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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Plaid and Pearls. Done.

Hello, sweet people of Blogland.  Today I show you my journey.  My journey to Sussex and along the way, I complete an Anna challenge. 
My friend Anna of muttonyearsstyleandi recently posted a "plaid and pearls" combo.  She showed a tartan shirt and pearls.  Interesting. Don't know if it's quite me as I have one tartan shirt which I bought for a barn dance 4 years ago, and haven't worn it since.  But it's worth experimenting, so I slavishly pulled mine out but didn't have time to try it out with pearls as I was busily preparing the house ready for the catsitters. 
But it was her other combo with pearls that I really fell for.  Her plaid scarf and necklace.  Classy and lady-like.  So I stored that image in my Pout cells as a definite to recreate some time soon.
That "soon" came pretty soon after I read her piece.  Because I discovered that the pieces were all falling into place as I dressed for my unexpected trip over to Sussex (more on that in another post).
Here's how my journey to plaid and pearls started.  Here, on a very wet November morning and with Bertie the cat spying me suspiciously in the background ("Is my mummy leaving me again?"). For travelling I chose M&S black jeans and modal vest, with a Woolovers light stone cashmere/merino cardi.  Gabor heeled nubuck ankle boots.

By the way, I apologise for the phone selfies - I would not dare to ask The Photographer to take shots of my OOTD when Bro is just minutes away from picking us up for the drive to the airport.  I think he may just raise his voice if I did.  I know him well enough by now to know that this morning was a time for selfies only.

Because of the reason for this trip, I added chunky pearls and earrings (from Barbados airport) to perk up the black dress I have packed in my little carry-on.

My glaring eyes checked out the look and liked it, so the pearls stayed.

Then I wrapped a warm scarf around my neck.   A plaid scarf. And as the plane was delayed by fog and I experienced departure lounge time-to-kill, I started selfying.  Because along the way I realised that I had completed the Anna plaid and pearls challenge, just a little sooner than expected.

Classy.  Lady-like.  Plaid and pearls.  Done.
 Now, if you like this look too, why not give it a go and let Anna and me know how it worked out.
Wishing you a fab weekend, dear readers.

A la perchoine.



  1. The pearls look so classy with the scarf Mary. I'm glad you enjoyed that look.

    1. Aw thanks soo much, Anna, and thanks for inspiring me to become classy and ladylike - even for just a day is good!!!

  2. Sounds like you have a great brother taking you to the airport.

    1. Hi Tarquin, great to hear from you again. Yes, Bro is a great brother and thanks for reminding me that I need to tell him that more often. I'll give him a big hug when I get back home.

  3. Good morning PP. May I take this opportunity to say something to the photographer via your blog? Would you please give him a big huggly hug and tell him that I wish him a wonderful birthday today, 18/11. (I tried posting this on your latest travelling home blog but it would not allow me, probably because I have not been officiaaly notified that your new blog is up...). No probs. Enjoy your day. xxx

    1. Thanks Duchesse, your thoughts and efforts are much appreciated.