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Monday 29 May 2017

My Little Pinkie

So, here's the thing, sweet peeps.
I'm going to a wedding in a few days.

What to wear?!!!!!!!!!

My "wedding dress" springs to mind.

I bought this silk Monsoon dress for a wedding in 2003.  I know this as I bought it for a friend's wedding and my nailist (is that the right word?) told me this week that she'd seen me at the wedding and she'd got married that year too.  OK, a long story but it validates the provenance.

As Tight Pout realised she'd spent quite a bit on the dress, shoes and various paraphernalia  (more on that later), she decreed it her "go-to" for future weddings.  And so it has been since, which has been no hardship as it is a lovely dress. 

Are you still recycling your posh frocks, 15 years on?

The last outing was above in Boston, Mass., 2009.  I know this as the post-wedding dry cleaning slip was still pinned to the dress when I got it out for this try-on!  
More provenance.

And before we move on, I should stress that these pics are all try-ons with no attempt at styling whatsoever!

So back in 2009, I wore pinkie with this Artigiano ivory silk jacket.

Since it started its journey in 2003, it has also been worn with the aforementioned paraphernalia.  On the left a woollen shawl with crystal beads (not really visible but just trust me), On the right a silk shawl with contrast embroidered edges; I also have a little bag in the same embroidered fabric as this shawl.  And always the pink heels.

So I see these as fairly formal noughties wedding outfits.
If the dress is to be worn in the teensies, I think it should be styled more casually.
The trend seems to be to bring posh frocks down a notch with a cardi.  
Do you pair cardi with posh?
 I test-drove the cardi idea,  trying on what I already have that might go.

A mid-pink tie cardi from La Redoute.

This darker pink cardi from East was tried just for the sake of it, though I thought the deep colour and the frillage would make it a non-starter.  Weirdly, it was The Photographer's favourite combo, and even weirdlier (sic), it was mine too.  Now, there's a surprise, eh!

I had thought that as well as the downgrading with a cardi, my teensies remodelling of this wedding outfit should also include contrasting accessories.   Yes, back in the noughties I did go for safety with top to toe pink, probably as the pinks and mauves are difficult accessorise. 
My teensies head feels that this hot colour cacophony needs to be toned down.
But with what?  Silver? Ivory? Grey, even?
Or has this dress quite simply had its day?

So I need your help.  Pretty please.  Can you tell me which outfits, if any, work.  How they can be improved.  How they can be teensied.  How could you see this dress styled for 2017?
Or should I bin it?

I'd be really happy if you could let me know.  And the clock is ticking.  The wedding is on Friday.  What, this Friday?! (You have to have been a fan of BBC's 2012 to appreciate that!)

A la perchoine.


  1. How about using the opportunity to invest in a little modern cropped cardigan? You'd get so many uses out of the cardigan afterwards. I could just see that dress in a light summer sheer cropped.

    1. I am getting so in sync with some of you lovely ladies ... One grey cropped cardi ordered from Woolovers clearance last Friday! I tried around town but living on a small island I was short on choice, but the nice lady in Monsoon got me thinking grey but theirs was too lurexy. And oh! do they have a gorgeous full sparkle silver clutch that would be perfect!

  2. Just love the dress, and like the darker pink with it the best,but how about a completely different colour altogether,a short cardigan in navy or teal.

    1. Thanks for your view, Polly, TP and I are totally in sync with you. As above, I've got a little grey number on the way as I was restricted on choice over here and I forgot to mention in my above reply that I've also ordered a little ivory sheer shrug affair from Roman Originals. I'm going to make this dress work for this decade too!

  3. Hi, Mary. I found your fashion blog by way of Susan at Over 50 Under 20 and so happy to meet you.

    Your pink dress is perfect. Depending on the short cardigans you've ordered, I would suggest silver or nude shoes. The pink silk bag that matches a shawl can go out on its own with either.

    If those cardis fail to work out, your La Redoute cardi tied in front looked fine. Give it new accessories.

    You didn't show jewelry. I trust you'll let the dress dictate just how much, in silver perhaps or rose gold. I'd wear pearls but that's just me. Actually I would wear rose gold and pearls.

    You're going to look beautifully up-to-date.

    1. Hi Jean, welcome to my humble blog.
      Thanks for all your views, it's great to get input. The cardi on order is pale grey and SOMEWHERE (help!) in this house I have a lovely (comfy) pair of silver shoes and both would tone down all the pinkage. This was just a try on with no jewellery, I wear very little with this dress, small pieces and understated.
      Thanks for your input and hope you keep coming back now you've found me!

  4. I like the idea of something other than a shade of pink, too. Maybe even a shawl? A floral shawl? Something flowy and feminine but adds more color or a print.

    Thank you for linking up for Fabulous Friday with Jennie and me. Good luck revamping this great dress.

    1. Hi Leslie and welcome to my blog. Oh I do like the idea of the florals, yet another good idea that I hadn't thought of. After reading your comment aboutI rushed to check a nice floral cardi I have but it's more red than pink. I should have given myself more time to play around with this dress!

  5. It's a gorgeous dress! Good thing you hung on to it all these years. I like it with the white jacket the best!

    1. Hi Amy, thanks for your view, the ivory does lift the dress. I realise now that I should have posted this one about 3 weeks ago. I have so many good ideas to take in!