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Thursday 13 July 2017

Black in Summer - The Photographer's Choice

Another less than blindingly hot day, so I've leapt in with another of my Slouchy Casual steals.
Slouchy Casual seems to work for cooler summer days when I have nothing more than a few errands lined up for the day, a.k.a. a date, Photographer style!
I want some cover, an extra layer and an easy casual style.

Here's my attempt and here's what I was stealing.  Oh how I long for that chunky plait!
The outfit I was stealing is very simple but I was rather keen to try it.  OK, I shouldn't really need a blueprint to put this together, but then that's why I am on this blog.  Because I need help.

Do you "steal"?  Is this something you would steal or wear?  And do you go out in public "slouching" your cardi, i.e. off the shoulder ?  Please comment below because I'd love to know!

All in black.  Per Una skinnies, Peacocks long cami and necklace, M&S cardi, Jones wedges.  And for my blogging trickery, I chose a  Next sunhat for it was a no-make-up/lazy hair day.

The Photographer made me laugh.  Something about me making slime.  Couldn't stop giggling.

Have you come across Slime?  Going back to my childhood courtesy of the GKs, I've joined in the search for the ultimate slime recipe.  If you have grandchildren, you may have come across it.  Apparently, it's a big thing and there are so many YouTube posts about making the perfect slime, which is a gooey mixture that well, sort of slimes off your hand.
My store cupboard was sadly lacking in vital ingredients, so I was given a shopping list.

I went looking for cornflour, apparently the vital ingredient in slime making.  I spotted a young boy, about 12 years old, looking bewildered by the flour aisle.  I helpfully asked him what he was looking for.  "Cornflour", was his replied.  I excitedly replied "Me too, are you making slime as well?"  "No, I'm making shortbread" was his answer.  Talk about role reversal.

But back to the outfits.
Although not heatwave standard, it was around 20c and I felt the winter cardi above would be too warm for the day.

So I tried a loose Next crepe de chine style shirt and let's be brave,  a lesser hat.  Nah.  Didn't like it.
And aw heck, subterfuge be gone - let's get rid of the hat trickery.

This is a comfy go-to.   My v. old M&S stripey cardi.  And no hat!

The black column is the perfect foundation for a play around with  layers.

Still lots of giggling going on.  TP does make me laugh.

Just a mention of shopping in heels here.  I am so enjoying upping my shopping attire because I am adoring clacking around the aisles in heels.  I feel so sassy.  One's walk changes in heels. 
I will not tell you how I described my style to TP, but I did liken myself to something "high class ..." and the rest was rather naughty!

I experimented with bags, starting with my little pink leather Tula then moving on to a larger Tula ivory leather bag.  With room to carry paint tins!
Oh how my life has changed.  When I was working, I was rather fond of Tula bags.  This big summer bag was often a substitute for my heavier briefcases.   I used to schlap around with this ivory bag stuffed with paperwork in files or my black leather portfolio, pens and calculator, postits, notepads and then only in my last few years, a heavy laptop - this was BITD before iPads and iPhones.  Can you imagine that now?!!  Modern Day Working Girl doesn't know she's born!
Over the years, I amassed quite a collection of Tulas which, of course, I hardly ever use in retirement.  I use pockets generally.  But now realising that they make great paint carriers, all that could change!

Anyway, back to the outfit, again!  Gawd, don't I ramble?!
As The Photographer was taking me out (B&Q and Waitrose, plus ca change eh?!), I told him he could choose which outfit I would wear for our "date".  More giggles, as I knew what the answer would be as I was asking the question.  It is always the last outfit, the one I am wearing, as we will then leave the house without further faff and delay.  And the response? "The one you're wearing".

Do you seek your partner's advice on outfits?
Is the response honest, political or diplomatic?

So out I went, wearing The One I Was Wearing, but no hat. Instead I chose my trusty The Fly sunglasses which manage to hide most of my not-made-up face.  The hair I could live with.

Do you use the hat and big sunglasses trick on a dress-down day?
Or perhaps you never leave the house without coiffed hair and full make up?  
I used to be that girl. 
But so much has changed in retirement, like daring to show my naked face publicly.

Out on our date, shopping in smart attire (and hiding naked face), I bought some pretty coloured garden furniture paint in B&Q.  I think you will like it. Pics soon.  I'm going off to slap on paint when I finish this post.  Which is probably why I'm rambling and this post is turning out to be much longer than intended.  Procrastination, blogger-style.

Now, I gave you a pic of me on a B&Q date the other day.  So, you need a Waitrose shot to complete the set.

(Don't fret that you can't open these, it's just hair flying in the breeze and not worth the effort of a YouTube load - I'll save that for my Ultimate Slime Recipe!)

After two attempts to take a pic (not a film) outside the shop with the Waitrose name showing as proof of visit, using the phone in strong sunlight which blinded the screen, I was finally successful inside the supermarket, where I show you evidence that I was in Waitrose.  Perhaps akin to a hostage shot with the current newspaper, eh?  Or in audit/compliance-speke,  if it ain't evidenced, it ain't done.

Maybe I just felt the need to prove that The Photographer does really take me "out".

A la perchoine.


  1. What you call corn flour is an ingredient we call cornstarch. I look forward to seeing a post on slime. Be careful.

    1. Hi Jean, yes, I had to "translate" some words from American when helping them with the recipes! Wish me luck, alchemist I am not.

  2. I love both your looks and nope, I don't do slouch-you think that maybe only models do it for photos. And you are another hat and sunglasses lady! I especially do it when I have to run into town and get the mail. No way am I going to put on makeup and do my hair so one goes the sunscreen, hat and sunglasses, you bet!

    1. Hi Terri, well I guess you're right, though later (and with a change of shoes!) I went for a walk wearing the cardi. I found myself walking with both shoulders OTS. I said to TP, "One shoulder - stylish, both shoulders - plain scruffy!"
      Relieved to hear you're going out with the hat and sunglasses trick too!
      Thanks for popping in and thanks for your nice words, x.

  3. I need to slap some paint on our decking out here - must get my a**e in gear and do it

    I really liked all your choices and the hat was fab. Love those sandals!

    1. Hi Vronni, is that your decking in Ireland, are you there now? We've used Cuprinol decking preserve and an own brand, both good.
      Thanks for your sweet words. The sandals are 15+ years old, so pleased at the time I bought the brown pair too!

  4. I think you do slouchy very well. I LOVE those shoes. Are they comfortable? I almost never ask my husband's opinion on what to wear. But he always says I look nice. I have trained him well ;-)

    1. Aw so sweet Susan, thanks. Yes the shoes are so comfy, I think wedges tend to be, and they still look like new after all these years.
      Great that you get the compliments without prompting, that really is well-trained!
      Happy weekend x.

  5. I have a hard time pulling off the slouchy sexy cardi sliding down my shoulder because it drives me crazy! I think that's why I like the cold shoulder trend because it's all done for me and I don't have to fuss with it. I love that you are having fun taking your pictures!

    1. Oh Kellyann, it's great to hear from someone who's actually tried it! Anything other than a studio pose doesn't work if you want to wear it AND move - see my reply to Terri above!
      It's gotta be fun, you always seem to be having a ball in your shots too!

  6. My husband always makes me laugh when taking my photos too! I love both outfits, but the second one is my favorite.

    1. Hi Amy, isn't good that our photographers enjoying themselves too?! Thanks for your comment, there is something about that cardi that I like; it's an easy feel yet it looks like I've put in a bit of effort. Probably why I've still got it in the wardrobe.

  7. I'm looking forward to seeing this Slime recipe and how you get on with it! My grandchildren would love it most probably. I don't understand how you can say you need help with styling Mary. I think you always look great. I'm very delayed on visiting my regular blogs this week. Forgive me. Just extra busy xx

    1. Well I'm pleased to hear that I am one of your regulars and you found time to visit me! Slime Camp starts next week so I'll let you know how it goes. Hope this proves to be an easier week for you. Hugs.

  8. Oh and as much as I like that off the shoulder look, no I don't do it! xx

    1. Don't blame you, it's not for someone who moves!

  9. An off the shoulders look would irritate me no end. I'm sure after the pin photo is taken the cardigan is back on shoulders. I haven't seen slouchy off the shoulder on the street. I do think you look most elegant in the pics Mary. Yes I'm wearing sunglasses and no eye make up whilst I'm away.

    1. Thanks for popping in whilst on your hols, Anna. I put a positive spin on my makeup laziness by saying it gives the thin skin around the eyes a rest but I've convinced myself there's some truth in there somewhere, so your eyes must be enjoying their holiday too!
      Thanks for your nice words. Totally agree that slouchy would be a major pain, hence to sight of it IRL. I think all-black goes well with a bit of a tan, hope you've packed some!

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