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Thursday 1 December 2016

Brown Florals in Winter - So Right!

Welcome to December, peeps!  Just where has this year gone?
My blogging mate Anna has recently written about things that shouldn't be, but are.   (And now that Anna's spotted it, I can reveal that one of her examples was  "And" starting a sentence.) 

It got me thinking of that old song title, 
How Can Something So Right Be So Wrong?
And of course I relate it to my outfits of late. 
Denim skirt, a summer look but winterised by opaques. 
Florals, a summer look but winterised with longer cardis and knee boots (tested out here)

Yes, I've been feeling a tad iconoclastic in my dotage.  Cracking a few of the self-penned Rules For Dressing The Pout.  And you know, it's making me feel good!  I'm feeling "lighter" by trying things which had been consigned to the no-no box.  I even tried shorts this summer.  And they felt good.
Maybe I am just a few posts away from tucking my jeans in knee boots.  Or wearing leggings!

So I ask,  dear reader, how can something so wrong, feel so right?

But back to The Real World.  Pout Dressing as it looks right here, right now.

I was meeting up for a catch-up supper with a lovely couple and when thinking of what to wear on a pretty cold evening, I went a little crazy.  Again.
Floral dress (East), brown longer cardi (Woolovers) and brown knee boots Gabor.

It's a posh frock and it needed being brought down a notch so I tried it with a belt.  The Photographer With Style Views hated it.  I looked like "a sack tied in the middle".  Again.  His ultimate fashion criticism.  And insult.
But undeterred, I insisted he take a photo so that I could see evidence of my big mistake, and I had to give him a scarey face to make him take it.  A pretty threatening look, huh?

I am enjoying stretching myself by discovering new looks, like florals in winter.  I get a big feminine rush when I'm wearing these little dresses with cardis, dresses which would otherwise sit in my wardrobe and come out once or twice for special-ish occasions.   


I thank you, Ana of mrsamericanmade. you have inspired me to experiment with summer florals in winter.  And I like the results.  My little dresses do too.

So, in conclusion, ladies, I am rejuvenating my wardrobe, my spirit, and this winter by doing this dress and winter cardi thing.  Why don't you try it?  And let me know how you get on?

A la perchoine.


  1. I love it! Great outfit, in my opinion. : )

    1. Thanks so much, Ana. I've lots of colours in this dress to play around with and now I'm going to try adding a jacket!

  2. Goodness, another challenge for me. Your on. And I know what I'm wearing. There will be grand experimenting in the Mutton house tomorrow again. And you're using and. And so often 😊.

  3. Thanks for spotting my plethora of highlighted .Ands.
    I'm so thrilled that winter florals will be making it to Mutton Manor tomorrow. I'm hoping that the inspiration will spread - let's make December the month when fresh florals deck the halls of winter gloom!

  4. Hello PP. Am a great fan of 'transeasonal' dressing - floral cotton skirt with thick tights, boots, thick cardi or tweed jacket... I do wear leggings, as long as arse is decently covered....

    1. Hi Stephanie, those combos sound nice, this newbie has a lot to learn. My problem with leggings starts a bit further down - awful knees!

  5. Didn't think that the belt around the dress was a mistake, certainly not with the cardigan worn over the outfit. I thought it actually look quite stylish. It might be less flattering without the cardigan and in that respect 'Im indoors with style views' has a point, perhaps? You give them a finger...

    1. Thank you Duchesse, I thought the belt thingy stylish too - with the cardi of course, always with the cardi! I'll pass on your thoughts to 'im indoors, it's always good to get a second opinion.