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Friday 19 March 2021

What Would Grace Wear - Black Top and Necklace

Hello my lovelies. 
Let’s take a look at something truly simple that we all wear, probably. 

The black top. 

A black top usually needs a point of interest to break up its blackness.  And that’s usually achieved with a necklace or a scarf.

A black top with its own in-built adornment needs nothing more.  Here a few pretty buttons is all this summer linen top needs.  A necklace would just clutter the neckline. 

This is Jane not Grace, but I do think the two are interchangeable. 

An all-black outfit is so chic but a simple monochrome outfit needs a statement piece to bring some interest to the outfit.  Above, Jane-Grace adds a truly chunky necklace ... and an enchanting expression!

I added pops of aqua to my black column - the cardi and belt have their own in-built adornment adding texture too. 

And here I broke up an all black outfit (a plain black jersey dress) with a pop of colour - glorious berry boots.  The point of interest doesn’t necessarily always need to be a necklace. 

Now apropos boots, I think I may have worn these lovely boots just once this winter for a special occasion.  
All my boots came down from the loft last autumn, a journey they make religiously each year, and only one pair have been worn occasionally in lockdown; the rest of the time I’ve been slobbing it in black Ugg lookalikes!
Footwear and handbags are the casualties of lockdown, do you agree?
Gail of @isthismutton commented on my last post that perhaps we may never get back into heels after this is all over.  
What are your thoughts?  
Do you think there will be things you will never return to wearing?  

But back to the plot - dressing up a plain black top. 
Here I layered a black polo neck with silver strands and a pendant.  I love this look but I do think that three is the magic number when it comes to many things, including necklace layering. 
And in case you’re counting, I did wear three here but you can barely see the third strand.  But knew I was wearing the magic number and that’s all that matters eh!

A scarf can work to break up the black.  
I’ve gotta say I love wearing this ensemble of soft suede skirt and black top, and breaking up the black with a beige pashmina which links in to the skirt.  
 Black and beige is a fave colour combo of mine, I think it’s simple chic at its best.  You too?

Now this is all-black dressing, but using not colour but texture as a point of interest.  An old chunky statement necklace is the only slight break from this outfit’s monochromeness (it’s pewter) but somehow it and the black leather cap do the trick of lifting the eye upwards and the all-black outfit appears somehow incidental as the accessories take centre stage. 

Try adding texture only with an all back outfit.  I believe it’s a winner and maybe you will too. 

So, to recap, my retirement wardrobe is filled with much black, as you can see here.  
I’m a “big girl” as they say, and I find a black top takes the eye away from the boobs.  
And the more the expanse of black one wears, the more it needs to be broken up, with necklace or scarf, with colour or texture. 

Of course, a pretty face is sometimes the only accessory an all black outfit needs.  Oh that I could be as fortunate as Jane-Grace, who’s face is her I’m in-built accessory - she’s aging so prettily. 
Meantime, I’ll have to use what resources I have with my black tops, accessories!

Hugs, Mary x . 




  1. Agree totally on breaking up black. You are looking gorgeous in your black ensembles and added accessories. I love wearing black with white or grey and rarely wear all black.

    I don't agree with you about Jane; she's had oodles of cosmetic surgery and treatments and has oodles of money to fight the ageing process. I have to say I just don't think she looks natural...sorry!

    1. Thanks Vronni. I can’t imagine you wearing all-black, you’re all about wonderful displays of colour and pattern and I love it!
      I guess the photos I’m accessing are quite old and show her more successful surgeries. Perhaps recent work has now made her tilt towards the sadder end of cosmetic surgery. No matter how good the surgery, the old lady inside will out eventually eh!! I’m anti any cosmetic surgery personally unless it is as a result of accident damage etc. I’m happy to show me and as a result, show my age. Thanks for your comments, my sweet, it’s so good to hear your views.
      Happy weekend, x

  2. I will never say no to a great black top and have more than I need! Plastic surgery, yea or nay, I still love Jane Fonda and her style. She has always had good bones and plastic surgery isn't going to change that. Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday. XOXO Terri

    1. Oh yes Terri, those bones! Skin of any age can hang beautifully on those bones. I guess there probably comes a point when surgery no longer improves. Never mind, wear a black top and smile eh.
      Hugs x.