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Sunday 14 January 2018

Berry Belated-Christmas To Me!

Hello, my dearies.  Hope you're keeping warm in the Idaho snow and cool in the Sydney sun, and for those of us in between those two ends of the spectrum, hope Sunday is fine with you, no matter what the season and the temperature.

I may not have had much outdoor exercise of late, but indoors my arthritic fingers have been busy.

I don't usually even dip my toe into the sales but this January I appear to have dipped not a toe but a full pair of feet. 

And I found these beauties

They're made of the softest leather and they are surprisingly comfortable, despite the high heels.

This bang I'm getting for my buck here is that they are berry coloured and blend in beautifully with my berry coated jeans.  How lucky is that?!

They were at least half price when I bought them, then dropped even further after, but unfortunately I've just checked the M&S website and they are sold out in both black and berry.

I wasn't looking for a new pair of knee boots.  Mainly because most knee boots don't get passed my calves.  But I just happened to stumble on these when looking for jeggings (well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it, officer).  I looked at the pic and saw the model had a gap between her jeaned legs and the boots and thought, hey, my little porkers may just fit in those beauts.

And they did!  My first port of call was to try them on with my coated jeggings, because if they fit over jeans then they will be looser without.  They slipped on easily.

Yes, they have a heel but it's not spindly, so I get the sassy walk rather than the Dick Emery walk.

You know, I just feel these boots are meant to be for they came to me rather than me searching for them.  My black and brown Gabor knee boots are at least 15 years old, so it's not like I go crazy with the knee boot buying.  But after 15 years of heavy trudging, the Gabors are no longer in their prime and these just seemed to be so right.  So right time, right place.  And I can save them for "best". 

I thought I would have a lot of faff putting them on, but thanks to the zip arrangement they are amazingly doddle-ish to slip on and off.

But I have to say a big tug, a bit magnet, was heart-strings reminiscingly emotional.  They remind me soooo much of a pair I bought 45 years ago in Santander.  They were a beautiful butter-soft red leather, with the same sort of heel and zip arrangement.  And I wore them. for.  years.  So I'm feeling like I'm in my low 20s again when I wear these berry beauts.  Oh dear, am I heading into mutton-dressed-as-lamb territory?!

So why am I telling you about these boots when they're already sold out?
I'm telling you about them because
1.  You'll probably see them a lot over the coming weeks as I have a headful of ideas on what to wear with them.  You see, the colour is not restricting but instead provides an elegant pop of colour to a simple outfit.
2.  If you (like me) are the sort of person who thinks of boots and thinks of uber-safe neutral colours in the same breath, please don't limit yourself to the safety of black or brown.  Try something like a berry or a red and see how your OOTD-processor fills up immediately with all the wonderful things you can pair these babies with.  It worked for me 45 years ago, it's going to work for me again now.
And 3.  I'm feeling as pleased as punch with my belated Christmas Pressie to myself!

But perhaps you're already ahead of me.  Perhaps you're already sporting some less than neutral colour of boots?  I'd love to hear your thoughts on boot colour and what works best for you.


A la perchoine.


  1. Beautiful boots! May you wear them in health!

    Thank you so much for sharing the idea of pinning down a bardot collar! I have a sweater like that, and the collar just would *not* stay down for anything. Today I was able to wear it and received many compliments on the sweater and the brooch that held made it possible.

    1. Thanks, they are beauties aren't they? And I'm so pleased to have helped you with your bardot, it makes such sense to batten it down! I'm sure you looked gorgeous in it, judging from all the compliments you received. Thanks for popping in again, please come back for more! Hugs x.

  2. Wow, you're boots are beautiful and the colour is perfect. Because of our fairly mild winter, compered to yours, I don't wear my boots very much. Happy Sunday to you from a chilly Sydney!

    1. So pleased you like them, Pieta. I was lucky to stumble upon them. But what's this? Chilly in Sydney, in summer?! No matter what the weather, have a nice day, x.

  3. Dear Pout, love, love these boots and the whole berry thing. You are getting some amazing bargains and so stylish to boot - ha, ha forgive that please. I have decided not to go for the coated jeans - I did drop you a line on your post Easy Pickings explaining why, too long and involved to repeat here. I am shopping in the coming week with my d-in-l so might find something comparable elsewhere to Next or in fact something completely different in every way but that I am comfortable with and that looks ok on my vertically challenged trotters. Wish me luck. Regards Sue H xxx

    1. Hi Susan, thanks for your kind words ... and excellent pun! Hope you have a good shopping day with DIL and who knows, maybe the coated jeans aren't totally off the table yet. I do wish you luck as look at me, I'm certainly vertically challenged! Have a nice week, hugs, x.

  4. Wowzers, those berry beauties were certainly meant to be and I am thrilled for you! What a deal made even better since the color is so fabulous, the fit is spot on, and bonus they're comfortable. Sadly all of my boots are neutral. I've been eyeing some of the super pretty velvet booties I've seen on so many sites but I've yet to pull the trigger. Who knows, maybe I'll be the next one to throw her hat in the ring with a colorful pair!!!

    1. Thanks so much for your inspiring words! Well, I hmm'd and ha'd about the colour, then when they reminded me of the boots I had BITD, I remembered how a statement shoe/boot actually works strangely, in that the colour is so off the wall that they go with loads. I just had a try on this morning with a simple skirt and the boots really worked. So, when looking at velvet, which is statement in itself, don't dismiss a non-neutral colour entirely, but think "statement". Good luck with your hunt, babes! Hugs, x.

  5. Berry Beautiful is what those are! I am a huge fan of the pointy toed boots and when they are in that snazzy a color, well, let’s just say, I wish a pair were in my closet! ;-) Enjoy your day beauty!

    1. Haha, and thanks sweetie. You'd be spoilt for choice where to put these pointy toed beauts, the closet in the east wing maybe, the west wing, so many new closets to choose from ...
      Enjoy your week, my closet queen of the northwest, hugs x.

  6. You are so funny Mary! Calling your calves little I'm kinda in that same boat. It took me a long time to find boots I like that had the right size calf opening. Congrats on scoring a beautiful bargain sweet lady. Those are my favorite kind. XOXO

    1. Well mine in boots do remind me of sausages squeezed into campfire hotdogs, you know, the ones on a branch?! I'm surprised to hear you have difficulties with calf openings. These boots have given me renewed hope that it's not totally impossible to find boots that can accommodate my old porkers!
      Thanks for your pop-in, dearest and Happy Wednesday Wishes from me, x.