello my lovelies!

Spring may be around the corner but we still need a piece of light outerwear when we leave the house eh. 

Lightweight jackets and blazers are fine but I do find the longer line frock coat is perfect for the larger lady.  It skins in all the right places and gives the illusion of a longer slimmer shape. 

A fur muffler makes the frock coat ideal as season switch outerwear. 

See what I mean?  The line of the frock coat skims over the curves and the lower hemline rests the eye on a slimmer part of most bodies, the mid thigh, rather than on hip and rump like most blazers insist on doing. 

Choose the slimming effect of black to maximise the frock coat trickery. 

Grace seems to have latched on to the little troupe l’oeil effect too, not that she needs any trickery when dressing her perfect body!

Black jeans and heeled boots are my pretty constant partners for my Zara frock coat.  Here the blackness of the outfit is broken up by an equally slimming leoprint longline jumper.   

And here my old staples of caramel cashmere jumper 
and chunky pearls break up the black.  
However, a totally black outfit would look absolutely stunning, very Parisienne Left Bank.  Effortless chic. 

A black frock coat looks equally nice with lighter wash jeans in blue or grey, which is where I’m heading now as we transition in spring. 

I’m looking forward to slipping into my flattering frock coat when we come out of lockdown.  Soon. 

Ok it’s not a fair question to ask those who may be in their own lockdown right now, but would these looks fit in with your poshing it up a bit spring days? 
Does this look fit in with your real life style?
I’d love to know if Grace and I are coming up with outfits that hit the mark with YOU too. 

Hugs, Mary x. 


  1. The frock coat has always been one of my favourite styles. It is very feminine and seems to flatter all shapes and sizes. I wish that mine hadn't gone to the charity shop when I retired as I am now back to a size where I could wear it again!

    1. Oh that’s a bummer Jacqui. But you’re so right, the frock coat follows the line of the female form and celebrates it. Go on, get yourself another!
      Hugs, x.

  2. I don't know why, but Americans have lost the historical term, Frock Coat" or I've never seen it referred to. They are the perfect length and,of course,I love your total black look-very Gracie and sophisticated. I have a navy pin stripe one that I picked up a few years ago at a charity shop and need to haul it out and wear it again. All three of your looks are smashing-heck, I would go grocery shopping looking like that-when that's the only time you get out, why not?

    1. I’m intrigued to know what you call your pinstripe if not a frock coat, Terri, maybe a longline jacket? The frock coat follows the curve of the body so would indeed be a stunner in the supermarket aisle amongst all the hoodies!
      Hugs x.

  3. Now, this is a new one to me - a frock coat. Needless to say I possess several; a black one and two dressier ones in white lace and turquoise silk with a bejewelled neckline.

    Your Zara coat looks fab and you've inspired me to dig my black frock coat out and give it an airing; it'll need to be a warmish day as it's quite thin. I loved your fur collar and the long line leopard print underneath the frock coat.

    1. Your frock coats sound stunning Vronni, and now is a good time to wear them.
      Hugs x.