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Tuesday 4 July 2017

Flip-side Smiling in Transitional Stone

 Hi lovely peoples.  How's your summer progressing?  Or winter, for those down-under?
To my dear American readers, I wish you a very Happy 4th of July.  And I hope that my lovely Canadian readers enjoyed a super day on the 1st.

I'm been continuing on my quest, making the most of the summer that's being thrown our way.
It probably would have been an OK-summer if that heatwave hadn't rather ruined it for us.
As the lovely Anna commented, we did seem to miss out on spring.  We missed all those fab transitional dressing opportunities it normally brings.

So, I'm turning this hopefully temporary coolness into an opportunity to wear some cooler weather OOTDs.
I'm enjoying the flip-side, as sweet Dan commented.

Like this stone coloured linen jacket bought in last year's BHS closing down sale.

With White Company taupe modal l/sl top, M&S 501s and Clarks metallic toe flatties.

Oh and a Peacocks thong necklace, recently acquired.

Oh dear, what's that?

A wet patch on my top.  Must have splashed myself when rinsing our late brunch dishes.

Brunch being ...

Delish! Mmm-mnn.

Yes, I'm a water-everywhere cleaner-upper, as TP often points out.

Ah well, maybe nobody will notice ...

... Just Keep Smiling and Carry On!

And you will not believe where I wore this outfit.  On a Friday afternoon!
B&Q and Waitrose.
(that's Home De-pot and a posh-end supermarket for my 4th of July readers).

OK, a bit Pout-smart for domestic and diy shopping (and the patch had dried by then!) but the intention was that we would go out for a late afternoon bistro meal after our shopping. 
But, you know, I was so excited with the brochures I picked up on garden furniture paint colours and pergola fence panels, that we didn't.  Instead we decided to just go home to enjoy chicken pittas and aperos out on the patio whilst I battled through the decision quagmire that is outdoor paint colour.

And this was a Friday!  Your weekend-starts-here-TGIF-Friday.
Yes peeps,  B&Q and Waitrose - that's where my partying is done these days.

Tell me, have you become a bit stay-at-homey too as you drift through retirement?  
Is Friday the time for fredags mys, or a trigger to hit the town?

And are you excited to be switching back to cooler summer weather?
Perhaps you'd thought up a few looks to try out, then abandoned them when things got hot.

A la perchoine.


  1. Hi I hate getting anything on my t.shirts but am always doing it, I'm a bit of a last minute tooth cleaner and tend to splash water or toothpaste on clean t shirt,the worst thing is bleach which I tend to slosh around,then they are ruined for good. Anyway love your jacket.!!

    1. Thanks Polly, and don't don't get me started on the toothpaste! Thanks for popping in.

  2. This is another great cool summer outfit and why not dress up a bit for shopping. You look good and if it makes you feel good then it lifts the spirits otherwise clothes will sit in your closet and not get worn. Here the weather is hot (I live in western Canada) and so I am wearing skirts and tops with the occasional pair of pants thrown in for good measure.

    1. Thanks for your kind and very wise words, Christy - why not wear smart when it feels right, even though it may not be event-appropriate. I felt fine swanning around the aisles. Would love to be getting some of your weather, shove some over the pond please!

  3. I was known recently to put on a little neck scarf to go to Waitrose and I noted more elongated syllables compared to other supermarkets. I think you were perfect for the store. BTW I have a water splash on my dress as I type.

    1. Great to hear from you. Seems we're both taking our dress code from Ladybird's Shopping with Mother! Both perfectly dressed for mundane tasks. Let's lead by example.
      Waitrose is expensive, hope I'm not paying for eloquence.

  4. You look amazing in this look! The color really flatters you, and I love the necklace!

    1. Thanks so much Amy. If beige is my colour, I'm going to have an easy ride matching it!

  5. Love this look and your necklace is super. I have to wear an apron, or I get splashed everywhere! I've had the same plastic coated one since I got married, mum bought for me and I hate to change it. x Have a fun weekend. x Jacqui

    1. Thanks, Jacqui, so sweet. I am forgetful about aprons but when one occasionally does go on it stays on till bedtime! It's like a security blanket. I love that you still have the one your mum gave you. Aprons used to be a mum pressie in our family too. Always something practical. So practical sometimes that it was off the wall!

  6. These neutrals look lovely together. The splash of gold is a wonderful way to complete your look! I tend to be a splasher, too. :) Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday!


    1. Thanks so much, Jennie, sometimes a splash is all we need to pep things up, eh, and if it's a splash of gold,well, what is there not to like?!