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Thursday 11 January 2018

Easy Pickings

Hi my dearies, I hope 2018 is treating you fine so far.  I think the general trend for the new year is for us to resolve to have no resolutions.  They don't seem to work and tend to be rather draconian, perhaps that is why they aren't favoured.  I prefer a light touch with most things these days.  Little tweaks to our lifestyles make a difference.

So no resolutions other than to tackle things with that light touch.

Like reoccurring minor health probs.  Of late I get sinusitis each year around Christmas time.  Yeah, great eh!  But now that I recognise what it is and that it's an annual thing, when the going gets tough I don't fret but simply take to antibiotics after a few weeks.  This winter's started on Christmas Day and I'm now on penicillin and feeling so much better.

I have to start feeling better because of a big parcel which has arrived at the door. 
#so excited as it contains a little surprise.  More on that in my next post!

In the meantime, I keep snug in grey suede boots and a muffler.

My Dotty P bardots are perfect for this time of year.

I can play around with the neckline, depending on the weather ... and my state of health!  Such a great innovation.  Here I wanted snuggly neck rather than chilly bardot shoulders.

The bardot and coated jeans combo (yes, THEM again!) is starting to feeling like my Winter Uniform at the moment.  But I need warmth and comfort and they are delivering that in spades.  Simple winter dressing, easy pickings when I want an outfit to find itself.  And all I can add on this is that it could be a lot worse, it could be harem pants and t shirt, ad infinitum, which is what I wore during last winter's poorliness!

I'm wondering if you have a Winter Uniform?  Something that you find yourself not wanting to prise yourself out of?  Or going to with little thought?  Maybe it looks a lot like mine.  Or maybe you stay uber-glam even as the temperatures drop or when you're feeling poorly.

And now let's move away from what this sniffly old bird's wearing and see what a truly beautiful bird wears!

His amazing OOTD, every day.  Brown, purple and electric blue - who would have known those colours would work together?!

 This beautiful pheasant has been popping round to the Chez Pout Bistro of late.  He's been picking up the morsels dropped by the diners who can make it up on to the bird table and the hanging feeders.  He's too big to swing from the feeders so for him it's the easy pickings, no effort required.

Check out his white shirt collar!

He's become really quite matey.  He's curious about us. I'm thinking he'd like to pop into the house, but I'm not too sure how Bertie would take it.

A la perchoine.


  1. I haven't fallen for the bardot jumper yet and now I'm on no spend I've rather missed the boat. Funny but my live in this year is the sane as 2 years ago and something I didn't wear last year once. And my grey cardigan has hardly appeared this winter. Actually we aren't having winter just cool autumn. No opportunity for snuggly here.
    I'm glad you got the antibiotics early. I hope it doesn't hang around so long for you this winter.

    1. Hi Annemarie, well I wasn't really into the neckline until I found these chunky jumpers. Chunky and cold shoulders seems a bit of a sartorial misdemeanour but the beauty is the versatility of the neckline, as touched on above. Yes, we do have "crazes" with out clothes and thanks to our blogs we remember what we were wearing and what we were doing a year ago. I didn't realise I'd had excrutiating sinusitis/lurgy last year until I read an old post a few days ago!
      Now that the storms have passed the weather is indeed milder, though we get a lot of chill factor here with the cold moist winds whipping off the atlantic. And don't fret, I'm sure those cardis will be coming back into your life soon. Hugs, x.

  2. You're tempting me with that Dotty P jumper and I rarely buy new clothes...

    Hope you are feeling better - you certainly look great! I love your new friend.

    1. Well, there's Annemarie telling me I'm getting her thinking about buying biker jeans ... and she's already got them. And now my dear Vronni, an afficianado of the 2nd loveds, is telling me she's thinking of buying a chunky Bardot. I really should have gone into sales!
      Thanks for your sweetness, the antibiotics are my friend right now. Hugs for the weekend, x.

  3. Well your looking pretty good for it Mary so those antibiotics must be doing their job! I don't think there are many of us bloggers that haven't had an illness of some sort this year. Love the Grey boots. I sprained and tore my ligaments in my foot today walking the puppy! I couldn't get a shoe on if I tried! It's going to be interesting trying to do photo shoots! xx

    1. Hi Laurie, so true, so many have been down with something or other. Glad you like th eboots but so sorry to hear about your mishap. I guess if you were walking your girl then you had sensible footwear. Sometimes these pups pull so much on the lead, eh. Good luck with the photoshoots. There is one Swedish blogger I follow who had her leg in plaster for a few months after an op. She wore one shoe, but it was in summer. Hope your foot is getting better with each day. Hugs and take care! x.

  4. I hope you find yourself already much better. I love your bardot combo jersey, it's elegant and very feminine. I love your pouts!

    1. Yes thanks, J-M. I'm much better now. Glad you like the jumper, it is a lovely feminine design. Have a nice week, x.

  5. Dear Pout, You are looking fabulous even with the dreaded seasonal troubles. Fortunately I seem to have steered clear of any lurgies so far, despite all those round me falling by the wayside with coughs and colds. I decided against the coated jeans from Next, they just seemed too long for my short trotters and gathered in clumps by my ankles. My daughter-in-law suggested a size smaller to see if that would work and quite frankly I just looked ridiculous with them stretched so tight my legs looked like encased frankfurters of a dubious colour and they still clumped round my ankles. I have just had to accept they are not for me, despite me really hankering for a pair. Gill (my d-in-l) suggested trying on some more elsewhere so we are going on a possible buying spree next week to Tunbridge Wells so I will let you know how things pan out. I think despite your feeling poorly you still look very glamourous. If I feel under the weather I normally hibernate in a Norwegian jumper I bought in Bergen more years ago than I care to remember and a pair of very sad black tracksuit bottoms. Lovely huh? Regards Sue H xxx

    1. Hi Susan, thanks for your nice words. Some days were better that others, so I took pics on the days my eyes weren't burning and bloated!
      Yes, shame Next doesn't do petite in this style. I'm going to have to take mine up a few inches soon but at the moment I'm tucking them in boots.
      Your hibernation outfit sounds similar to mine. I cocoon myself in a Windsmoor cardi when the going gets tough, and I keep it on the back of my office chair as it can sometimes get a bit chilly up in the garrett!
      Hugs, have a nice week and don't rule out the coated jeggings! x.

  6. Your winter uniform gets a big thumb's up from your Floridian sista! I recently ordered an off the shoulder sweater and it is dreadful. I am so unhappy I have to return it. It's not flattering on me and it's too hot - I was sweating trying it on so back it goes. I'll take a pic for the blog first.
    I hope you feel better very soon. Do you take a probiotic every day? I kept getting sick last year - sinus infections, strep throat, etc.,finally a nurse practitioner told me to take Culturelle everyday and so far so good. Something to think about maybe.
    What's in the box??? Now I need to know. Cannot wait!
    What a beautiful bird, what they say is true - take your cues from nature - colors that work well in nature inspire beautiful outfits!
    Enjoy the weekend my love!

    1. Looking forward to seeing your disaster bardot, sista, guess Florida is not the place for jumpers. Thanks for your concerns, I'm feeling fine now. I don't take a probiotic and perhaps I should give that some thought for the rest of the winter. Thanks for sharing your experience.
      Well, I've now revealed what's in the box. And ANOTHER box arrived the day after ... more of the same!
      Yes, that's what I thought, could a capsule be put together with these colours. I'll have to pass that one to Janice Riggs!
      Have a nice working from home week, darling, x.