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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

When Only PJs Will Do

I am totally like a rat up a drainpipe.
No sooner has the sun dodged behind a cloud, then I am on your screen trying out a cooler summer day outfit!

As I mentioned recently, I had a few outfits in mind for cooler days, then along came the glorious sun.  And for the record in case He is listening, I am not complaining! 
 But at the first hint of a dull day, I am hooking out stuff from the Pout Walk-In (oh, in my dreams!) to experiment with a cooler day look. Quickly, before the sun pops out again.

I've been on Pinterest recently.  Looking for garden ideas but of course my mind quickly got a-wanderin'.  These style pins keep popping up and it would be rude to scroll passed them, eh?

I call this Pinterest look Slouchy Casual.  It's basically big cardi, jeans and a skimpy top. There were many versions.

I chose this one.   I liked the casual off the shoulder look so put some bits together.

And here it is, ready for public consumption.  For I don't think a lady of my vintage can really look anything other than, well, vintage, and off the shoulder slouchy just wouldn't work in M&S!

Underneath my Woolovers cardi, I wore my M&S 501s and a pajama top.  Yes, you read correctly, a pajama top.  What old black lacy vests I had were very short and skimpy and I didn't even try them on .  Hmmnn, what top have I got with black lace, is long and bra-friendly?  Why yes, the top half of my Next PJ set!

Sexy slouchy, left.  Scruffy slobby, right.
(I've no record of the link to this pic, so sorry to whoever for not applying a credit to the pic)

I think I was close on cardi colour and I think I did a pretty good job of adapting this style for an older lady.  What do you think?

I expect this cardi shown recently here would have provided more slouch, but the colour was off and I wanted to be true to the Pinterest lady who put the look together, so I eased on the slouching.

And, dear reader, amongst other tasks for the day, I shopped for tea in M&S.  Wearing a PJ top.  I call it clever re-purposing of PJs as a day-wear item.  But, technically, I shopped in sleepwear.

 Tesco pyjamas¬†

Are PJs trending in a supermarket near you?!
(photo credit - Daily Telegraph)

Now, ladies, do you ever copy a look from a mag, a blog, Pinterest?
Have you had any blinding successes?
And have you re-purposed sleepwear?  Maybe worn your PJs or nightie in public?!
I'd love you to share by commenting below ...

And finally, I'm sharing with you my first fig of 2017, dear reader.

Well of course, I can't share it physically.  And if I did share with you all, you would each get a pretty small nibble on the fig.

This sharing is more symbolic.  For I gave it to the family fig connoisseur.  It disappeared in a couple of bites and he declared it "Delicious!"

A la perchoine.


  1. Have you seen the 'correct' way to serve figs? You make two crossed cuts in the blossom end and gently open the fig into a little flower. I tried it but did not think to make a pic.

    We've preserved the first batch and have another gallon plus to put up today.

    I've never worn nightwear out in public. Most of mine isn't 'fit' to be seen by anybody: ragged and tattered. I'd rather see people well covered in pajamas than some of the short-shorts I saw the other day.

    Right now it is too hot here to shop in warm cardis unless we did let them hang off bare shoulders and arms. I choose neat tees with elbow sleeves.

    1. Hi Jean, no I haven't tried that but definitely will when more ripen. I thinned the fig a few days ago as branches were shooting far out from the base and there were far too many branches generally for its size, about 8ft. Hope I didn't ruin things. Sounds like you're doing well with yours, I'll check your blog for any preserve recipes. Looks like this will be a good year for fruit.
      Like your comments about PJs and shorts.
      The cardi and jacket days are fortunately just blips, we have some brilliant weather queued up. Your tees sound just right for hot days.
      Happy rest of week.

  2. I like your slouchy casual look, I can't even imagine having cooler weather since it's near 100 degrees EVERY FLIPPING DAY and it's hot as balls! For the record I would absolutely LOVE a cooler climate. In my dreams!

    1. Oh Kellyann. this is a classic example of how the grass is always greener, eh?! During our recent heatwave I was loving blindingly hot sunny days and cloudless skies and was so sad when that ended. But it is nice to have a break. I've not stayed in Florida for longer than a fortnight but I did once spend a whole summer in the Med, and I did find myself longing for the changeable British summer! It was like - wake up, look out window, oh yeah, another baking hot cloudless day. You like what you're used to eh, though 100F each and every day must be sometimes uncomfortable.
      I would like to be wearing hour Floridian thin slips of dresses, over the knee skirts and short shorts (in MY dreams, if I only had the legs ...). And on that note, I'm waiting for a truly sunny day to glam up my shorts as instructed, honest!
      Have a fun week.

  3. I like you in the paler waterfall cardigan.!! Now please tell me I have provisionly booked a style adviser to come to my house in Aug. Do you think at 71 I am being a bit extravagant it won't be cheap

    1. Hi Polly, thanks for your vote, I like the colour of my big sloucher but I was only able to get away with wearing it immediately after that heatwave, i would be far too hot in it now!
      Wow, a stylist!! Put extravagance aside for a moment - you can afford it and importantly you want to do it. (Oh, just scrolled down and see Jules shares the same view!). I want to dress better and use the clothes I have and perhaps in a new way. It sounds like you are in the same position. I chose this blog, to push me and because I missed writing in retirement. Sounds like you've thought hard and are choosing to consult a stylist. We have a shared destination but are taking different routes. If you're struggling with this lovely treat you're giving yourself, I would try justifying. E.g. Golf is an expensive pastime. If you don't play golf, think how much money you've saved in the Polly Style Bank since retirement! If you do play, think of another expensive pastime that you don't play or do, you'll soon square things with your conscience.
      And I am longing to hear how it went so please pop back and tell us!

  4. First to Polly regarding being extravagant at 71 - GO FOR IT!!! If you want to reframe the expense, think of it as a well deserved treat. If we don't take care of ourselves who will and you are setting a grand example for us younger gals ( I am 54 and look forward to any and all treats in the decades to come!)

    Now to our dear Pouting Pensioner--the pajama look you showed is very elegant, chic, and insouciant and you wear it well. I DETEST the other pajamas I see in public!! No one believes for one second that the fuzzy monkey printed pants worn to pick up your children from school this afternoon are anything other than the same pajamas you had on when you dropped said children off in the morning!! I am a former teacher and saw this happen ALL THE TIME. Ok, rant over...also dear Pensioner, my ancestors came from the Arhus (Aarhus?) area of Denmark-took me a bit to find out. Thanks for another wonderful blog and for sharing the fig although I prefer mine wrapped in cake-known as a Fig Newton. Do you have similar in Guernsey? Have a lovely day-your weather still beats mine at 108 F !!!

    1. Jules, loved your comment, so funny!
      It's so refreshing to hear your take on treats, I beat myself up and say things like "not now you're retired, Pout", which I know is setting myself up for countless foregone pleasures or serious guilt trips.
      I used to read incredulously when Fifty Not Frumpy talked of ladies in PJs in US supermarkets and at breakfast in hotel restaurants. But I read in the newspaper recently that they have been seen in a supermarket in the UK. Isolated incidents but it's happening. Don't get it. Though who am I to talk, I've now been out in bottomless PJs now!
      Aarhus is in Jylland which shares a border with Germany. Haven't been there. You're doing well with your family digging.
      Not familiar with Fig Newton but will Google it as I am always searching for ways to use figs come harvest time.
      Feel for you ladies in 100f+ temps. Low 90s is the highest we go and that is very exceptional. It's low 20s c for us right now, which is pleasant.

  5. Thanks Jules and Mary for your advise, I will go for it, and thanks for all you lady bloggers which I also find very helpful, and shall continue to follow.

    1. You're very welcome. I have to say that blogging has brought me some lovely "keyboard pals". The term "community" is not something I'm not overly fond of in blogdom, but it feels a bit like that. So I hope you keep visiting me and your other blogs for a long time to come. X.

  6. I have to admit that I would never think to use my pj top for my outfit....but I think it's perfect here. Heck, no one would ever know and it looks great!!
    I draw the line at slippers though..ha ha!!
    ps..I just found your blog on the Blended Blog's link up!! It's so nice to meet you!!

    1. Sorry Jodie, what a fine start to our blogoship! Missed the reply button on this tiny screen. Please see below.

  7. And great to meet you too, Jodie, welcome to my blog!
    Thanks so much for OKing my naughtiness. It's such a pretty top that it seems a shame to hide it away between the sheets. I'm just hoping someone else reading this will tell me they've done the same!
    Hope you pop back again soon, x.
    P.s. can someone please tell me what the "0" in XOXO means, I have no idea but I've seen it around so long I've been a little embarrassed to ask!

    1. To all out there, please note my plea in the p.s. XOXO!!!

  8. I have to admit I haven't seen the "Slouchy Casual" trend but I'm also not on Pinterest unless I'm pinning my own pins. I don't look at other people's pins. I use Pinterest more for a library or resource for my own likes. Anyway, I would never wear a "Slouchy Casual" because it would simply drive me crazy having my sweater falling off my shoulder like that. But, I love the brown/black outfit and the tank you have underneath.

    1. You've got a great approach to Pinterest, Amy, as I have to say I got sucked in recently and used up a few hours of my allotted time on this earth looking at pics! Glad you like the black/brown and yes, when I realised slouch didn't work for me either (ref my reply to Terri) I took the thing off during my walk and tied it round my waist! TP doesn't like that look but he preferred it to double-slouchy!