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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

What is This Life ...?

Well, disaster, darlings!
We had a thunderstorm and a lightning strike directly overhead.   A thunderous single crack lasting no more than a few seconds.
 I happened to be sitting in the room where the wifi router is located.  I saw a flash of light in the room, for just a second.  I fear I may have been Frankensteined!
No surprise that I discovered later that we had no broadband connection on any devices.

So we've had a few days of trying to sort things out.
After many helpline conversations and fault finding missions, I picked up a new router today but we're still not there, it's not functioning and the hotline A Team are now on the case.   I'm typing this on Kindle as weirdly the router log-in has managed to piggyback off someone's WiFi in the hood onto this device. It's the only device that's functioning which means I'm on slow one-finger typing.  What a palaver!

Has this happened to you?
How did you cope?  Did you carry on regardless or run around like a frustrated headless chicken?!

The house benefited from my off-line status. With no keyboard twiddling to be had, I took to cleaning and organising the house.  That pleased The Photographer and, surprisingly, me too!

I hope it'll be business as usual for me soon.
But anyway, me and my one finger are here, so let's move on.  

Earlier in the week,  I enjoyed two school sports days spread over the one day.
I count my blessings that I am such a lucky granny to be able to participate in my little treasures' special days.

I felt inspired to take a selfie for you half way through the day.

And to show you the lawns on which sports day is held.

I am on cloud nine when I get to go this type of event.  I get a little over-excited and am close to tears of happiness.  
So emotional.

All the children did wonderfully and were so happy, enthusiastic and energetic.  What an amazing experience.

The school kiddies were lucky enough to have their special event on a glorious day.
It was hot, I doubt they noticed ... but grannies do!
So when Son and DIL invited me round for a refreshing Jacuzzi whilst they and The Photographer watched the first of the new series of Game of Thrones (I don't follow it), I jumped!

 I quickly slipped on a long Primani maxi.

This is its first outing this year.  It was excited too!

Under the maxi I wore my black tankini from Bravissimo, ready for some bubble action!

What a pleasure it was to soak my body in that bubbling Jacuzzi, looking up at the beautiful summer evening sky.  Watching the smokey wisps of cloud drift by, listening to the chatter of evensong, then letting my mind drift away as the sun itself began to drift behind the trees.  And to add to my pleasure, a hunky Samoyed was watching over me as he lay on the nearby sunbed.

What bliss.

What is this life if, full of care
We have not time to soak and stare.

With apologies posthumously to W H Davies for tweaking his words ever so slightly to make his poem Jacuzzi-friendly.

A perfect day, from start to finish.

Have you been lucky enough to tag along to any sports days this summer?

Now, dear reader, something special is happening in Pout World. I'm getting close to 100,000 reads.
Yes, I'm more than a little excited!
I'm displaying the number in the top right hand corner of my page to mark the event.  If you just happen to be the one who tips it into six figures, I'd be thrilled if you let me know in the comments box that it was you who crossed that magical threshold!

A la perchoine


  1. Helpless feeling to want to use the computer and unable to. We are so accustomed to having it available. Last week my Internet Explorer ceased to work, and I spent hours over several days with Microsoft. Still doesn't work, but Firefox does.
    Janie in the US

    1. Oh Janie, it's weird how we've got reliant on it being there so quickly. The day becomes filled with "I'll just ..."s, followed by "oh no, I can't!" Sounds like you've had a big issue, must be so frustrating and time consuming, especially if you get nowhere. Hope Firefox is going to be enough so's you don't have to deal with Microsoft, which seems a real ordeal.

  2. I'm so sorry you were struck by lightning, not you, your equipment. Hope it's all resolved soon.

    We had a very close lightning strike the other day but it hit a pecan tree that we'll wait to see if part of it dies. Pecan trees are good about reviving themselves. He-who-Mows happened to be looking out the window and saw the ball of fire and immediately heard the thunderclap.

    1. Jean, I'm amazed that your hubby saw that happen. What an experience! Hope it lives. Love pecans and walnuts and I bet yours taste so much better fresh from the shell than shop bought.
      We got back on track later yesterday evening, what a relief to be "connected" again.

  3. Love your pretty maxi.And happy for you that you get to spend time with your grandchildren. I still have two left over from cousin camp, and we are having so much fun. They love to do all the things my husband does not like to do, like go swimming and play board games.Sometimes I really do think "old age" is the best time of life. Good luck on getting your internet back. Hard to live without it!

    1. Hi Susan, and thanks for popping in with your nice comments, as always. I have no idea what cousin camp is but it sounds like a whole load of fun! You are so right, it us such a lovely time of life, grumbly health issues aside. It is really fun to get involved in a child's world again and to watch them grow and develop. Love it and love the school holidays!

  4. Firstly looks like you've reached your target! Well done my friend. x Secondly you have a mixture of days - Huh? No internet connection - my lot would be pulling their hair ourt - pobs me too! Lastly, wow sports day with the grandkids, I remember making a promise to myself to always be able to attend may school event - which I did, and hope i'll be able to do the same with my darling grandkids. x Enjoy your weekend Mary - looking super in your maxi too! Jacqui

    1. Oh thanks for everything, sweetie, and I still can't believe I've lasted the course!
      No internet was indeed a bummer, the house benefited though!
      I'd love to do EVERY school event in retirement but often numbers are restricted at school because of space constraints. I had a whale of a time! Wishing you many happy times ahead with your grandkiddies. Don't know how many you have but Susan above had 7 for a week at her cousin camp!

  5. hello Looks like you had a super day? I love that you say 'pout world' as this is my first visit! I will be back....bestest wishes Ashley xxx

    1. Welcome, Daisy!
      The whole day was sooo lovely, thanks, love being with little people, and with family, oh, and with an enthusiastic Samoyed!
      I attempt to create a Pout branding, it's v. tongue in cheek!
      Pleases me greatly that you'll be back, looking forward to chatting again soon. X.

  6. Oh, sorry you lost your internet. Your dress is gorgeous!

    1. Hi Amy, it was a inconvenience but its ripple effect has been most positive. My downtime led to me getting rid of about 10 years worth of magazines! I swear the house is saying "Aaahhhh", as bit by bit its magazine overload is being lifted!

  7. Hi Ms Pout! You made me smile when you said you felt on cloud nine and emotional at children's school events. I've been embarrassed to find myself with tears listening to the kindergarteners sing "O Canada" and play one fingered "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" on the piano at school assembly. Oh my! We have an embarrassment of riches! xo

    1. Aah, a fellow blobber! If people want tears of joy, they come to us, Rent-a-tear.
      As the children started arriving at the playing field and taking their places, I warned The Photographer that the tears were queueing up.

      I think it's called collective spirit or emotion or something, that gets you and me to react they way we do. But it's lovely, eh?

    2. Hmmm... collective emotion, you say? Lovely, yes! I have, however, had to try to explain to my almost 6 year old granddaughter that just because Grammy is crying doesn't mean she's sad. :-) Fellow blobber! Ha!

    3. Hmmm... collective emotion, you say? Lovely, yes! I have, however, had to try to explain to my almost 6 year old granddaughter that just because Grammy is crying doesn't mean she's sad. :-) Fellow blobber! Ha!

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Sorry.... posted twice! Must've been feeling something big! I'm outta here now. xo

    6. Sorry.... posted twice! Must've been feeling something big! I'm outta here now. xo

    7. Well, what fun you've had here, Karen! That publish button is annoying, it looks like it hasn't worked so you keep banging it, eh!
      I think mine understand now, though I do try to hide it because it must be confusing for the little loves.

  8. Replies
    1. Hi Trina, welcome to my blog and thanks so much, it's one of those "slip on and walk out the door" dresses, no filter required!
      Hope you pop by again soon.

  9. Very pretty maxi and so cool you used it as a cover up! Sorry to hear about your lightening woes. It is funny how much more we manage when we are offline. Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday!


    1. Thank you, Jennie, and yes, I'm sure there was a little wake up call somewhere in my lightning woes!