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Friday 16 December 2016

Christmas Lights and Other Stuff

Hello there, busy?  Bet you are!

Here's a quick catch-up on what I've been up to, apart from my fight with the nasty cold.

Christmas is lighting up the island.  This cottage puts on an amazing display each year and opens the garden to the public for a few hours in December.  Food and mulled wine are served and its extremely festive.  The children love it

 Photos courtesy of a nephew.

Back in the day I used to help out serving our traditional Guernsey beanjar, our very tasty version of the French cassoulet.  Served with Guernsey biscuits, a sort of flattened roll ... with rich yellow Guernsey butter of course!
These days I just enjoy the view.  And the food.

Pout Manor has been illuminated inside and out.  Things around here have been busy, busy, busy.

I went to my little grandson's nativity play.  I stared at an empty stage for half an hour - I got there very early so that I could have a front seat.  I take being a Granny very seriously.  Grandson was an adorable sheep who took his role very seriously too.  And at what point did I crack?  When they started singing Away In A Manger, guaranteed to get the tears flowing.  The family have always looked on me as Rent-A-Tear, if you want weepy, invite The Pout!
It was such a lovely experience and it ain't a nativity if the tissues don't come out ...

During the week, we met up for a pre-Christmas get-together with one of my lovely Guernsey cousins and her equally lovely partner.  We ate at what is rapidly becoming my fave posh restaurant, La Reunion.  Our favourite waiter wasn't on duty that night but we would have had little opportunity to chat with him, too much chat going on at our table!  The food was superb, as always.  I took no pictures of the place and the food, for you have seen it all before,  eh.

So what did I wear?  Well, of course I took pics of my OOTD.   I intended to wear my "Judi" but yet once more, just before leaving, that outfit was torn off.  I don't know what is going on with me and The Judi.  I'm just not managing to get out the door with it on.  But I will persevere.

Instead I put on this little comfy number.
My winter floral affair from East with brown Gabor knee boots.
Thought I'd show you it in all its glory.

But would I go out showing my arms? And in winter? No. No.  Of course friends, I slung on a cardi !  A brown Woolovers cashmere.

And here we are, December 16th.  All Christmas cards have been designed, delivered, written and posted.  All pressies have been bought and most of them have been wrapped.  Things are flying off the To Do list.

Today The Photographer and I had various things to do in town and the garden centre, where we stopped and had lunch.  The controversial tree was brought in from the patio this afternoon and will be decorated tomorrow with the grandkiddies.  What fun we will have!
I will post you pictures of their masterpiece of decoration.

 And that's what I've been up to.  Of course I've done lots more, but there are no photos and in regulator-speke, if it ain't evidenced, it ain't done!

So with nothing further to report, what calls me now is a well-deserved glass of something fortifying.  Nicely laid out for me by The Photographer as I typed this post, whilst Steely Dan blasted away.

That's a Cheers from me, then, I'm off to enjoy some fredags hygge, some fredagsmys,  some Friday Wine o'clock - enjoy yours too!

 How are you getting on with your preparations?
Is your To Do list diminishing?  Or are you not a list person?

A la perchoine.

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