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Thursday, 24 November 2016

How Many Reunions Should A Girl Have?

Another day older and deeper in debt ... I owe my soul to the company store

... or the local restaurant.  Following on from my previous post, I had left it to The Birthday Boy to choose how he wanted to celebrate having got another year older. I don't think he gave a takeaway meal a moment of his pondering time.  As I guessed, in a nano second he replied "La Reunion", here.  And by choice also to be served by B,  Our Favourite Waiter (OFW)

And so into said restaurant we went.  Abstemious readers beware, this post gets very foodie!

Firstly, can I just say that I'm drawn to grey and mustard right now - a blog challenge maybe?

And OFW was indeed our server again and he seated us at what is fast becoming "our usual table".

 Here's my G&T against what would have been a lovely backdrop of gentle rolling waves.

But now that the clocks have changed, you can barely see the shoreline, bottom r/h.

Betcha thought you'd escaped the food pics in the previous post.  Sorry!  For on to the food pics we go.  And oh how fabulous was that food!

On to starters.  White crab meat with Pear, Kohlrabi, and Fennel Salad, Avocado and Lemon.

The Photographer had squid served with a spaghetti veg salad with an Asian dressing.

Was this shot taken by someone of Gandalfian proportions?  We are hobbits!

King prawn and prawn in cocktail sauce with Cucumber, Lemon, Bloody Mary Sorbet, melba toast.

I chose another starter for main course, so I added a sneaky side of garlic fries which I shared with my dining companion.

My dining companion ...

... and his brill with puy lentils and warm braised chestnuts.

I love ice cream and I gauge a restaurant by the care they take over choice.  No restriction to chocolatevanollastrawberry here.  I chose maple syrup and hazelnut, my companion chose salted caramel - both served with the bonus of a little mix of fruit and a croquante sliver.

And for BB the added bonus of a candle and a "Happy Birthday" sung by OFW!

What more could we do after that feast but order double espressos.

But we didn't get off that easily!  Coffee came with handmade chocs - coated marshmallow, truffle and a cider jelly.  I'd like to say the diet starts tomorrow.  But it won't.

Now dear reader, I haven't given you a restaurant post recently so I don't feel too guilty about sneaking this one in.  It was, after all, a rather special.

But what I want to say is this.  Some eating out that I do is not so much about the food, but the friends I am meeting up with. Chatting.  I don't pay much attention to the food.
Fine dining is something else.  The food has to be superior to what I could concoct at home.

La Reunion does just that.  From my first forkful I knew that I could not possibly create such fine, delicate, complex flavours.

I love this restaurant.  Perhaps you can tell. And I would be very happy for Les Reunions to continue.  Ad infinitum. 
If  you are in Guernsey, I really do recommend you visit this superb restaurant. 

And the meal was within our "band of affordablity" so phew!,  we do not "owe our souls to the company store or to the local restaurant"!

A la perchoine.


  1. I noticed the mustard coloured butter on a grey slab too. Very clever, but maybe taking it too far. There's a lot of mustard in the shops I've noticed. The restaurant and food do look fabulous. Seems a birthday is a grand excuse to spoil yourselves there.

  2. Oh my, you're good, Anna! I missed that follow-on completely. And our butter is a really deep yellow too. Almost mustard in its hue.
    Haven't done any mooching around the shops as such, but I did get myself a mustard cardi last winter and I do have lots of grey. Mustard and Grey. Fancy it?

    1. I so happen to have grey and mustard up my sleeve so yes. Watch my space. About Friday😊

    2. Oh Anna, I can just imagine! I'm getting a messy picture forming in my head ... !
      I've been working on my grey and mustard prototype today.