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If not now, when?

Tuesday 9 May 2017

Liberation Day!

Thinking of our wonderful Sarnians, those here, those departed.  I hope Guernsey readers have enjoyed the very best of Liberation Days.   The weather did us proud, eh?!

Marking our special day is moving experience.
The day becomes more thought-provoking with each year. 
Our island's anthem becomes more of tear-jerker as I get older. 

Sarnia Cherie

Sarnia Cherie. Gem of the sea.
   Home of my childhood, my heart longs for thee.
Thy voice calls me ever, forget thee I'll never,
   Island of beauty. Sarnia Cherie.

 Sarnia Chérie, ma chière patrie,
   D'l'île dé ma nèissance, mon tcheur a envie
Ta vouaix m'appeule terjours,
   Et j'pense à té chaque jour.
Ile plloinne dé biautai, Sarnia Chérie.

But when I dried my eyes, I did get taken out!
I'll post on that another day.
And up in my timeline popped this photo from 2015.

Yes, I got taken out then too!
Today we moved a few yards away from this spot to another restaurant and enjoyed a superb crab and lobster lunch.  And I was happy again.

So to Sarnians and to readers everywhere, I wish you a continued happy Liberation/Tuesday.

Show your love to the ones you're with and send your love to others, today and every day.

L'Ancresse at sunset.

A la perchoine.


  1. That dinner sounds amazing, and I hope you had fun Mary. Cute outfit, the lighter colours suit you. xx Jacqui

    1. Thanks so much, Jacqui. Lunch was superb and fortunately the little walk there and back justified the calories!

  2. Very touching and best wishes for Liberation Day.

    1. Thanks Anna, the event moves me more each year as I begin to reflect on our history with an old person's eyes.
      It was a good day for all and the sun shone beautifully throughout.

  3. I love your outfit in the top picture. That coat/shirt is so cute! Great color!

    1. Why thanks, Amy. Pink and white in summer. What's not to like, eh?!

  4. This blush and white pairing are beautiful and so on trend! Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday.