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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Should a Pensioner Hen Party?

Well this one did!

But first, Hi peeps!  Hope you've had a lovely weekend.  Sun shining, time with family and friends, all those lovely things?  How's summer shaping up for you, so far?

My weekend?  Well, I partied.  Hen partied, to be exact.
Now, tell me, what's your view? Should an OAP go to a hen party?

A lovely younger much younger friend is getting married in a few weeks and I was lucky enough to be invited to her hen party at the weekend. 
The dress code was Black and  Bling.  I was sold for when do I have the opportunity for black and bling these days?

I had decided that I could hook out a fave dress that I never get to wear. 
Life changes as you age and you just don't get too many party invites.  Well, I don't anyway!

The dress is a strappy black linen affair from East which I've had for about 15 years.  It's trimmed with cut-out embroidered bits and is lined.  I do like it v. much and wish I could wear it more often.
So although life's moved on, I got a taste of the old Partying Pout this weekend when this dress came out of its zipper hanging bag!

And what do girlies do when going somewhere special?  Phone a friend to find out what she's wearing, of course.  I phoned a friend on the morning of the hen party and the obvious question gushed from my lips.  What are you wearing?
A black dress and a feathery shrug thing, came the reply.
"Hey, I've got one of those too, but heaven's knows where it's stored" said I.
And you know, it turns out that heaven really does know.  For after the phone call, I went up to the wardrobe, opened the first zipper bag I was drawn to ...

... and there in the bag was this lovely feathery shrug thing.  How lucky was that!
So I excitedly texted my friend with the news.  Gosh, I was feeling so girlie again, flashing back to my 20s!

I accessorised with some strappy heels and a set of marcasite pendant, earrings and bracelet.  That's about as blingy as I've got.  So, Black and Bling, done!

I felt like a film star, so the black sun specs finished off the outfit.

The outfit was a tad OTT for an aging Pout but it was a hen party, after all. I was so pleased that the dress code chosen allowed the hen's friends to pull out the glad rags in a glam yet decorous way.

Now, let's pause a moment to review my black and bling footwear.  I intended to wear these blingy butterfly heels but when I slid into them, well, it wasn't a slide.  I squeezed into them and knew I wouldn't last more than five two minutes with those babies on my feet.

I hadn't worn them in years - as I said, I don't get the party invites like I used to.
And in the 7-8 years since I wore them, my feet have widened ... with perhaps even bunionettes forming - how old lady is that?!  How are your feet bearing up, ladies?  I do think the bones widen when you hit your 60s.  I'll have to google that some time.

Such a shame but with widening old lady feet, these cute little shoes are going to have to go ...

Now although I sound quite New Age OAP going to a hen party for 30-somethings, the truth is that I only did one element of the Three-Part-Party.  The cinema bit.  The sit down, less drinking bit.  I just don't have the stamina for more these days.

Sometimes I like to arrive early on "dates" and just relax and soak in the atmosphere.  Alone is best.  So I decided to arrive at the location about half an hour early so that I could chill and ease myself into the mood, elegantly in my black and bling.  And it couldn't have worked out better.

I was the first to arrive.

I set myself up at the bar, sliding on to an elegant bar stool.  I didn't fall off.

I ordered myself a chilled Sauvignon Blanc and sipped elegantly.  I chatted to the charming barman, finding out a little about him. (The Photographer says I don't chat, I interrogate!)

And when the barman slipped out to stock up on ice, I slipped in some selfies!
Here, showing you my earrings and pendant bling.

Technologically inept.

I inadvertently filmed for a few seconds.  Then I did it TWICE more before I got the buttons right!  I'm not good with modern technology, you have realised that I guess.  I did giggle to myself when downloading when I saw what I'd done !

I did think this was a lovely, serene way to start off my hen party experience.  A couple of yummy mummies eventually arrived and we got to know each other.  Then the hen and her chicks arrived from their cocktail making afternoon and my glam chick/chic friend arrived with her feathers. 
Wow, she looked fab-u-lous!  And the hen appreciated that we had co-ordinated our outfits.

 Cinema, The Venue, Fermain Valley, Guernsey

Then, armed with popcorn we trooped into a very cosy chair cinema to watch Bridget Jones' Baby. 

 Have you seen this?  I am her biggest fan so I was quite happy to watch this a second time.  And I will probably watch it a third ... and a fourth ... and a ....   It's what I do.  Are you a multi-view film watcher?  I must have seen Something's Gotta Give about 20 times, It's Complicated about 12 .... oh this list goes on.  If it's a good chick flick then I never tire.

Thank you, my dear friend, for a lovely day.   See you at your wedding!

Now, tell me, have you been to any hen parties lately?

Hope you enjoyed my hen party post.  Enjoy, because I don't think you'll see me this glammed up again!

A la perchoine.


  1. Mary! Super stunning! Loveee this outfit! Hope you had a fab time. As times gone by, my feet have widened a little. But it has only helped. My size two and a half sized feet now sometimes fit into a size three!
    Have a great week. Popping over to retweet this xx

    1. You are too sweet, Laurie, thanks so much. Didn't you go to a hen party recently too, BTW?
      My, you have dainty feet! I guess you get a bigger range with that extra half-size. You may be a size 4 by the time you get to my age!!
      Thanks so much for the retweet.

  2. You look fab Mary. What a great opportunity to get that dress and boa out of archive. You did bling and black so age appropriately, unlike me. It's Complicated is one of my favs too. I do think widening feet is a phenomenon and like Laurie I find it helps my size 3 fit better.

    1. I am surrounded by faint feet. Makes my size 5s feel like clodhoppers. Client's feet. Flippers!
      Thanks for the compliments.
      I was luckier than poor you this weekend, I found my feathers with my first attempt. It was magical!

    2. Weight, ?!!, Chardonnay, 1, (pint-sized glass), errors, 2.
      1) DAINTY feet, 2) CLOWN'S feet. Must apply four-eyes to all things bloggish. And avoid Mark D'Arcy unless want stomach size of large Tamworth.

  3. You look absolutely smashing! Loved this post. Hope the party was great. :-)

    1. I love to hear when someone enjoys a post. They are usually fun to write so it's nice to hear feedback. Thanks for your sweet words. The party was super and I think I had just the right pensioner sized bite of the day!

  4. Yip, got the bunions too.!!

    1. Oh dear! Think I'm going to compile a list of all these niggles.
      I always used to think that shoes fitted no matter what your weight, so I didn't mind spending on shoes as they were a constant. Nobody told me about foot-spread!