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Friday 24 January 2020

Hats and Scarves - Day 4

Hello my lovelies.
For today's hat and scarf challenge I wore hot ginger.

Ginger high-neck chunky jumper, berry coated jeans (that sounds like I've been a messy fruit eater eh?!!).

My challenge elements were an old fur muffler and a cute ginger beret, a Christmas pressie from a French lady so a genuine touch of ooh la la!

On my walk, against some lichen -covered granite which I think was a good accessory for my outfit, a profusion of autumnal hues.
It was really warm for January and the sunniness has distorted the colour in this pic, but who cares when the colours compliment eh?

And this is where I walked ...

... around my 'hood.

Somebody told me that I suit ginger -  I'm now considering a hair colouring ...

My HUGE over glasses glasses, which are closed in on top and sides to block the sun for those with light-refractive cataracts.  Fashion item they are not, but they work beautifully

It was an amazingly beautiful day and I really enjoyed my walk.  I felt uplifted as there was a hint of spring in the air.

Are you a fine-weather walker?
Or do you heartily trudge around in wetland windy weather?
And his am I doing with my hats and scarves this week?!!

A la perchoine,
Mary x.


  1. Ginger does look good on you, but not sure about the hair colour change 😱.
    I am definitely a fair weather Walker. You won't find me trudging through the wind and rain, which sort of limits the number of good walking days up here!

  2. Ginger-coloured clothing is lovely on you, however your beautiful natural coloured hair be cherished :) I walk in the cold but not in the rain. Lise

  3. We often go to our national nature reserve for a walk. It's de stressing. And I always feel uploaded when we return from it. Hope to see you on my Fancy Friday link up party.

  4. What a fab colour that is on you! Love the beret' I've got beret envy...

  5. You do suit ginger Mary It's a great colour on you. I love your hair colour as it is though! xx