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Friday 23 December 2016

Lady Wot Lunches Done Wintry

Hello and Merry Christmas Eve Eve to you!
I'm pleased to say that we haven't seen Storm Barbara around these parts.
With commiserations to any Scottish or N. Ireland readers who have taken a pounding today, dusk is looking pretty good from where I'm sitting.  At my desk.

And swivelling around I can see my lit-up olive tree.  Looking calm and still.

Then another swivellette and I can just about spy the motionless pergola lights.

This was my view this morning from the front lounge.  An empty field.  No horses in there it yet but they are coming.  But for now, all is still.  No prancing.  No cantering.  All is quiet.

So let's move on to my lunch with The Boys at the golf club.

I dressed in a Lady Wot Lunches sort of outfit. 

Following the "summer stuff in winter" theme that's been buzzing in my head, I dug out from the archives a thin Per Una skirt which I had previously thought of as a summer skirt.  But actually, it has autumn colours (brown and khaki) and hey, it works done wintry.  With my khaki M&S military-style cardi (also an archive item) and Dotty P top, now done twinset-style and teamed with my brown Gabor boots,  I have created wintry.  Hey presto, I now have a winter poshish outfit from things I had long since abandoned because, in the past, I simply didn't know what to do with them.  Now I do.

And there we have it.  For those who have a nano second free at this busy time to think about challenges, how about these?
 Summer skirt worn wintry. 
Khaki with brown. 
Re-discover things that previously you didn't quite know what to do with. 
Fancy trying?

Wishing you cosy times with loved ones.
A la perchoine.


  1. My heart is willing but my closet bare, of summer skirts that is. I will put my mind to khaki and brown.
    We had a touch of Barbara. I heard our wind chimes tinkling in the night.

    1. Looking forward to your khaki and brown. Oh heck, wind chimes tinkling at Mutton Manor, and the BBC report didn't cover it?!