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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Breaking News - Visit Guernsey!

Golly,  I seem to be going through a week of island posts.  Hugo, Lib Day, our literary festival ... and now this.

I've just read that Guernsey has been given the prestigious No. 1 slot in the 2017 Telegraph's 10 Greatest British Islands here.  #veryproud.

So I give you my unfettered excitement, I'm declaring this my Guernsey Week and celebrating it today in film and photo.

Blink and you'll miss this!
I don't care much for this type of fast moving promo filming, but it's all I could find at short notice.


My favourite dolmen.
One of our many beautiful bags.

BBQ on the beach.



A la perchoine, maybe quite literally!


  1. I think the Guernsey Tourist Board should pay you for promoting your fabulous island!

    1. Thanks, Christy, that would be nice!

    2. Thanks, Christy, that would be nice!

  2. Excellent cave. I could find a use for that and yes Mr Him is involved.

    1. Oh Anna, you are naughty ... but I like you!!!

  3. My granddad was born in Guernsey and came to Canada after WWII 1. His parents and sister followed. I grew up hearing stories. I visited briefly while on a cruise several years ago. Granddad only was able one trip back in the 50's. I have just found your blog and am enjoying. Regards Pat.

    1. Oh Pat, that's nice to hear. It's so good to hear that all the family moved there and that they shared stories of the old country. I guess you have relatives here.

      I had my DNA results a few weeks ago and through that found a relative living in Toronto, a girl whose great great grandfather was my great grandfather's brother. I had no idea relatives had gone to Canada, that information had been lost down the generations. I also found one in Australia.

      Small world, maybe you and I are related! If you do another cruise, let me know, eh?!
      I'm so looking forward to hearing from you again soon!!