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Sunday 23 July 2017

A Less Than Summery Beach Walk

My dear readers, I do so want to give you some shots of me in summer dresses, little skirts and just maybe some shorts. 

But the truth is that following our thunderbolts and lightning (very, very frightening - is this starting to feel like Groundhog Day?!) and a deluge which tipped down 25% of our month's rainfall in 1 hour, well it just hasn't warmed up since.

And unless you live somewhere really hot like Florida, I guess you may have summer outfits that you pull out for less than summery conditions.  So, what's yours?

This is one of mine.  M&S 3/4 chinos and black boatneck jersey top.

And underneath, I wore a black cami, with a plan to take off the 3/4 sleeve top as I warmed up.
It didn't, and I didn't.

The snakeprint shoes are M&S too.  Hat-trick!

I call these my Pilates trousers.
Why?  Because they have a side zip.

And I consider my bending and flexing to do up the zip to be my daily Pilates workout.
I really do think side zip trousers should be re-directed to men's trousers.  For they don't have to side stretch over the boobie obstacle course. 
Nah, come to think of it, that wouldn't work, they need their zips in the front of their trousers! But it would be a good lesson in getting men to understand that our toilet visits aren't a quick zipping exercise and out of the cubicle.  Hmmnn,  I am likening this idea ...

So, why the confrontational look and stance?

No make up.  Well, apart from a slick of Nivea lip salve, and that doesn't count, does it?

Yes, today I dared to do shots without makeup and without the support props  of large sunhat and humongous sunnies.   I'm feeling pretty smug.  This is a major breakthrough.

It has been quite a journey.  From not taking rubbish out to the dustbin without full makeup, to his, showing my nakedness on the ether.  If you'd told me I would do this a few years ago I would have laughed my head off, how silly, that would NEVER happen.

But here I am, as makeupless as the day I was born.  In the past couple of years I have become braver and braver with the naked face.  It was only about a year ago that I dared a quick supermarket trip sans maquilliage.  Look at me now!

What's your view?  Make up in public, always?  Or, like me, have you taken a different stance on make up since you retired?  Or if you're working, maybe on weekend down-days?

I know I may bang on about this no-make up breakthrough of mine occasionally  But, you must understand, it is one big biggie in Pout World.

OK, enough of that.  Let's switch to Birkies and go out for a walk.

There are still puddles left from the deluge.

It was windy.  I could hardly keep my hair on!

And then I arrived at Les Amarreurs (pardon me if I haven't got the spelling spot on!)

The bay ahead, Chouet, is a great place for an evening swim, when the sun is dropping over the horizon.  Quite magical.  Not today.  Though we did manage to dip our toes in along the sea's edge.
A few braver people were swimming.

As you can see, it was a bit windy, definitely less than summery.

So the icecream man couldn't be bothered to get out of bed today.

Now, at this point I was to give you a video.  A reader mentioned recently that she liked my birdsong video so I was keen to show her that I could do more than just birdsong.  So I took not one, but half a dozen video clips when out beach walking today.  They're  still loading on YouTube.  I think I'll say goodnight at this point and leave those little morsels for another time.  Sorry to disappoint, Karen.

A la perchoine.

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  1. Not disappointed a bit! You've given me something to look forward to! THANK YOU!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I seem to repeat myself in my eagerness to be heard! :-)

    1. Don't hold your breath! I didn't realise quite how windy it was until I heard the poor sound quality.

  4. Good morning from rainy Arizona-we are having our annual monsoon season and this year it has really delivered as promised-some years it does very little. Just wanted to thank you for the lovely beach views, being part Viking I love a cold and windy beach anytime! Also, regarding the make up question, I think you look lovely and so friendly! It seems that as I age I am losing my eyebrows which were blonde-ish to begin with and so always put those on with pencil, etc. I am a glasses wearer so always feel that my eyes disappear unless I have on mascara. That and a little "lippy" are currently my minimum for all ventures beyond my own doorstep. Perhaps I will become more confident and braver as the years go on! Congrats to you-you keep rocking your look!!

    1. Thanks for popping in with your lovely comments, Jules. I think I must have worn mascara every day since I was 16 but now I can go days without it - try it! I wrote a piece or two about my disappearing brows, I haven't quite mastered the pencilling but it sounds like you have!

      Keep cool, keep dry.

  5. The weather is so disappointing! I felt myself shivering today and I now have a shirt, jumper and poncho on, indoors.
    Well done for going "maquillage free" . You have such lovely skin you can do it with no probs! I have bared all in the blog for befores and afters, but I always have concealer on at all times, or people ask me if I'm feeling OK.

    1. Goodness, it must be colder where you are, jumper and poncho indoors?!!
      Thanks for your sweetness. I have to say that I've found your blogging "nakedness" quite inspiring,

  6. Mary you look super fresh without make up!
    I'm not bothered either way I can take it or leave it....but of course I do grab my lippy for any photo shoots!
    Ashley xx

    1. Thank you, kind lady! What a lovely approach to makeup. Have you tried just using lip balm? I like that my own lip colour comes through, but with the glow of naturally moisurised youth :-) !
      Did my windy beach shots get you pining for our erratic British summer?

  7. You look gorgeous without makeup. Very fresh. Your skin is lovely.

    1. Oh you are too kind, A.M., but this blog is encouraging me to be braver, that's for sure!

  8. Bravo for letting yourself go make up free! Isn't it funny how we become more confident as we get older? I know I have! I would not have dreamed of going to the supermarket witout my face on, yet I do on the odd occasion nowadays without a care in the world! No one would recognise me anyway! Can I just say what great skin you have to be proud of Mary. xx

    1. Aw thank you, you're all so generous. Well, there's confidence and there's confidence - I took shots in my swimwear the other day ... but that post is still sitting in drafts, so you have the edge on me!
      You mention no one recognising you - well, what continues to amaze me is that friends DO recognise me without the face on, so be prepared for some surprise " hellos on your barefaced days!

  9. I'm a "never go out the door without makeup" gal, and that really hasn't changed since retirement. I only go "makeupless" if I know I won't be sticking my nose out the door! But I must say you look lovely without!

    1. Welcome, Maggie, and thanks for your nice words. Well, I was that gal too but these days I'm amazed that I can sometimes go 2-3 days when I don't even think to put the stuff on! I'm saving a fortune in mascara and make up remover!
      I just popped over to your blog - you put together some lovely thrift outfits!
      Hope you pop by soon now that you know where I live!

  10. Just found your blog, I have that same jumper - and love it! Afraid even in retirement I spend an hour in 'hair and makeup' every morning - so sadx

    1. Welcome to the blog, Lin, it's great to hear from you. I guess you must be in the UK as you have the same top, it's so versatile, eh? And so useful during our current "summer" weather!
      Oh, I love that, "an hour in hair and makeup"! Your efforts must reward you by looking and feeling smart for the rest of the day. Well done you!
      Hope to hear from you again soon.