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Monday, 28 November 2016

Pink Floral ... in Winter!

Hi dearies, just thought I should let you know that I went a little crazy at the weekend.
I wore a floral dress.  In winter.  Oh yes I did! (panto season sneaking in there!).

I was going to an afternoon function.  I felt that I wanted to mix things up a bit.  Sometimes I get a bit samey and I rebel.  Against myself.  And that is what I did.

Life has been a bit denim-skirt-and-jeans in Pout World lately.  I wanted to stretch myself a little. 
I have a grey East dress that I hardly ever wear despite really liking the colours, the pattern and the fall (that's reference to the way it hangs, not a random declaration of my love of autumn!).

I usually wear it just in summer and with a short cardi, bare legs and posh heels.  So I tried it with brown Gabor heeled knee boots and a pink slouchy silky knit cardi from Primark.
Did it work? You tell mePlease.  Anyway, The Photographer was pleased to see one of his fave dresses getting an outing, so I achieved something.  And I felt very feminine.  In winter!

I have to admit I had a bit of inspiration in the (lovely) form of Ana of mrsamericanmade
Meet Ana.
 Ana's ethos is commendable, she sources US-made clothes.  I would say her signature look is a cute dress and jacket or a tunic top, skinnies and jacket.  And lots of bootage.  But the main thing I take away from her blog is that she wears florals throughout the year.  She's so pretty and she has superb legs so she can get away beautifully with the skinnies/leggings-in-boots look.  I will leave that look well alone.  You have seen me in shorts, eh?!! 
But I thought I could start trying to wear a few florals in winter, just with different footwear to what I would wear in summer.  And layer with a cardi rather than a jacket, for most of the time that is more in keeping with where I'm going.  And where I am in life, for I am of Cardi Age.
I hope you visit Ana's site and scroll through some of her back-issues.  She comes up with lots of looks that add zing to the day-to-day.
Now, can you do something for me?  Can you see if you can write a comment on her blog?  I can't. 
It's OK, I've told Ana that I am a shackled commenter.  Not because I'm shy but for some reason when I'm on her blog, I show my technincompetence (like that word? I just made it up.  I can add it to "jacardi" in The Pout Dictionary of Words That Should Exist).
And if you write a comment, could you say "hi" from The Pout"!

A la perchoine.



  1. Thank you for the lovely compliments! And I am a big fan of florals - never thought to confine them to any season - I definitely use them all year long. I think your outfit is great, and very feminine in a Winter cozy way. Thumbs up!

    1. You are so kind, Ana, thank you. I liked the outfit and will definitely keep at the winter florals so thanks for helping me get there!

  2. The outfit is very on trend. Winter pastels and florals are big this winter. Well done you. Love that pink on you.

    1. Thanks, kind Anna. And me, on trend?! Wonders never cease ...