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Monday 1 January 2018

Wine-coated Crookedness

And welcome to 2018, peeps.  I hope it's going to be a good year for you.  But good years are to a small degree of our own making and I plan to make the year a little better than 2017 with my approach of late, small tweaks.  I'll share some of my tweaks in the weeks to come.

So today is another year and I could have started it better than with a crush.  Well, it's more like a head over heels love affair, if I'm going to be honest. 
Kellyann had been tempting me with some faux leather leggings from Nordstrom.  I held out and didn't buy them, for reasons that will become obvious further on in this post.
But I suddenly threw good sense to the wind and bought myself some coated biker jeans (see licensed to thrill), and thrill me they have done.  They look a lot like leather and are so soft.

Things can sometimes take control of one's life by stealth and the stealth is my love affair with wine, berry, aubergine, call it what you will - actually berry sounds pretty seasonal and doesn't lead to any misunderstandings, as perhaps the title of this post may?!
And although the colour red was supposed to be the colour of the season, I'm seeing lots of berry and it's calling me, big time.
It started with my Big Bardot Sweater/Dress from Dotty P.  The shop had it in berry in my size and grey in not my size.  So I bought both. I'm so pleased I did - they've both become staples and the discount offered made that possible as I practically got a 2fer with my pennies.

As I settled into the colour, I began drifting towards all things berry.  I drifted on to the Next site looking for jeggings and found coated jeggings in berry.  Having been already surprised by the delights of the coated fabric with my black bikers, I was brave and ordered these berry babes as I could visualise them in oh so many combos.

Like this obvious combo here.

My coated berries arrived just after Christmas.  And I have to say the attraction was instant.

In the following days, we were inseparable.  Well, to clarify, we weren't 24/7 inseparable, they were routinely substituted with PJs (but also with a berry-type hue in the pattern - a Christmas pressie).

On this day I wore Jones taupe boots, as a break from the absolute berriness of the outfit, and did my trick with the brooch to anchor down the neckline to a soft cowl as I felt outright bardot wouldn't work for the day I had planned.

Now back to the coated jeans.  They are super comfy AND they hold their shape.  What's not to like?
I hoiked the sweater/dress up on the side to avoid it tumbling down into dress mode when I moved.  Yes, I do move.  Only occasionally, and then not very much (as Liz Hurley once said about eating).
Looking at these pics, my hoiking could have been done better, but it felt right at the time.
And this is the usual part in the post when it starts to get a bit messy, both outfitwise and between me & TP.
It was cold.  It was windy.  I found that my old Monsoon velvet hat had just the right amount of berriness in it to be the perfect partner for this duo.  But I wanted extra cose from a woolly scarf.

The Photographer With Fashion Views said, "No, that's just messy and bundled up", just as he usually does of late when I pull out any woolly scarf.

We reached a compromise.  I could dangle it for the purpose of this photo shoot, then snuggle up in it outside when the going got really cold and windy.

It goes without saying that the blanket scarf didn't even reach compromise stage.  I am not having any luck at all with this and may just have to take the scissors to it, as Kellyann suggested, and give it's twin away.

This little outfit got taken on a few errands, one being to visit my only surviving uncle (90 years old).  No photos of that, but I do have photos of the other two activities..

1. The one where I went to the headland to hold my hat.

Well, actually I'd gone there for a walk.

We've been having gales for days and on this day the wind was so strong that I had to open the car door in baby steps as I struggled to push it open against the 70 mph gusts.  So no walking was to be had but I thought I wouldn't waste the journey so turned it into a photo shoot.  A 20 seconds shoot.

2. The one where I went grocery shopping for NYE party food for me and TP.

One of the downsides of living on an island is being subject to deliveries by sea.  The prolonged gales of late had prevented our shelves from being re-stocked after Christmas.

The vultures had made their way through the fresh veg.

But phew!, the party food shelves were stocked up nicely and that was where I was headed, buying in tasty nibbles to soak up the bubbles on NYE.

Back home and the thick woolly just had to be exchanged for something thinner for indoors.  This berry long sleeved T shirt. Yes I also found myself some column-layering berriness for about £4.

What I also found was this.  My crooked left leg.  Yes, when I was fighting off Keyllyann and the Nordstrom faux leather, my defence was that the shiny leggings, which look so gorgeous on her, would bring attention to my less than perfect legs.  Well, I hadn't realised how imperfect they are until I saw these shots.  My leg is growing in all directions but straight.  I am an old crooked lady! 

I mentioned this to The Photographer whilst we drank our bubbles last night.  His reply was "Well, the neighbour didn't seem to notice".

You see, there is something about these coated jeans.  I feel edgy and sassy when wearing them.  And I think that comes across on others too.  Men specifically.  TP is absolutely drawn to them and is having his own little crush on me when I'm wearing them!  Which is mostly daily.

I wore my coated bikers to our Christmas neighbours' party.  One neighbour (male) couldn't stop himself from mentioning them throughout the evening.  He was convinced they were leather and seemed intrigued by them.  It seemed the more he coated his gizzard with wine, the more he came back to my coated legs and my bikers became the hot topic of the party at one stage.
TP and I deduced that the neighbour rather liked them.  And I think TP is right, I don't think for one minute that he noticed my crooked leg!

So, do head to Next and buy yourself some of these coated jeggings. 
You can get away with murder when wearing these sassy bottoms. 
Well, maybe not murder, but definitely crooked old legs!

A la perchoine.


  1. What can I say but fabulous. Love, love this outfit on you and the blanket scarf may look messy to some but to me looks cozy. We have lots of snow and -15C temps at the moment so I envy you going out even in the wind.

    1. Oh Christy, so sweet of you to say such lovely things. Poor you with the -15c. I remember those temps from Scandi, manageable with snug clothese if the wind isn't blowing but oh boy when it starts howling!!! Keep warm darling, x.

  2. Well, you look fab in your coated/biker thingies! I love the all claret look very much and I love your statement brooch; it's perfect.

    I had combined coated/ponte leggings that I bought from Lidl, believe it or not, for about 7.00 about a year ago. I just did not feel comfortable in them at all; probably because I went right off leggings except under a tunic or dress or tucked into boots. The consequence of that was that I redonated them! And now having looked at you and yours I'm beginning to regret it...

    Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks so much, my darling. The brooch must be a good 20 years old. I've seen those mix ones previous years, I found the Ponte always looked a bit clingey and claustrophobic-like. Maybe that's why you donated them, maybe that's why they don't work, so you did the right thing. Look out for these jeggings, Vronni, you'll love them! Hugs, x.

  3. They are the best jeans ever!!! And not only does it make you sassy, it makes you young and hip!! Besides, another great advantage is they don't collect pet hair!!
    Happy 2018!!

    1. Aren't they just the best, Jodie?! And if I look young and hip, then they are surely miracle workers! Oh hadn't thought about the cat aspect but you're so right, Bertie's long grey hairs always stick to my black jeans but these babes look like I've just taken then out of the packaging each time I put then on. Bertie-proof!
      Thanks for popping in, hugs x.

  4. Oh my Dear Pout, I have serious berry coated/leather whatever jeans envy - you look absolutely fab, as we can ascertain from the goings on with the neighbour and your dear Photographer. I am not sure they will look good on my vertically challenged self but hey ho I am off to Next this morning to have a gander. I just love the berry colour and know I have a top somewhere in my 4 wardrobes (!) so will hunt it out later. You look very sassy in these photos, a really wonderful new cutting edge look to enter into 2018. Love the hat on you too btw. Also I re-jigged a large blanket type scarf into two triangular ones and gave one to my sister, problem solved. I don't have much of a neck and have rather ample bosoms so with the whole blanket thing I looked rather like a messy unmade bed, now the scarf involves less material it works wonderfully. You have triumphed again, dear Pout, the look is FAB-U-LOUS. Regards Sue H xxx

    1. Longing to know how you got on at Next, Susan! I'm impressed with your abundance of wardrobes. Hey I'm vertically challenged too so why don't you and I make it a Happy Sassy 2018?!! I'll have to tell TP about your unmade bed description, so funny, he'll probably start using that one.
      Thanks for your lovely comment, such fun to read. Hugs x.

  5. Coated CUTIE! LOVE! Wind wind is not my friend but YOU ARE!! Happy New Year!

    1. Another Storm Force Niner coming in across the Atlantic from Andrea! You lift a gal's spirits, thanks for being your very unique and upbeat self. Hugs, x.

  6. Mary these look amazing on you - I want the whole outfit! I might just have to steal this one! Thanks so much for sharing and I'm looking forward to reading about your 'tweaks'. Looks like you had a super NYE despite the lack of Veg - I see you just had to survive on bubbles instead! - bet that was hard luck lol.
    Jacqui xxx

    1. Aren't they simply transformational, Jacqui?! You would look sooo good in this. Yes, despite the lack of veg, I've been stuffing my body with lots of fruit (mince pies and grapes via the bubbles) so I should survive those empty shelves :-). Hugs, x.

    2. I may steal those coated jeans first ! Ebay .com for your size in my favorite pants, they are N.Y.D.J. Angelina black coated leggings. They have the Emma Peel leather jumpsuit look, meaning slanted , zippered front pockets on the pants portion. I am a 66 year young fancy pants admirer since childhood with similar styled sleek Hollywood cowboy hero ranch pants with slanted pants pockets. I have been wearing menswear jeans found in female departments the last 12 years.

  7. Oh so much to say, so much to say. First of all the empty shelves remind me of what happens here after a hurricane. I am so glad you were able to get what you needed for your evening with TP. Whew!
    Now I'm thinking I may need to give you a new name. Let me think about what I'd call a lady who has entire island of men falling all over themselves due to her coated leggings. I'm gonna need some time to think it over.
    But hey, you LOOK AMAZING so no wonder TP is having a love affair on the daily with this look. Let me tell you that I never garner that much attention when I wear mine. EVER. In fact, I don't think it's possible for my husband to care less about what I wear - really!
    Once again I am happy I inspired if not bullied you to go for it my friend. You look stunning, absolutely stunning. Not that I need to tell you that, you could always just ask the neighbor!

    1. Oh Mrs R, we've had yet more storms and had a right humdinger two nights ago, one of our worst on record. I could feel the house trembling, all through the night ... and its walls are 12inch thick granite! We haven't been sleeping well and our coastal areas have been flooded by the massive waves and the drains not coping. I don't think many boats are getting through in the gaps because the shelves are still looking sad.
      I look forward to hearing my new name. In the meantime, I have absolutely no doubt that in my mind about the attention your faux leathered legs must be getting. Half of Florida is silvently wolf-whistling you as you walk past. Yes, seriously. Look what you've done with TP, he's gone gagga! Just ask Mr R how you look in them ... and prepare yourself for some mega attention !)
      A procrastinator like me needs a bit of cajoling (bullying) to get things done, so I thank for you for your, well, ahem, let's call it exuberant persuasion!!
      Haha about asking the neighbour.
      Thanks for your lovely comments, as always, hugs, x.

  8. I love the berry! Those pants are fabulous and you look beautiful in it!

    1. Thanks for popping by, Ruth, and thanks for your nice words. Those jeggings are a dream to wear.
      Hugs, x.

    2. I agree; more males should forget the anti-male freedom in fashion and wear these historical bifurcated bottoms that are male gendered; why should cross-dressing females have all the pants styles and materials ? Anti-male bigotry in the fashion industry; shall we say : " The cloth ceiling " ?

  9. OMG I have never seen so many empty shelves in one place. It is funny too. But style-wise, you rock the head to toe eggplant look. Love those skinny leather pants on you and such a pretty blanket scarf!

    Thank you so much for joining my linkup before. I always look forward to seeing your outfits so welcome by and join this week's Thursday Moda with your fab style! Thanks and Happy 2018!!

    1. I'm now seeing myself as an aubergine and it's a very funny mental picture, I can tell you! Thanks for your nice words and thanks for hosting, hugs, x.

  10. Mary, I love your coated jeans and the hat is just darling that dons the top of your beautiful head. Such a beautiful, berry look on you sweet friend! XO

    1. Well, Lisa, I'm now likening myself to a top to toe aubergine (eggplant)! This outfit keeps bringing on the fun and could keep me happy for weeks! Thanks for popping in, sweetness, bet you're pleased you swapped coasts given the current weather along the eastern seaboard eh? Hugs, x.

  11. If I ask Mr Him what I should wear it's always pleather jeans. Love your wine ones. Now those I have to get. Who needs veg NYE. As long as there's bubbles.

    1. Haha, Annemarie, that's exactly it ... the men love 'em!!
      And you do really rock the Sandy look so you have one very happy hubby! I really do recommend these wine coloured coateds, they bring just a tad more fun to the party, so hope I see you looking gorgeous in them soon!
      Hugs, x.

    2. I'll just be a handsome stud cowboy in your type britches!