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Sunday 6 November 2016

Remember, Remember - Supper with Friends

Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.

Friday.  5 November.  We had a lovely couple round for a bite to eat.  I mentioned back here that they'd surprised us with their wedding announcement back in February.

I wanted to wear something comfortable for this meal at home as although I'd done most of the prep, I still had to finish off the main course after they arrived.

I chose black M&S jeans, Limited collection loose jersey top and Clarks croc chunky heels.

I finished the outfit off with one simple piece of jewellery.  A chunky necklace made of metal rivets and belt loops.  So heavy but it always gets compliments so it's worth the work-out!

The Pout, ready.

Table ready.

Nibbles ready.  The ubiquitous Classic FM purring away in the background. House ready.

Now it's time to sit back and enjoy a G&T before our friends arrive.  I love that part of entertaining.  Everything that can be done before guests arrive has been done.  So now, I can enjoy an apero and feel smug with my planning and my efforts.  Nice.

And after drinks and nibbles we sat down to Crab Linguine, salad and garlic bread. It's a dish I make often.   Now I didn't take photos of the dish as I thought I'd given you the recipe previously.  Yet after some frenzied searching of my back-issues this morning it dawned on me that I hadn't.  So, oh dear, I'm going to have to make the dish again so that I can take photos of it!  Yes, what a shame :-).

My friend was doing pud.  She had surpassed all expectations.  She baked five different tarts, cakes and cupcakes.  Apple, coconut, cherry - what a feast!!!

Anyway, Friday night was 5 November. Bonfire Night. Guy Fawkes night.  Guy tried to blow up the Parliament building in London in 1605.  As the poem above says, the plot has "never been forgot".  We have not been able to as, to this day, we still make a thing of it each year in the UK, lighting huge bonfires and firing off fireworks in memory of the night real fireworks went off in Parliament.

Children love the spectacular.  It used to be a homespun affair, a small bonfire in the backgarden, a few rockets, Catherine wheels and sparklers.  Some sausages and jacket potatoes cooked on the bonfire.  Simple family fun.  These days as an oldie I just sit back and watch it all from the house, watch others' hard work as we are in a position where huge displays are created each year, 360 around the house.  We have great views of the displays but these days the big bonfire parties go on for so many days that the whole thing starts to pale a bit.

My goodness, I'm transgressing from my Friday night supper!  Well, the point of all this is that after dinner, one particular noisy display inspired us to go out to the front of the house, glasses of wine in hand, to watch a fireworks display going on across the field.  By the time I thought it might be nice to share the display with you, dear reader, and went in to grab the camera, the fireworks were almost over.
But I give you the few pics I managed to take.

OK, not very spectacular as they were almost over but it gives you a bit of flavour, a bit of a feel for my Friday evening supper with friends.  With firework display laid on, effortlessly!

 A la perchoine.


  1. You looked absolutely lovely. I always find what to wear an issue when doing the entertaining. Im afraid I resort to a pinny over the top of my outfit for half of the day. Your table and nibbles look inviting. I'm glad you had such a great bonfire night.

    1. Hi Anna, yes it is nice to turn up smart and unflustered when someone else is doing the entertaining. I just had to add the crab to the sauce I'd prepared earlier and cook up fresh pasta after we'd had aperos, so the work of moments. And even someone as messy as me doesn't need a pinni for that. Shame you couldn't pop over to join us! Hope your bonfire night was good too.

  2. Yes, I agree, that outfit really suited you


    1. Must get au-fait with that 'reply' button - please see my reply below.

  3. Aw, so kind Heather, thank you. I'm going through a phase of 'socialising = black' it seems. Maybe it's the season for it.

  4. Love the black, and the stunning necklace set it off beautifully. The menu sounded pretty fine too.