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Sunday, 26 January 2020

Hats and Scarves - Day 5

Oops!  I totally forgot to post #5 of the challenge yesterday!
Shame because I did so want to a do a consecutive run of 5 challenge posts.  But hey ho eh, this is what you can expect from a hobby blogger?!

My last day of the hat and scarf challenge found me in this little leoprint combo. 

From this pic I’d say I was a little unsure of the slight mismatch of prints. 

So I tried this hat and bag combo. 
It was okaaaaay, but I feared the fedora was no match for the strong winds that would greet it outside.

Then I reverted to the snug hat and muffler slightly mismatched pair and bundled myself into a warm coat.
I say bundled as the thing I have found slightly annoying about this chunky jumpy trend is that most of my coats struggle with the extra bulk.  Have you found that too?

This snuggly stayed on throughout my walk and that made me smile.  And it’s sooo warm.  
Warm and stays put.  Just about all I could ask from a winter hat, and any added stylishness is just icing on the cake. 

Both challenge items are around 20 y.o. 

Then this happened when I went from jalopy to shoppy!
It confirmed my switch of hats had been the right call, cos my fedora could never have coped with this. 

In fact, I’m beginning to think that fedoras in winter in Guernsey just aren’t going to happen for me. 
Guernsey is a small island and is therefore mostly windy so I have to choose my hats for the wind most days.  

Is this the same where you live, the strength of wind a permanent factor in how you hat up?

And here endeth the challenge.  
I do hope you’ve enjoyed following the challenge with me. 
I found it very easy because hats and scarves are my go-to layers of warmth November through to March.   I don’t often post them here because of the wind factor - any hair left out of a snug hat usually whips across my face ... and my face without hair in a pic just ain’t gonna happen!

The downside of a challenge like this is that with daily photos being taken, I have to put on the slap every day, which can become a little too regimented and tedious.  Yes, I could do multiple photos in one day and reduce the make up wearing, but that doesn’t seem in the spirit of a challenge to me. 
So as a reward, this past week I’ve mostly given myself a break from make up ... and it’s been GREAT!!!

A la perchoine, 
Mary x . 


  1. What a pretty smile you have! Enjoy your blog!

  2. I love these leo pieces. You cannot see they are mismatched btw, and even so who cares if they are. They look fabulous together. Lise

  3. Lovely combo and you look gorgeous in it and your lovely chartreuse coat. Shame about the fedora as it looks great on you but at least you can save for summer. I wouldn't worry about mixing different animal prints together; I think it looks fab!