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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Judi in Brown Velvet

Hellooo!  Hope you are enjoying a cosy December so far.
We lit our fire in the front lounge - first time this winter.  I'm just about to go in there to enjoy a G&T and Strictly, but thought I should just check in with you first.

I'm off to a Christmas dinner on Monday.  Back in the day, my diary was chocka with various dinners, dances and parties during December.  Since retirement, my diary has one event each year.  Yes, just the one. How times have changed?!!
My single December "party" is a voluntary organisation dinner.  Usually I grab something to wear about an hour before leaving the house.  This year I'm making plans.  Maybe it's this blog that is discipling me - I hope so.

Queue Judi Dench ...

Just joking - it's me!  But I call this my Judi Dench outfit.  Couldn't you just imagine her wearing this?!  Hey, she might read this and will be plucking up courage to ask if she can borrow it for some grand red carpet affair, thinking "Hey, The Pout does me better than I do myself!" 
Keep checking out the comments, readers, just in case she does!

Back to the real world, Pout.  For a few years I've fancied resurrecting this combo.  It's 12-13 years old. It's a long round-necked jacket and trousers from East.  And it's velvet, which I understand is "in" this winter so it fits in with my "if you keep clothes for long enough they will come back in fashion".

I stopped wearing this outfit because 1. I don't get invited to posh dos any more, and 2. I have always had a devil of a job finding a top to suit.  I see now that my mistake has been to try to follow it through with brown under the jacket.  But I had a eureka! moment this week and thought I'd try it with something neutral.  I tried it with this Next top.  I think it really perks up the brown and makes it stand out.  What do you think?

I then had second thoughts as the top is sleeveless and I may want to take off the jacket.  And my arms can't hide behind a tan in winter.  So I found a waterfall frill front long-sleeved blouse at M&S which I'm going to try out tomorrow.  Sorry I can't post a pic of it, it seems to have sold out on the website but if it works, you can betcha I'll be posting a pic for you!  A pic of The Pout doing her Judi Dench look. But without the short crop!

I hope you can see what's going on here.  I'm giving myself time in advance of My Big Do to test-drive what works with what.  I like this new me.  The one who plans outfits in advance.  I like this discipline which this blog has gifted me.
I like being The Pout!

Do you still go to posh dos? 
Do you plan outfits in advance? With trial runs before an event?
Do you sometimes find that you've been barking up the wrong tree when attempt to accessorise an outfit? 
Like I did until I tried this with cream.  Duh!!!  It really wasn't rocket science, was it?

A la perchoine.


  1. I love love love that suit on you. So plush and elegant.
    I have a lunch on Friday and spent last night trying outfits. This is because it's going to be my winter floral. I think if we're making our wardrobe work maybe we are planning better. ..we have to. That suit of yours maybe look good also with silver or gold if you have blouses hidden away of that nature. I'm self tanning my arms for the season.

    1. Thank you, Anna. It is rather beautiful and ta for your great idea about the glitz. So excited that you've chosen winter florals for your lunch, longing to see a pic! Yes, planning and try-ons are essential to get the wardrobe truly working. And clever idea about the arms - both florals AND tan in winter!

  2. Love it Mary, I've got many items that are now back 'in', so how lucky are we, vintage and fashion rolled into one. Hope you enjoy your evening out, as much as enjoying evenings watching strictly! I love that too. x Jacqui

    1. Thank goodness for hoarders, eh Jacqui?! My fluey cold sorta got in the way of my outfit plans, unfortunately, more on that in a post soon. In the meantime, no sign of any comments from Judi yet . :-(