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Wednesday 24 January 2018

Why British Bloggers Stay Indoors

Mad Dogs and Englishmen may go out in the midday sun, but British Bloggers stay indoors in winter.  I'll explain why.

 Right now I'm seeing lots of brave American, Canadian and Scandinavian bloggers out there in the crisp snow, photoshooting for the cause.  They may be freezing their designer socks off but they are dry and their hair tends not to be whipping around their cheeks in some kind of crazed combover.
Whereas we British Bloggers mostly stay indoors.  
We are putting together posts as best we can, with indoor shots, beauty posts, recipes and post reprises.  Yes, our temperatures are warmer, much warmer, relatively speaking.  But we have been coping for months with back to back storms, gales, torrential rains.  And we haven't been getting outdoors much.

On the occasional dry day we dash out there.  Outdoors.

We do what we can on the rain-sodden grass.

We dress up semi-snuggly, here in jeggings and my now-inseparable brown suede waistcoat mate.

The cashmere merino jumper is from Woolovers and has a useful multi-way neckline.  It's so simple, you just button up or down, depending on how snug you want to be.  Clever, huh?

Yes the latest round of storms are over bar the clearing of the smaller rocks and vraic (seaweed) debris brought over the sea walls.  The big rocks have been cleared away to make the roads passable.

The sea defences (simple planks of wood!) have been taken down.

And fortunately TP's car wasn't damaged by flying rocks, though it would have taken a bit of a beating if it hadn't been parked snugly at home during the storms.  Pity anyone who left theirs in the coastal car parks.

Whilst the storms are raging, maybe it's best we stay indoors.  And take scary selfies!

For as soon as we leave our shelter, THIS happens!

There is no place to hide

I thought I was pretty sheltered here.

But it appears that I wasn't.

Oh BTW, I'm pretty excited to tell you about my new accessory, shown here.  A takeaway coffee cup.
I've seen so many ladies on Pinterest accessorising with these babes and I had mug envy.  So I accepted a mug at the Waitrose checkout and instead of filling it with free coffee, I took it home for future use.  And the time was today.  I feel like I'm bang on trend now!

But I did get a froffycoffee in a proper cup.
The golf course is closed.   Still.  Goes without saying, really.  So on would-be golfday Monday we met up with fellow players in the golf club.  It was cosy indoors.  Think I'm starting to prefer this to actual golf!

But outside, it blew.

It blew my waistcoat inside out!

Think you're getting the picture now.  For we British Bloggers, it can be very difficult to find a day when the weather is better than this.  So these photos are as good as outdoor photos get.

Forlorn, I go home, all hope of getting even one decent shot now long gone.
Not even Mad Dogs and British Bloggers go out for photoshoots on our mostly windy midwinter days.

And that is why British Bloggers say indoors.

And why British Cats don't even bother to get out of bed!

A la perchoine.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Vronni, sayin' it how it is .... !
      Stay warm, x.

  2. The weather is dreadful for taking outfit photos. I really want to wear heels but they just sink into the grass! I love your grey jumper, especially the multi-way neckline.

    Emma xxx

    1. Hi Emma and thanks so much for your kind words. You are so right, my little heels were sinking in the grass and I need all the neight I can get! But let's look forward to some lovely spring weather soon, hugs, x.

  3. So true, hence my blowy posts recently. And another storm hit us yesterday. Plus the gloom is an issue too. Love your outfit in these pics. That woolovers jumper looks handy. Glad TPs car was OK. And your heads. Goodness flying rocks! Sounds like a new expression. I'm going to use it.

    1. Hi Anna, yup we're getting pounded right now and there's a few blowy hairdos around in Blogland! Yes, so right, Flying Rocks! could take over from Gadzooks! Let's see how we can slip it into conversation ...
      Glad you like the jumper, maybe their outlet shop has a few left.
      Stay warm, stay indoors! Hugs, x.

  4. Oh my goodness! I had no idea the weather was like that! All the wind and rain, holy cow friend, stay indoors! Now even though you're wind blown your outfit is on point - you look fabulous. Loving the leoprint and happy to see you're living up to your name, Lady Leoprint!
    I have to chuckle about the coffee cup. Isn't it crazy how that has become such an accessory? I swear these skinny girls must only drink Starbuck's and shop all day, clearly they are married to men with some major bank roll! Not me my friend, I make my own but the thought has crossed my mind to grab a cup from the gas station and take pics with it for laughs! See? We really are sistas - even if I get up way too early!

    1. Well, we get whatever the Atlantic wants to chuck our way and since November the Atlantic has been overly generous! Living on an island, outdoor photos can still be chancy even in summer, because we still get the wind coming off the ocean.
      So hilariously funny that you were thinking up the coffee cup jape too, we really must be sistas (early mornings aside!). I'm sure those girls are doing the same thing, posing with empty cups. But if it's on point, I'm happy to join in the fun!
      Keep cool in your Florida winter, hugs, x.

  5. Just lerve the hair style!!!

    1. Oh you really ARE too kind now, Polly! Thank goodness I wasn't wearing a toupee. The wind managed to whip up my waistcoat around my armpits and that suede is HEAVY. Keep warm. hugs, x.

  6. I love your hair, even if it's ruffled by the wind! It is evident that beauty is in the hair more than in the hairstyles. I love your look with the oversize sweater and the shawl with the animal print pattern. I like your informal style, but always with a touch of elegance and style. And your lips ... precious!

    1. So sweet, J-M! I'm guessing the weather is much calmer in Spain right now. Thanks for your kindness, happy weekend, x.

  7. haha! I'd stay indoors too if I had those outdoor conditions. If I don't go outside, the pictures are never as good. Nothing beats natural light. Oh, your kitty is adorable. I'd like to see more pictures of him/her!

    1. Most days are windy here, 365, so I tend to stay indoors for many shots. Oh kitty's called Bertie and he'll love that he's got a fan. He's 17 and getting a bit arthritic and he;s been sneezing a lot in recent months - he had a steroid jab yesterday for the latter and all is quiet in the house today. The steroids usually help for a while. I'll have to pose him next time!!
      Happy church day tomorrow, hugs, x.

  8. I love that you can have such a great sense of humor about the whole thing! Very cute post...made me laugh, especially the coffee cup part!

    1. Well Suzanne, being British the weather gets us down sometimes but we usually laugh it off, eventually. Sooo pleased you liked the post, thanks so much. Hope you pop by again soon, hugs, x.

  9. The wind! Doesn't it drive you mad! Taking hundreds of photos just waiting for that split second for it to drop! What us bloggers do huh?
    Laurie xx

    1. Yes, so maddening and if the wind drops the rain just lingers in the one place. But I thought I'd share my bloopers! Hugs, x.