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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Sussex Style

Hello, dear reader.  I've been AWOL for a few days.  Have you missed me? 
I thought I'd just check in with a few pics of Pout Life of late.  I've been on a long weekend trip to Sussex, which started on Saturday with my previous blog, when I sported plaid with pearls for travelling.
Shortly after arrival, we were sitting round the table in my cousin Top Cat's kitchen, enjoying a super meal with rellies.  Oh what fun we had!  Unfortunately, I was given a bottomless wine glass, I always seem to get that glass when I visit TC!

Meet my lovely cousin from Guernsey (seen with me here during our Sunday walk along the promenade, meeting up with the family for morning coffee).  Coz came over with us for this special trip to Sussex.

We are double cousins.  So double the trouble when we are together!

Under the Uniqlo parka I wore this comfy combo.

Woolovers light stone cardi worn over M&S black and white jersey top and jeans. 

Comfy Gabor nubuck ankle boots finished off the day's rig-out.

For Monday's sombre occasion, I respectfully wore my recently resurrected black jersey Alexon dress.  25 years old - I think it's safe to call it vintage, no?

I finished it off with chunky pearl earrings and necklace and Clarks chunky heels.  All worn on my chunky body!

Today I dressed more brightly. For starters, I wore a skirt!  Not just any skirt, an M&S black pencil skirt.  The skirt equivalent of Oakham or Lochmuir, whatever that is, worn with a Woolovers cashmere/merino longline V-neck in my fave colour right now, Old Lady Lavender.

A tartan scarf from Peacocks kept my Old Lady neck snug - I've been a bit throaty, probably due to the dramatic change in temperatures recently.

So with these cooler temps I'm so pleased I travelled with my Uniqlo parka.  The skirt peeps below the puffa - not sure if that's a good look, but I was going grocery shopping so did I care?!

No I did not because I was kept so beautifully snug in this little baby. 

Now, today is a special day for me, but it has been made even more special by meeting this lady.

Meet Paula.  Isn't she super-stylish?!

I saw her gliding elegantly through the M&S café.   That's a nice top, thought I.   Petrol blue, I think.  And what a graceful, elegant body she has, I noted.  Oh, and what gorgeous hair!

In the space of about 3 seconds I was clocking just a few of the attributes which this super stylish lady has in abundance.

And then she sat next to me.  And then she started talking to me! 
The subject of chocolate started up the conversation.  It wasn't long before I was asking her about her superbly fitting tunic top (M&S last year, FYI), worn with some super stretch leggings; her gorgeous hair (reaches her waist); and then we were engaged in a full-blown conversation which covered a whole range of different areas.  She was so engaging and so easy to chat to.


Paula was truly inspirational.  She made the world a better place during the time we lingered over our coffees.  After a short while, I could no longer contain myself - I politely asked if I could take photos of her for the old Pout blog.  I felt you would think it rude if I had not shared this super lady's style with you.

So, thank you, Paula, you made my special day that much more special by breezing into the M&S café when you did.  I hope you pop in to my humble blog some time soon, and maybe even drop a little comment in the box below. 

So back home tomorrow, maties.  We'll speak soon.
A la perchoine.


  1. I agree. Paula is a super stylish lady but then we all are in Sussex :)

    Where were the pearls when you popped on your favourite lavender jumper and your plaid scarf:) Pearls and lavender sweater. ...lovely.
    I have a puffa coat and was wearing it last week and the weekend. Beautifully warm. The temperature has risen a bit now and it's back to a mac for a bit.

    1. With you on Stylish Sussex Ladies. And what a perfect example of instinctive style you have given me - you knew the pearls should have been rolled with the lavender but this little island bumpkin blew it!

  2. How lovely to meet someone out of the blue like that? Sounds like a great weekend. The Alexon dress looks great,another of my favourite labels.

    1. Hi Laurie, what's amazing is that there was yet another stylish lady in the cafe at the time but I didn't approach her. What a day!
      When I retired I couldn't bear to throw out some of my business wear, which included a lot of Alexon. Now I'm gradually being brave enough to bring a few pieces back into my everyday. Glad you like the dress, it's a nice cut.