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Monday, 1 May 2017

What I Did On The Bank Holiday

Hi guys, I'm so glad you enjoyed me Being ... Nigella on Saturday.  It was fun but I have to own up to having felt a tad "clumpy" in Nigella's outfit.

Two things really, the Birkies with a dress made me feel like I was clunking around the kitchen like, well, like Nigella.  Maybe the footwear got me in character. And maybe all she did was change her footwear to achieve her transformation?
Oh that I could go from clumsy to sexy with a simple change of footwear!

The other issue was the denim jacket.  It is really heavy.  I mean, really heavy.  I'd forgotten this as I hadn't worn it for at least a year.  And the denim is very stiff, so it doesn't follow the body in any way, creating a denim box shape on my upper half.  And I did mention some months ago that I really do need to avoid that box shape. 
So, today, I fancied being myself.  And I pulled this little combo out of wardrobe almost instinctively once that decision was made. 
I think because I would describe this outfit as sooo me.

A simple charcoal jersey top, white 3/4 jeans and my fave taupe wedged heels.  So very Poutish.

The top is relatively new, from Next.  It's got a little knot-twist on the side.

I've given up on the grey tie top I had attempted to wear recently.  It is impossible to tie decently.

This top has the length I like, so that I'm not tugging and repositioning the whole time.

Of course, I am still hovering around in No Man's Land when it comes to scarves this time of year.  Is it to hot for one?  Will my sensitive old neck get chilly as soon as I'm out if I go without?  I am a worrying Granny.

As well as charcoal, the scarf has a hint of Pantone Greenery running through.  #bangontrend!

I'm always so proud when I wear heels.  Wanna show 'em off!  The added bonus is that these particular heels give me a sassy walk, a polar opposite walk to my Nigella-clomping-Birkies.

Today is a bank holiday over here. A time when people enjoy outings.  And here I am, dressed in a sooo me outfit, make up done, hair cleanly laundered ...  Yes, considerable effort had been put into sprucing me up. I pushed the boat out with all that grooming and I'm thinking I look presentable.  Take-outable.  So I asked The Photographer where he wanted to take me dressed like this.

His reply?  "The attic".

This post was quite brief up to this point.  But now I have to give you a bit of back-story, for fear that he may come across as curmudgeonly ... and even a tad, well, weird.

Way back here I intimated that a butterfly had created a tornado at Chez Pout.  Well, keeping it brief, back then I cleared some shelves, discovered a patch of damp and hey ... the roof needs fixing.  And I decided that whilst the roof is being ripped apart, I may as well make a structural change that I've had on back burner for some years.  A large new window in the roofline.  So. many months have gone by with discussions and correspondence with roofer, builder, architect, planners, building control.  But most of those months, I admit, were spent trying to convince Tight Pout to spend some (more) pensioner pennies on this house. 

Anyway, we've got to the stage where the roofer will soon be ripping the roof open, so that means that I have to start clearing out years of accumulation in the attic before it and all its contents are exposed to the elements.
So clearing an attic starts with the first step up there and I made that today, thanks to TP's curmudgeonliness helpful suggestion.  Yes.  On a Bank Holiday.  Clearing out an attic!  But it has rained all day, in his defence. And most of the rubbish carefully archived clothing is mine. 
Yet I ended up all dressed, coiffed and maquillaged with nowhere to go but the attic.
He met me half-way, so to speak, he went up and handed my tatt cherished items down to me.

There's a exciting end to this sad don't-you-feel-sorry-for-The-Pout story, though. 
When hunting skirts recently, I told you of the woeful white skirt saga.  Well, I found it in the attic!
I found my perfect summer skirt. 
Only then did I remember that it was another white skirt that had been victim to the Corfu Estee Lauder Doublewear treatment.  Oh joy, oh joy.  It's in the laundry room ready to be washed. 
The burning question is ... will it still fit me?

And I also found these.  My blogger mate Anna had recently posted about the pointless yet desirable backless shoe, the loafer. (The loafer is to the foot what the sleeveless jacket is to the torso).  I knew I had some.  Somewhere.  My efforts netted two Jones' pairs from back-in-the-day when I could afford to buy Jones shoes.  They have seen better days but with a clean up (maybe throw them in the washing machine with the skirt?) they will be good to go for this bang-on-trend Pout. 

The pair on the right have little dainty heels and a long and pointy foot.  Anna is calling this type of design a "flipper".  I do recall I walked a little strange in them and used to stub my toe a lot as the end is longer than my foot. Like a flipper.  Life a clown's shoe. But what the heck!  Anna and I can always get together and become a marineworld entertainment act.  The Blogging Flippers!  Is that the right way round ... ?

And that, dear reader, has just got to be the longest shaggy dog story ever posted in Blogdom.  You naively thought it was going to be a quick post about an outfit.  Instead, I've taken you from Birkies to flippers and everything in between in one extremely saga-cious post! 
It is surely the Noggin The Nog of blog posts.

In summary: Perfect white summer skirt.  Found.  "Bang-on-trend" loafers.  Found. 
The moral of this story has surely got to be that, sartorially,  it makes sense to hoard.

Oops.  Better sign off.  TP is taking me out.  Finally.  For a walk around the block.  Because it's stopped raining.
My idea of a Bank Holday outing it is not!

A la perchoine.


  1. You look lovely for your attic soujourn. But white jeans for an attic! I was first horrified that you could and second horrified that maybe all attics in the land are clean except mine. Phew for TP meeting you halfway. I'm glad you found your skirt and flippers. I look forward to seeing how you style these archived items.

    1. Don't fret, Anna. Mine is sprinkled with powdered pantile in addition to the usual dust and grime. And I have to fess to wrapping myself in a large black kitchen apron for the task. Oh, and the heels were switched for leoprint slippers.
      I'm attempting to handwash the silk items tomorrow but everything else is washed and dried ... bar footwear!
      It's embarrassing, a few items are still WT.

  2. You look lovely but am surprised that you wore this lovely outfit for cleaning out the attic. No wonder you wanted some compensation afterwards!

    1. Hi Christy, I let hubby do the dirty work and the big apron and slippers kept me clean during the arduous clothes sorting. Even so, I felt my compensation should have been more than a walk around the block!