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Thursday, 10 November 2016

A Navy and Grey Day

Hello, lovely people.  Keeping my post nicely simple today, wearing Navy and Grey for Anna of muttonyearsstyleandi.  I am not the fastest of responders to style challenges (more on that later).  And oh dear, whilst doing the link just then I discovered that I have a serious backlog, Matchymatchy and plaid and pearls. But no pressure, let's put those two in a holding pattern and see my achievements to-date. 
Today I wore navy and grey.

Navy Alexon jacket from skirt suit, with Per Una grey stripey blouse and Next sculpt jeans.  Clarks ankle boots.  East navy and grey wool shawl scarf.

I do like this scarf.  It was a birthday present from the ex-work girlies I meet up with regularly.  I received it about 3-4 years ago and have worn it loads.  Its paisley wool with bead embroidery.
And it the scarf is snuggly proof that navy and grey together make a very pleasing combo - East chose that combo, after all. 
So, err, I been wearing Anna's colour challenge around my neck for years without realising!

Under the jacket I wore a Next linen-mix cardi for extra warmth.

The temperature has increased a few degrees since that bitter Sunday, so the layers of blouse, thin cardi and suit jacket were all that was required for some grocery shopping today.  Which was nice.

A navy jacket was what instantly came to mind when I read Anna's invitation.  I thought I only had one, a collarless affair.  But doing a search through the archives recently, this one popped out.  And I remember that I used to like its cut.  And I still do now, it turns out.

It's wonderful to resurrect the Alexon suit jacket, as it cuts in nicely at the waist where my waist used to hang out.  The jacket is probably 15 years old.  Investment dressing.
It's got plain navy buttons.  I'm thinking to maybe change them for brass, make it a bit more blazery?  What do you think?

I started off the day with a grey Woolovers cashmere/merino slouchy V.

But then something reminded me of the navy and grey invite so I changed for shopping. I don't think I could have got away with jeans being the "navy" element in the outfit.  Bit cheeky.

And here I fess up.  With the reason why I am not always quick to respond to challenges.  They don't always work for me, not immedIately anyway.  I did have a bash at navy and grey last week.  With the same jacket.
But the outfit was more than dull.  Didn't quite cut the mustard, hope my second attempt cuts it!!
I think the frilly blouse lifts things just the right amount of notches.

 I'm enjoying Anna's challenges, even though sometimes they don't work out first time round.
Onwards and upwards.
Have a nice day, everyone.

Footnote:  I have just spotted that there is something absolutely hilarious in these photos!!  Can you spot it ?

A la perchoine.


  1. Hahaha, only when you zoom in on the photos does the 'something hilarious' jump out at you... Touche Eclat wanted the spotlight this time around? I love the navy/grey combination; always have done! So classy looking.

    1. Hi Duchesse, glad you liked the colour combo.
      I wore my touche eclat with pride the whole day. Can you imagine what the lady on checkout must have thought! Sadly it outed The Photographer who evidently did not not look at my face the entire day, you can imagine how much that displeased me :-(.

  2. Oh dear, no browny points for The Photographer for not noticing; how very dare he!!

    1. How very dare he, indeed, Duchesse! He is hovering parlously close to frog status right now and he hasn't been there since he forgot to wish me happy birthday 11 years ago :-).