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Sunday 2 July 2017

A Few Days in the East

G'day to you, my friends.
I'm still mourning the loss of our heatwave but I've put a positive spin on things.
I realised recently that I'd had little opportunity to wear early-summer jackets, the ones I'd queued up a few cooler day looks.
And that had made me the tinsiest bit sad.

Well, no worries, cooler days are here!  I can now enjoy my white East jacket without overheating.  Silk purse out of a pigs ear, peeps!

Here with black Per Una slim-fits and Peacocks striped t-shirt.

It appears to be my lucky jacket too.  I dipped my hand into the pocket ...

... and pulled out £2!  (We still use our pound notes here.)
The Photographer told me to go buy myself somethin' perr-ty!

After wearing this thong necklace all day, I realised it was supposed to double up to make a choker and dangle, rather than a v. long dangle as seen here.  Duh!

Old Windsmoor stone cardi, black Per Unas, Artigiano top.

Even this thick cardi has been pulled out.

I call it my "sick cardi"; I instinctively reach for it when I'm poorly to cosy up.  I've worn it this week during chilly bloggings.

Another day with the jacket, my "501s" and Magasin linen stripey top.

So many fashionista show looks with white blazers.  I have one, but I find that this East white jacket fits my retired life style better and it's coming out to play quite a bit, heatwaves aside.

And here's the thing.  I bought it 15 years ago ... and I've only started truly wearing it in the last year.  Is that investment/nest egg dressing?  It's certainly been a slow burner.  But I've discovered its usefulness and retirement-appropriateness, thanks to this blog pushing my boundaries!

I accessorised with dangly earrings, which have a little turquoise stone insert, as the grey leather thong necklace has too.  Very subtle matchy matchy.  So subtle that none will notice, but I know and that's enough for me!

And result, I caught TP wearing his new grey jeans!

Wearing cool summer stuff has been an unexpected treat, but Weather Man, if you're reading this, I'm ready for you to push a bit of skirt and dress weather my way ...

Now tell me, how has your style changed in recent years?
Changed maybe after a dramatic shift in life style, like retirement?
Have you found yourself wearing things that work better in your "new life"?
Or whose potential you've much later discovered?

A la perchoine.


  1. We did go from winter to summer missing Spring didn't we. Still spring is here now and I'm with you on not missing this jacket wearing opportunity. I wore a 12 year old jacket on Friday. It's come around to being ok as vintage rather than those middle years of dated.

    1. So true, Anna. On seasons, guess we've reverted to a rare transitional and all the super jacket opportunities it provides. Saw yours, loved it; so this East affair has jumped right over "dated" too. Keep spinning that positive, Anna!

  2. Even though I've been retired three years now, I wore a uniform for my job so I'm still really learning now how to dress for everyday activities in my new lifestyle. After too much time analyzing capsule wardrobes, 333 projects, etc., I decided to just do a one month wardrobe for June and that turned out to be very fun. I settled on a tan and navy blue base with yellow/gold accent. Everything else came out of the closet and I only wore those clothes for a month. Just one short month. Much more manageable than a season or a full year. Accessories too, of course. I am really enjoying discovering the yellow/blue/tan items that I absolutely did Not wear and why I didn't wear them. I'm not quite sure what I'll do for July but it's Stampede season, here in Calgary, and that means RED to me. Maybe I'll pull out all the yellow (which I love) and substitute my warm paprika red. By the way, as far as your jacket goes, it's great and I would never get rid of it, no matter how old, unless it self destructs. Hope you get some warm temps.

    1. Hi Lizette, thanks for popping by with your take on transition into retirement dressing. I really hadn't thought about dress code before I retired, and it is so different to working life. You're bang on with your idea of sorting out a capsule for the month. I've done it over various periods and I absolutely love it, as dressing is just like when on holiday-case dressing, it gets a bit more creative. Project 333, 10 item wardrobe etc sound fun but a bit restrictive longer term. I like your starting from colours rather than the number of items of clothing. Sounds like you've got there a lot quicker than me, I've been retired proper for 6 years and look where I am! I hope you pop by with your new strategy when you've settled on your July colours. It sounds like a lot of fun and gets more use out of what's in the wardrobe. Good luck!

  3. Crazy weather makes it hard to find the right outfit! We have just had weeks of terribly high temperatures and nothing seemed comfortable to be worn!
    Your early summer jackets are very nice and you can wear them! Always try to see the flip side of things!! 😊

    1. Hi Dan, see the flip side of things - I like that! I do find myself changing clothes a lot in crazy temperatures. Hope you're managing to find something cool to wear in sunny Italy and that you'll show us how stylish ladies keep cool in hot climes. Thanks for popping in. Ciao.

  4. I've also been pulling out fleeces and goodness knows what! And yet it was quite sunny yesterday and I was wearing shorts to do gardening. I'm sure the weather is more crazy than it used to be.

    1. Hi Gail, well you were in bikinis for a week in Greece, so what a shock to the system! Yes, I spent the weekend in shorts and vest for gardening then today I'm back in cropped jeans. So confusing, but I do have a pic of me from June 1974 in long jeans, polo neck and corduroy jacket, perhaps we forget summers' bad weather?

  5. I totally agree with investment items. Classic one's that can come out for years and years. I love your Windsmoor cardigan Mary. Looks very inviting for a chilly day. xx

    1. Hi Laurie, always lovely to hear from you. I've washed the jacket a few times lately (best not to shove a red suede purse in a white pocket on a rainy day) and that's softened it so maybe it was it's stiffness I didn't like before. I've grown to love that old cardi too. You've gotta stick around in Pout Wardrobe to feel the Pout love!

  6. I see you have a favorite white jacket just like me! You look great in it, love it with the striped shirt. I will have to try that with my white jacket!

    1. Perhaps it's a blessing that we are separated by a few thousand miles, otherwise we'd be turning up dressed in the same outfits! Thanks for your kind words, Amy. Looking forward to seeing your jacket with stripes sometime soon then!