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Thursday 1 November 2018

Retirement Dressing AW18 - Posher Shirts and Blouses

You should know my attitude towards ironing by now.
Can iron, won't iron.

So all potential fabric purchases get the scrunch test as I drift along the aisles.  And as posher shirts and blouses are invariably of delicate fabric, not many get into my wardrobe.
However, for some unfathomable reason*, I've found myself desirous of a few shirts of late (see my recent plaid shirt acquisitions HERE )  and adding them to my denim shirts makes me feel I've pretty much got AW18's shirtage covered at the casual end of smart.

A few posher shirts in easy-care fabrics definitely do have a place in the retiree's wardrobe.

And I'm pleased to report that more fabric is passing my scrunch test of late.

Given that retirement dressing is pretty much wall-to-wall casual, I've woken up to the upgrade to smart casual that is to be had with a simple switch from jumper to posher shirt.  Smarter end of casual, done!
I'm discovering that a posh shirt fits pretty darn well in a retiree's life.

 Of course, when coming up with posher shirt smart casual looks, you will invariably be wearing them to go out.
So it helps in the planning process if you know where you are likely to be putting smarter casual into action.
Well, socialising, that goes without saying.   For me the socialising involves a meal (brunch,  lunch, afternoon  tea or dinner) or coffee or drinks (and that would more likely be visiting friends these days, rather than a pub).

Let's look at some smart casual looks for socialising where it really is all about the shirt.


Berry hearts print shirt (Primark) worn with Next berry coated leggings (💕) and heels, creating a long sleek line (in my mind!).
 This outfit would be ideal for a date night dinner.
The addition of a chunky jumper instantly creates an outfit for a pub/drinks with friends.

Long sleeved blouses can be another smartener to an outfit at this time of year.

A chiffon top with a strong boho vibe creates another dinner date outfit with with black skinnies and heeled boots.

Switching to blue jeans would give this an instant scale down look more suited for the pub, or drinks with the neighbours, for example.

Next, let's take a look at a pretty print blouse from Zara.
I've said it countless times before but I do so rarely find a print I like and when I do, I fall big time!

So  my heart is still pitter-pattering 💓 when I wear this beaut.
The print and style are reminiscent of the 1940s - well, in my mind anyway!  And I like that.
I also like that a pussy-bow can look pretty serious and lady-like, yet can instantly give off a boho vibe when left to hang loosely, as I did here.

Black skinnies bring balance to the flowing top.
A black cocoon cardi (M&S) is just the light layer this delicate blouse needs.

The old trick of a posh top worn with blue jeans is a perfect teaming for this fabric, maximising on the wearability of the this type of shirt and blouse.

So switching to jeans will give you a more casual-smart vibe.

And add a cardi to the mixed and you're ready to go see your cousin's new home reno, which is what I did wearing this.

And then I took it Halloween shopping - well,  it's a versatile outfit!

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credits above, @jagta8 - check her out on Insta, she's uberstylish.

So, dear readers, although I drifted away from shirts when working, I think perhaps the unfathomable* is that 
I'm finding that easy care fabric and a desire to smarten up my retirement casual have got together and are luring shirts and blouses back into my wardrobe.

And an even posher shirt or blouse can be a life saver for taking an outfit in a more formal direction around the Christmas period.  But I'll save that piece for another time, for I've taken up enough big your time today, dear reader.

And you know, I'd love it if you'd now take up a bit of my time.
Tell me about your posher shirts in the comments below, or about your style change as you move through life, oh tell me about what you had for tea last night cos I love hearing from you!

A la perchoine,

Inspo credits, Pinterest and Instagram


  1. I'm loving all the boho blouses in the shops at the moment. Especially the frilly collared ones. Again, some great looks here Mary and photos xx

    1. Thanks, Laurie, I'm hoping you get yourself a few bohos soon so I can see you work got out magic on them! Hugs, x.

  2. Posher shirts save my life all the time. Throw one on and boom, no matter the trousers, you've got a win! The Boho Vive one is my favorite right there, course you in any frock is my favorite!

    1. Oh how I wish you wrote my copy - boom, I'd have a win! I'm a bit late in life to be learning this shirt throw on trickery, but I'm making up for lost time!
      Oh thank you sweetness, you've pressed my pleasing-Andrea button - off to rummaged for a dress or six!
      Showering happiness and hugs on your weekend, x.

  3. All hail the non iron blouse! You have an amazing selection of them.

    SSG xxx

    1. Oh, you and me both on that hailing malarkey - aren't they a god-send?! Thanks, SSG, go have yourself happy weekend, x.

  4. 3 years in and just getting used to 'retirement dressing' but still lust for clothes online that I would now never in my little rural idyll ever wear! However I think you're onto a winner with the shirts Mary, they look gorgeous and I have now shopped my old wardrobe and found one which is great over my coated jeggings. Love the berry jeggings and shirt you're wearing, really suits you - as do all others too!

    1. Oh Lin, know just what you mean. For two consecutive years I have walked around Zara putting together amazing outfits in my head ... for my former working self! So pleased you've found a great shirt for your jeggings, and so thrilled that you have some coated jeggings - aren't they amazing?! Wish I could see your outfit - are you on Insta?
      Have a huggy weekend, x

  5. You look so fabulous! The shirts are so beautiful!

  6. I have a friend who irons EVERYTHING for her family of four - including t-shirts! Isn't that NUTS! I am no fan of ironing, mostly because it's a pin dragging out the ironing board and I don't think I do it particularly well. There are so many great options that no longer require that much maintenance and cheers to them - I'm so happy to spend a smidge more for them. You are rockin' all these styles and look younger and younger all the time. What fountain of youth are you tapping into????

    1. So agree and that while ironing board thing is a real palaver. I bought a travel steamer but that's not the saviour I thought gorgeous be. So you and I better to stick to the scrunch testing.
      Oh you are sweetness itself, thank you for saying such nice things! I'm tapping into the fountain of nice people, surrounding myself with people like you and tapping into their niceness!
      Hugs, x.

  7. Loved your shirt choices and outfits and the Zara blouse was just fabulous - what a gorgeous print!

    I have so many shirts/blouses and I must wear them more often...

    1. Well it sounds like you and me are not shirt people, Vronni (ironophobes maybe?!). But what I have discovered is that a shirt instantly changes the vibe of an outfit so I'm getting drawn to the them for a quick-fix tart up!
      Glad you like the print, you are The Queen of Print too, after all!
      Hugs and have a super week, x.