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Friday, 26 May 2017

Thoroughly Modern OFDOS

Hi peeps, enjoying your summer so far?

I've been trying to adopt some consistent frequency to my posts, ideally every other day.  But I find writing blogs is a bit like buses and right now I have a load of them queued up at the terminus.  I have more buses than scheduled bus routes.  So I'm going to have to throw in a few "special service" posts to clear the backlog.  Otherwise I will find myself posting about summer dresses in October!

I mentioned last year here that I go to a charity "do" annually in May and I've made it into a bit of a personal tradition.  
I make it my Official First Dress of Summer.

This year I gave an old East dress the honour of being my OFDOS.  It's lined silk, cut on the bias, with a flippy hemline.
I always team it with the Adesso heels which go beautifully with the dress.  Bertie goes beautifully with the dress too!

I've already picked up a few strap marks out in the garden.  Oops!

Then I added grey pearls and a cardi.  Fortunately, the pearls stayed in place (more on that later!).

A few years ago I went through an exercise of matching cardis to dresses and placing the pairs together on hangers.  That valuable exercise has saved me so much dithering as I have a little section of go-to outfits.  (Do you do this too?)

So I always pair this dress with a dusty pink silky cardi from La Redoute.  This year, I'm calling the colour Blush.  Last year it was Rose Quartz.  Basically, it's pink!

The cardi picks up the soft pink in the flowers.
It's part of a twinset.  I like twinsets.  An age thing maybe?

It only has a few buttons at the bottom, so it opens up.

I try to close it up.

But the girls will out!

So I wear it open.  When I wear it closed, Thoroughly Modern Millie's pearls (lift scene) spring to mind.

You really have to have seen the film to appreciate why.

A la perchoine.


  1. I adore the muted colors of that darling dress! The pink is precious and so are you! Happy Weekend!

    1. Golly, Andrea, you make a girl feel good about herself - can you train my hubby?!
      I do love the colours of this dress and you are bang on, they are muted.
      Thanks for popping in and happy weekend, I think it's your Memorial weekend, so have a good one, X.

  2. You look lovely in that dress. I'm too chaotic too organise my hangers like that. By hangers I mean wooden things in closets not cardi pearls nuisances :) . So glad summer is here for us at the moment. I'm still posting last week's winter outfits, and boots.

    1. Thanks, sweet Anna. It's stressful when we get post build-ups, eh. There are some which I've ended up not posting because they come across as sooo last season.
      Yippee for summer, even though a few posts are may get ditched.