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Saturday 3 November 2018

Saturday Snippets Must-Have

Mascara.  An important tool  the ESSENTIAL tool in a girl's make up kit.

I discovered this mascara about 15 years ago.

YSL false lash, or faux cils (French)
It. Is. Fabulous.

I've stayed pretty much faithful to it over the years and that is because it is everything I could ever want from a mascara.

  • Excellent lash coverage, lengthening and definition.
  • Leaves the lashes silky smooth and nourished.
  • No clumping.
  • No panda eyes as the day wears on.
  • Removes easily at night, with no snapped lash casualties.
  • No panda eyes the morning after.
  • Goes on and on forever like a Duracell bunny.

It's no surprise then that I've sung its praises on the blog.  Why would I keep quiet about something so good?

Yes ok, I've strayed a few times over the years, naively thinking there was better out there but I've always returned, feeling a tad guilty for having been seeing other mascaras.  But its heart is big and it holds no grudges when its errant lover (me) sheepishly returns.  And it wastes not a moment in pouring its black velvety  love back onA my lashes.

During the summer I did dally again, but probably for the last time.   A charming lady at Gatwick duty free told me about the new YSL mascara that had taken the beauty world by storm.  I usually pride myself on my resilience to the hard sell technique, but this sweet lady mentioned "curl".  And that was my trigger word, for my lashes are straight.  Straight like cows' lashes. 
I dropped my salesperson armour and bought one.  And my usual YSL faux lash, just in case.

Turns out "just in case" was prudent and my back up plan proved  its worth.  
Curly left my lashes hard and spikey.  
Curly refused to allow a second coat.  
And curly didn't curl.  

After a few dates with curly, I returned to the faux cils fold, justifying my dalliance to my old faithful mascara with such  classics as "but we were in a break",  " it didn't mean anything" and "I'd always wanted to know what it felt like to have curly lashes just once".

Like I said, YSL faux cils mascara is forgiving and it got straight back to business, defining and lengthening my lashes, and I can live without all this fancy curly-curly stuff.

Dear reader, maybe you haven't tried YSL  false lash mascara, so why not give your eyes the mascara they deserve.  
Click on the mascara image and if your lashes can speak they will say "Thank you!".

A la perchoine,

COMING UP:    Let's talk about an eating plan!


  1. I'm glad to hear you two got back together and that your beloved is so forgiving. You've certainly tested the proverbial waters, haven't you? Straying here and there but when you know what works, well you know what works!
    I've never tried that mascara but your love story has me intrigued!
    Fun reading sista!

    1. Thanks, sista, a bit of weekend chick flick slipped in there. But I'm not faking it (pun?!). Yes, I've played the field and been lured by fancy new advertising or price, but I've returned to my mascara soul mate before the new tube on the block has dried up. We are quite simply MFEO. And don't miss out, sista! You've put faux leather on your legs, you need faux cils on your lashes!! Hugs, x.

  2. Glad you saw the error of your ways and returned to your soul mate Mary. I am beginning to think that a mascara that does everything - curl,volume, length - probably doesn't exist. I've been on a mission to find it. So if you find one that does two out of three brilliantly, job done.

    1. I think that mythical mascara is the real false lashes, Gail !! I thought YSL has nailed it with this new curly whirly, but I just couldn't get on with it. I suspect it is waterproof which I don't like because of the spikiness. The mascara I'm writing about today leaves the lashes feeling natural and nourished.
      Let me know how you get on with your quest because I'd love some curl, hugs x.

  3. Oh Mary! Your love affair with the YSL mascara is so sweet. I'd like to try it but it's very expensive to my mind.

    I did wear a Dior mascara which I've forgotten the name of for about a year but that was too expensive and I stopped wearing it reverting back to L'Oreal and Max Factor mascaras.

    Have a great week.

    1. It does feel like a love affair, Vronni! It is more expensive but goes on for ever and I replace it far less than cheaper products so it may just balance out. It's one of the few bits of kit I won't compromise on in retirement. Have a super day, hugs x.