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Thursday 4 March 2021

What Would Gracie Wear?- A Fine Knit Cardi

Hello my lovelies.

I’m following on today with my fondness for Jane Fonda’s style in the Gracie and Franki series (and Jane’s style generally) and how it fits in with my own style.

Here Gracie is wearing a fine knit cardi over a t shirt.  Simple. 

This is such a go-to look for the stay at home home gal.  

Take a fine knit open front cardi and hang it over just about any type of top.  
The weight of a fine silky knit means that it drapes nicely.  The fineness of the knit minimizes bulk. 
Such a winning piece in any 55+ girl’s wardrobe. 

In the first pic above I’m wearing a taupe silk knit trapeze cardi (#thewhitecompany) over a loose layered ecru top (#nextofficial), and black skinnies.

And here I wore a fine knit cashmere soft taupe cardi (#madelainefashion) over a simple white vest (#limitededition), again with black skinny jeans. 
Cashmere doesn’t have the weight to drape (it rhymes!) but its fine knit still gives a nice silhouette. 

These looks can then be tarted up with a bit of jewellery or maybe a scarf. 

The fine knit cardi is so easy to glam up too, here by wearing it with a silk and lace camisole and maybe silver belt to complete this more eveningy look as I did.
I’ve also switched to lighter coloured linen trousers to create something pretty darn perfect for a spring evening, should you wish to copy this look right now. 

There’s no doubt that a fine knit cardi is a perfect third piece, especially at this time of the year.  It’s core to my go-to uniform for spring and is an easy yet smart style for both retirement and working from home.  
It’s something I’d chose to wear for Zoom meetings, IF I was still working.  It certainly creates a neat upper half for Zoom socials. 

Is the cardi and top combo pretty much a day to day uniform for you too?
And have you found yourself switching to fine knits now as the season changes?

Hugs, Mary x. 


  1. I love that last look with the silk cami. So effortlessly glam x

    1. Aww thanks Jacqui, and that’s just how it felt! Must wear that again, even if I don’t go out!!!
      Hugs and happy lockdownThursday, x.

  2. Yes the last look with the pretty silk and lace camisole really suits you, a good choice. I am afraid it is still a bit chilly here in Scotland for anything similar or linen trousers even. I have a little short pink cardigan that ties up at the front which is very useful layering over blouses, shirts, dresses even. I got it second hand at a pretty vintage/ nearly new shop and it has proved most useful. The colour seems to go with most things too.

  3. Love the fine knit cardi with the cami top and linen trousers - very chic!

  4. Hello Mary,

    I have always loved your cardi style and they are something that I just don't have to many of. I have a couple of wool ones that I've worn around the house this winter but they are to beat up to make a public appearance. But I do have this butter yellow one that I got last summer for no particular reason, except I wanted a cardi.And mine are all so short-almost a throw back to earlier times. I'm so glad you are writing again-I've always enjoyed reading what you are up to. Take care, Terri