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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

New Stuff and Scarf Dilemmas

Another day older and deeper in debt ... I owe my soul to the company store

That's how the old song goes but fortunately, when The Photographer became another year older he did not owe his soul to the company store or indeed the local restaurant, for I paid for his treat! 

What a happy boy, eh?!

I'd had a birthday recently.  We celebrated mine with cousins and M&S Chinese takeaway food.  It was a lovely evening.  Let's see if that's what The Photographer chose to do.

Hey, I want to tell the world that I have something new to wear!

So I wore my new Zara gold metallic top (for the first time) featured recently in A Box With A Past
M&S black wool skirt, Limited Collection black modal vest, Clarks croc print block heels. 

The Zara top here is asymmetric and has wing sleeves.  Are they features that you like?  They're features I found challenging but after half a bottle of Puilly Fume I was feeling pretty relaxed with this new top.

The Zara ecru jacardi first worn here finished off the outfit nicely.

Please don't fret, there was no night time chilly beach walking involved with this Jacardi outing, just a couple of warm taxi rides!

Hey look, plaid and pearls, again!
But getting me out the door is no mean feat.  First, the Peacocks tartan scarf.

Then, not quite happy with my choice, I tried aTie Rack silk square.  Naah.  Didn't like that either.

 But, as Cinderalla stories always end, the third scarf was "just right".
I (eventually) left the house wearing my new fave, the Zara leopard print.  A Zara hat trick!

Only then, finally, was The Pout ready to get out the door! 
Yes, out the door we went.  No takeaways for The Photographer  - it's fancy restaurants for him!

A la perchoine.


  1. You looked lovely Mary and very excellent Zara shopping choices.

    1. So sweet, Anna, thanks. Hope you enjoyed the plaid and pearls. Another outing!

    2. So sweet, Anna, thanks. Hope you enjoyed the plaid and pearls. Another outing!