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Wednesday 17 June 2020

My Favourite Beauty Products - 2000 +

Hello my lovelies!

I’ve been putting together a list of my favourite all-time beauty products.
You can catch the first installment
by clicking HERE

My first post started back in the 1960s when some of you were too young to know what a beauty product was!  So I’m bringing us into the current millennium today.  Maybe there are a few of your own personal favourites in this little lot.

2000 to currently, mostly

Retractable lip liner, Ginger, Rimmel .
I’ve probably been using Rimmel’s retractable Lipliner in various shades for a couple of decades.  Ginger is the best shade.

I’ve stockpiled this over the years for fear that it may be discontinued.  I still have a few now, though I haven’t seen it on the Rimmel shelves of late so I fear my stockpile may be all the stock the world has of this perfect lipliner.

I often use it with lip balm for a day to day look and it creates a natural and perhaps even “youthful” pair of lips!
I personally think this combo is the best look for ladies of a certain age, it looks so natural, gives a moist look and is soft on the eye. 

Lipstick, Mocha Pink, Clarins
This was the perfect lip colour for me, not pink, not brown, it just met somewhere in the middle.
I used it for about a decade.  It discontinued in the mid noughties, sadly.
I’ve never since found a colour to replace this fave.
Do you know of perfect mocha pink on the market now?

Bronzer, in powder form, Clarins.
Gives the best natural glow from a blend of three separate colours.
Again I was sold on this through the 90s/00s until it discontinued in this packaging.

It came in a red container, as above.  There’s still a bronzer in the range (right) but it’s not quite the same. 

A blusher is now sold in the same red container (left).   On the right is what’s left of my latest bronzer.  
A sad sight eh. 

Clearly I need to buy a new bronzer at some stage - can you recommend a good one?

Bronzer, stick form, Clarins.
This was even better than the powder form above.  It had a sheen to it and looked err, naturaler.
It was shoved in a handbag and was so easy to whip out and touch up when needed.
If anyone can recommend a really good stick bronzer too, I’m all ears!

False lash mascara, YSL
I’ve been using this for about 20 years.  I’ve occasionally tried other products
  but always go running back to this one.  It gives unclogged luscious lashes and seems to nourish as it coats, for I don’t get the brittle break off of lashes I get with some other mascaras.

Occasionally it’s sold with this fabulous red lipstick.  If you find this deal, snap it up!

One step cleanser, orange, Clarins
My replacement for Cosmedin (mentioned in the previous linked beauty post).

It was like coming home when I discovered this all-in-one cleanser in the late 90s.  It’s a quick process, perfect for this lazy gal!  And it leaves my skin feeling so soft and moisturized ... and perhaps even a little glowy.
I’ve tried one or two micellar waters that have come onto the market in recent years, but none leave my skin feeling like the Clarins product does so I’m not going to experiment any more.  And it lasts much longer than other products of the same size as little is needed to cleanse.
This one is for me until they stop producing it.  Which I hope is NEVER.
NB: There’s a peach version of this Clarins product.  It cleanses well but it doesn’t leave my skin feeling quite the same as this original orange version.

Gentle/Instant eye make up remover, Clarins, as pictured above (there are two types, both equally good)

Paired with the above cleanser, this makes up a perfect cleansing duo.  Eye make up slides off in an instant.  There’s no need for harsh rubbing.  And it doesn’t irritate my eyes like some other removers do.  Again, I’ve occasionally tried other products in the past two decades but none matches this Clarins product. 

Ok that’s enough from me for today.  Over to you.

Have you used any of these products?
What’s your view on them if you have!
And do you have any recommendations for replacements for those that are discontinued?

A la perchoine,
Mary x.


  1. All I can say is, Mary, you have expensive tastes! I've been using the same Avon bronzer for the past couple of years that is a push-up brush one; and I then use a bigger brush to spread it further. I don't always wear a bronzer and rarely in winter.

    I haven't tried any of the products you discuss but I do use a transparent Rimmel lip liner. I prefer the Bodyshop one but they discontinued it quite recently.

    I'm on a constant hunt for the perfect red lipstick...

    Take care!

    1. Hi Vronni, well the expensive things I've stuck with over the years are the things that I know really work for me and last a longer time than cheaper products, so they are in effect a saving. Your bronzer sounds really good, I think Avon does online now too, no need to go through that party palaver! Now your transparent lip line is something I've never come across, I must look into that!
      Thanks for the tips, hugs, x.

  2. Hello, I do not think I have ever used any of the products you mention. I was always quite thrifty in my younger days when it came to makeup. Years ago my husband was working a lot in San Francisco and mentioned that he had seen an Elizabeth Arden factory shop and was I interested? Well, of course I was! He bought me loads of nice items at very cheap prices and then I went over and bought a whole lot too. My favourite lipstick in a pinky brown is their Breathless lipstick. I stock up on it via eBay as it was discontinued I think. I like their blusher too but never wear bronzer as I am quite pale and think it too strong for my complexion. I never use lip liner. Finding a pale enough foundation can be a bit of a challenge too. Now I have loads of makeup but as a young woman was proudly clean-faced most days except for evenings out.

    1. Hi Alysia, your Elizabeth Arden treats sound lovely, it's such a good and enduring brand. What a thoughtful hubby you have! I looked up that lipstick and Amazon stocks the Breathless shade and it looks just my sort of colour, Thank you!!!
      Wishing you luck with your foundation quest, hugs, x.