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Friday, 18 November 2016

Ode to Opaques

I'm finding myself drifting easily into the navy and grey colour combo that my blogger friend Anna recently came up with.  I'm developing a tinsey winsey navy and grey crush.

And I'm renewing my long-term relationship with opaques  too.
Now that we're moving into winter I'm enjoying slipping into my faithful old opaques.  Aren't they cosy?  What did we do before they came along, ladies?  And they are my truly old opaques, they just keep going on and on, they don't ladder or snag, they don't lose their shape.  The are, quite simply the perfect hose. I swear this must be my third or fourth winter with my little opaque colour collection.  So, me and opaques are in way deeper than a crush or a brief fling; we're now in an LTR, a long-term relationship, 
So today I've settled on this ultra-cosy OOTD - a denim skirt with a Woolovers cashmere/merino grey polo.  Grey opaques and Clarks ankle boots finish off the little casual but warm ensemble.  And I have it on very good authority (Anna) that the boots are called dependable bendables - well, they certainly are!

A close up of the scarf.

Another close up. 

Oh heck, let's do a proper close up.  Because I'm just itching to show you some pretty detail.  It's a navy and grey wool shawl from East, which is beaded and sequined rather nicely.  Perfect for the navy and grey combos I'm getting drawn to.
And on to the skirt.  Now there's a thing; I bought the denim skirt for a summer holiday about 13-14 years ago, but these days I never wear it in summer, as I think it only truly comes into its own in winter.  It goes superbly with black, grey and brown opaques to create a casual winter outfit and is a skirt alternative to jeans.  A break from jeans in winter.  Still denim, but done girlie.

Do you wear denim skirts in winter?  How do you wear yours?
If you haven't already discovered the denim skirt and opaques go-to, please do give it a try.  And let me know how you get on? 
Either way, I'd love to hear about it in the comments box below.

A la perchoine.

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