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Friday 12 January 2018

Carvela - The Universe Calls Me

Hi my blogging babes!

I've been out!!  What with the storms and the sinusitis, things have been definitely quiet around here of late.  But our dear friends and cat sitters invited us round for a curry and boy was I excited about that.
I love a good curry and that was certainly what we had, and good company in bucketloads too!

So, dressing for a curry evening.  What to wear?

Well, I see an absolute essential rule.  Wear dark on top.  
Do not wear a light coloured top.  Have you found yourself with a totally ruined fave ivory top, stained irreversibly with turmeric? 
That stuff does not shift, despite the many miracle stain removers you have in your laundry room.

Ooops.  Perhaps you haven't had that experience.  Perhaps it is just me who is a messy eater and should not be allowed within spitting distance of a chicken jalfrezi.

So my outfit was easily put together, following that hard-learned rule  Black tunic top, over which I wore a black Woolovers cashmere merino sweater.  It is deepest winter after all.
I accessorised with a Moroccan wall hanging which I converted into a pendant and needless to say I was "coated", this time with berry coated jeggings.

The leoprint beauty of a bag is a Christmas present.  It's from Accessorise and is so versatile, so I will tell you more on that little beauty in another post.  Because I've got something else to tell you about today.

Taadaaah.  Look what's on my feet!

Yes, Miss Smug here is wearing the Carvela boots she fell in love with back in the autumn.  That was what was in the box pictured in yesterday's post!

These boots are even more beautiful in IRL.  So beautifully made, the suede is butter-soft and the colour is to froth at the mouth over.  And, as well as their beauty, they are comfortable
I stalked them for a few months but then when I saw them on the John Lewis site at half price, well, I felt the universe was telling me something ...

Here's a slightly better picture of them. You can find them Half price HERE
Now, I know they don't fit in with my uber-casual lifestyle, but should I allow myself something of great beauty in my life?  Something frivolous?  Something to make my heart sing?
Am I worth a pretty treat?

A la perchoine.


  1. I can see why you fell for these Mary, they are gorgeous! Yes dark top for curry night is a good idea. Those sneaky little curry stains get everywhere with us knowing. I remember Dame Edna Everidge had a show on TV ages ago where she secretly had cameras in a house of one of the audience members, pulling our a curry night rug that was covered in stains from whenever they had a curry!!! I think me and hubby might need one or a bib!! Hope you have a super weekend my friend. x Jacqui

    1. Oh I love that. Jacqui, a curry rug!!! Glad you like the boots, TP is telling me to keep them, he is actually encouraging me to spend!
      Hope your weekend has been good, hugs, x.

  2. Oooooooooooh, those boots are hot, hot, hot!!! I love them, and they're comfortable on top of that? Heaven on earth. I haven't bought boots with heels in a sweet forever because of foot pain. I wish I had need for these but alas, I've hardly worn shoes these week now that I am working at home.
    I'm sure your hosts were so pleased to have a fashion model show up to dinner, because that's what you look like. You've checked all the boxes in this stunner. Your creative pursuits never cease to amaze me! Right away I noticed your statement necklace, only to find out in a previous life it was a Moroccan wall hanging! My heavens aren't you brilliant!
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend and you continue to turn that island upside down parading about like a supermodel!

    1. Mrs R, you bring a smile to my face and a glow to my heart! Thank you so much for being you. I was rather pleased with the outfit, it looked better without the big woolly but we forgot to take pics of the tunic. Oh dear, that means TP has to take me out AGAIN so that I can recreate the outfit!!
      The necklace ain't no biggie, I just bought a necklace extender pack off Amazon and worked the chain around that. It's bloomin' heavy though.
      So sorry to hear that your feet are still giving you gyp, but what a great excuse to go barefoot, you little hippy you!
      Hope your birthday bash weekend away has been fab. Happy training and thanks for being so nice, x.

  3. Gorgeous look! I love that bag and those booties. And the scarf look great too!

    1. Why thank you, sweet Amy. The bag is really the bees-knees and is just perfect for a night out.
      wishing you a happy week ahead, hugs, x.

  4. I just love the boots, I now have boot envy along with the coated jeans. Dear Pout where is this going to end? You look wonderful and I hope you enjoyed your curry. Very, very sensible to wear black when dining out and in my case when eating anything, some of it always ends up splattering on my outfit. Regards Sue H xxx

    1. Oh dear, Susan, you are not going to like today's post then! Thank you for your sweetness, and yes the curry night was great (we had three different curries!). And you're making me so relieved to know I'm not the only messy eater around!
      Thanks for popping in, hugs x.

  5. Fabulous outfit! Do you have any tricks up your sleeve on how to make wool pullovers less itchy? I have read on the internet ideas with hair conditioner, vinegar, etc, but am thinking if you have some experience with this it will be helpful. Lise

    1. So sorry but I don't Lise, I don't have that problem with wool and I wear it most days in winter too. After reading this, I just googled and found the condition and vinegar tips and also glycerine. Seems that whatever is used, the garment must be steeped in it for a while for the treatment to permeate. I hope you find something good on the internet that helps and if you do, please report back!
      Thanks for popping in. Wishing you a good week ahead, x.

  6. I'm joining the chorus here: ooohhhhh those boots and I remember when you were first falling in love with them. Oh, and you aren't the only clumsy in of my main rules is NEVER drink red wine in public and oh, yes, always wear dark (stains just don't show up as much, right?). Take care Terri

    1. Isn't it wonderful that blogging gives us this friendship so that we remember things about each other, like that I was lusting after these boots, and that when I posted about our storms, Laurie remembered that luckily I'd had my roof fixed in the summer!
      You know, I'm starting to feel better about myself the more I read these lovely reader comments. I'm not alone in being a bit on the messy side! Yes, I so do remember red wine spills, and not only have I spilled it on myself but I also managed to spill a whole bottle on the carpet. A CREAM carpet! I'll post one day about how I cleared up that mess!!!
      Have a good week, Terri, hugs x.