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Friday 30 December 2016

How To Get Your Way

OK, let's set the scene.  I recently let it slip here that I didn't like a particular light display positioned over the fireplace mirror.  I wanted to it moved. The Photographer didn't.
So here's how I got my way.  By cunning.  By stealth.

I've had a mirror sitting in my shed for a few years.  It came from my Gran's old house.  I had fond childhood memories of it.  When we were selling the house, I discovered that nobody felt as emotionally attached to it as I did, so I unscrewed it and it went home with me. 
And it sat patiently in the shed for maybe 5 years.  Waiting to come indoors. I always meant to tidy it up and instal it somewhere in the house, but other stuff always seemed to get in the way. 

The Christmas Lights Affair was just the impetus I needed.
Whilst The Photographer was at golf last week, I cleaned up the mirror and brought it indoors.  The rest is history. 

For it is now installed over the fireplace. 

The Photographer liked it there.  He even liked its "shabby chicness" and suggested that I don't touch up the artwork.  Leave it as it is.  As it was, when it left Gran's house.

And The Photographer even agreed that Christmas Lights on this lovely piece would look just awful.

So the Christmas light fitting has been moved to a window in the back lounge.

And that, my dears, is a master class in How To Get Your Way.  You're welcome!

A la perchoine.


  1. Haha! I love that you got your way Mary. I would have done exactly the same! Best wishes for new year sent to you and the photographer xx

    1. Hi Laurie, yes there's more than one way to make things happen, eh :-).
      Thanks for popping in during the year. I wish you and yours a very Happy and Healthy 2017 x.

  2. I love the mirror and your room looks so cosy.Happy New Year to you.

    1. Welcome to my blog, Polly. Glad you like the mirror, Gran would be so pleased to see it in its new home, making the room look so cosy. I wish you a happy and healthy 2017 and I do hope you pop by again soon

  3. I have to encourage Mr Him to take up golf or such so as I can have the house available for rearranging my way. It is a gorgeous mirror. I'm jealous.

    1. Yes you will, golf diversion is an essential element of this strategy. They have to be out of the house for a guaranteed minimum of 4.5 hours to allow changes to be carried out. Longer absence is commensurate with bigger changes - The Photographer once returned to a For Sale sign in the front window!
      I'm pleased you like the mirror, I've been very fond of it all through my life and I'm so pleased I saved it.