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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

A Box With A Past

I've got a bit of a crush.  A crush on Zara.  The shop.  Or specifically, their online service.

Here's the back-story to my Zara-crush.  I bought a few Zara pieces back in the day when I used to travel for business to cities in Europe.  But we don't have a Zara over here.  So I'd pretty much forgotten about the brand.  Because, you see, I didn't realise they shipped to the island.  And neither did the girlfriends I was dining out with last week, it would seem. 

I'd seen something I liked which Jane of My Midlife Fashion had posted recently.  I went online, just out of curiosity.  I started the ordering process.  Just for fun.  But I was amazed that my order went through and now I am pleased to announce that the rest is history. 

Because today, when I returned from my afternoon constitutional there was a very smart box sitting on my doorstep.  I was so excited that I rushed into the house, whipped the phone out of my jeans pocket and emailed my friends with shots of the box.  Yup, 100% sad am I.  But I was truly excited.  And I was not the only one.  Within minutes I had a reply from one of my friends.  She's now planning her evening with some serious perusing of the site. 

When I got to unpacking, the photographing just continued.  Because opening my Zara parcel was such a beautiful experience.  Firstly, the cardboard box was seal-wrapped in transparent plastic with a handy little carry-handle on the top. 

Then I was greeted by this comforting message on the box lid.  I think "the past" means that the box material has been around the block a few times, but in a nice way!

The contents were nicely wrapped in tissue paper.

And just in case I was getting over-excited by the time I got to this stage in the unveiling of my order and had  momentarily lost sight of the where or the when, I was sweetly grounded with this gentle reminder of which season's goodies I was unpacking.

The goods were beautifully folded inside.

Here's my slouchy top.  There may be issues with this as the style was quickly selling and I had to order a size smaller, but I figured it was slouchy, ipso facto, roomy, and I may just get away with it.

Then here's my super slouchy soft 3/4 jacket.

And two scarves.  The one on the right is big and soft and woolly and double-sided.

Everything seems excellent quality.  But the whole unpacking experience was more than excellent.   It was blissful.

Tomorrow is my try on session.  I'll post some pics, if I can contain my excitement long enough to stand still!

So, to my lovely readers, if you are unpacking a delivery from Zara,  dim the lights, light a perfumed candle and prepare yourself for a super experience. 
And to my lovely lady Sarnians, yes, Zara does deliver to Guernsey!

A la perchoine.


  1. I see you went on a full on spending spree :) I hope that you'll be wearing it all in 20 years. Lovely cream neutrals that won't date too. I wonder what the box past life and personal baggage is. As long as it's baggage wasn't shipped to you too we won't worry about that. Enjoy your new clothes and no doubt we'll see more now you've discovered online to Guernsey.

    1. Hi Anna, winter shop - done. Yes classic cream will see me through to 90, but shrinkage (mine) may throw a spanner in.
      Yes, a box with a past indeed. I dread to think what that box is going to reveal when we get together with a bottle of wine!