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Saturday 9 February 2019

Bedroom Dreaming

I have a dream.  Well, a girl's got to have dreams.

And a girl's got to have a dream place to dream.  Like this.

This is where I'm dreaming currently.  Nothing like my dreaming room of my dreams.  So this room's having a makeover.

It started with a lumpy mattress.
I discovered it when sitting on the edge of the bed at 3am one morning, feeling very nauseous and with heart palpitations.  I had eaten late (for me) as the meal finished about 9pm.  And perhaps as distraction from the nausea, I started feeling along the mattress, found many lumps and decided in those wee hours that I needed a new mattress.  Just that, a new mattress.

And it ended with me buying a new memory foam/spring mattress, a whizzy bed, a new carpet and several pots of paint.  And I don't think my bedroom shopping spree ends there either ...

So let's go straight to the bed, for I am excited!  It will be delivered in March.  The headboard is a charcoal tweed.  A welcome change from my rattly old brass headboard.

It has some cunning trickery hidden in its headboard.  Press a button and the bed flips back to reveal a huge storage cave.  This is where all my out of season stuff can be stored.  In one place.  Easy access at the push of a button.  At the push of a button!! - can you feel my excitement?  Can you tell that I'm still finding it totally incredulous?  

It is the bed of dreams.  My dreams.  My pensioner dreams.

So how come I bought a bed when I didn't know I needed or wanted one?  Well, as I mooched around the shop after buying a very comfy mattress, I looked at beds.  As one does.  Does anyone come away with just the mattress?

I'd tried lifting a mattress on a bed with a similar storage arrangement, but manually.  I had to psyche myself up to lifting it, akin to a weightlifter's pre-lift routine and even then I could juuuusssst about lift it, and that was without the added weight of a full complement of bedding. 

The salesman saw my struggle.  Come over here, he said and led me to the push-button bed.  Well!!  I was immediately sold.  I needed that flippy mattress innovation in my life.

Honestly, they should be marketing this as the pensioners' dream bed because it really is designed for oldies like me, surely?  A lady of a certain age who's fearful of cracking an osteo-ed back bone or giving herself a hernia.

So, let's summarise what I've done here.
1. Lumpy mattress led me to buy a replacement.
2. I then bought a whizzy push-button bed with mega storage.  But it didn't stop there.
3. In an instant I knew that flashy bed would be dragged down by my old cream carpet which has suffered the effects of clumsy add-ons (building work), nose bleeds (TP), hair balls (Bertie) and coffee accidents (me and TP).  My carpet steamer has done a great job  on the stains, but I know where they are.  So I ordered a new carpet.
4. I then looked critically at my tired bedroom and decided it needed tarting up a bit too.  So I bought paint.

It was pure ha'peth of tar the whole way through this shopping journey.  You know, don't spoil the ship for a ha'peth of tar?  At each stage I knew that the side would be let down if didn't bring everything up to the standard of my new whizzy bed.
And it all started with nausea after a late-for-me dinner.
Meals out with friends can prove soooo expensive. 

But it doesn't stop with the paint does it?
There are accessories to consider too.
I searched around the shop, snapping at accessory ideas.

I created a rudimentary mood board.  The carpet is in the bottom right corner.  It's name is Icing Sugar - how sweet is that?!

Scroll on a few weeks.  The bed wall has now been painted in readiness for carpet lay day.
And I've spent idle time collecting inspo (all photos from Pinterest).

Panelling (probably 3D effect wallpaper) seems to be a trend.

I like the idea of a classy frame, just a frame, no picture.  I have a similar one .

And I've been in love with the colour combo of black/ivory/gold like forever so I'm drawn to variations on this colour scheme.

I like a grouping of three pictures, though my cottage bedroom ceiling is low so the pictures would need to be smaller than these monsters.

I like the drama and crispness of this room, though I don't think I could ever sleep comfortably knowing a gigantic mirror was hanging a few inches above my head - surely this is a health and safety nightmare?

Nightstands will be a challenge.

Even this seemingly slimline nightstand won't fit in the room's  narrow non-standard gap.  But I have an idea.

I like the look of one long pic running parallel with the bedhead.

But back to my dream.
My dream is to be woken up to this Valentine's Day breakfast and preferably in this bedroom!

Hope you enjoy your dream Valentine's Day next week, my  lovelies!

Join me in a few week's time for the bedroom reveal!

A la perchoine,
Mary x.

Cr: Inspo mood photos, Pinterest


  1. Our bed is nearly identical Mary! Same colour same storage! I'm still making decisions nearly a month in! I'm having a war about bedside tables at the moment! xx

    1. Bed twins!!! I expect your flat and my cottage present similar decor challenges too. Bedside storage is all standard and a 'mare for this little cottage bedroom, maybe your war is the huge choice you have on the mainland?
      Have a fab Sunday, x.

  2. Funny how 1 thing leads to another! The bed sounds very practical with all that storage. Love your inspiration photos. Can't wait to see the finished room X

    1. I can't wait to see the finished room either, Linda! I move back into the painted room today, so that's a result, but you are so right - one thing leads to another and soon you've got a two month project on your hands!
      Have a cosy Sunday, x.

  3. Really impressed with the plans you have for the master bedroom. What a transformation that will be. Loving your choice of bed; you must be so excited to have the extra storage! Well, I await further news and photos once everything has arrived and placed.

    1. Thanks Dutchie, it will be a nice and cosy room, and as for the storage - mooie!!
      Hugs my love, x.

  4. It is so easy how one idea slowly grows to a whole room make over. Ours has started by needing a new panel for the bath and progressed to a new suite which is moving along to a lot of plumbing work so we can place things in different positions lol x

    1. It doesn't take much for the plans to get BIG eh?! Oh my, yours started with a panel a now the plumbers are involved, that's going to get pricey!
      Hugs, have a nice week, x.

  5. It's funny to me that our bedrooms are usually the last place we pay attention to making over or spending decorating $$$. Since it's the place we sleep and dream in! It should be our sanctuary but it's often not.
    I love your inspo and can't wait to see what you come up with and the unveiling!
    Hugs sweet sista!

    1. So true, O Sage One, we do neglect out sancturies. but oh heck, what HAVE I done?! You're going to expect something Insta-worthy now!!! It's just a humble makeover, perhaps I should have mentioned that in the blog 🤔.
      Hugs sista, have a super week, x.

  6. How lovely you'll be able to store all your out of season clothes in one place - and they will be accessible too! Fab! Mine are all in the loft in black plastic bags - a total nightmare trying to find anything should I want it out of season...

    I shall look forward to the reveal. My daughter has bought herself a new mattress recently and bought a memory foam one which she says is amazing. I need a new mattress this year too; just I hope I don't end like you did!

    Have a great week

    1. Well let's hope I can fit them all in that huge space! Oh Vronni, that's the thing, the bags go up in the loft and then suddenly you need a vital piece for an outfit, and where is it ...?

      Glad your daughter is enjoying her new mattress too. Be careful cos we had absolutely NO intention of getting into this whole project/spend. Trouble is, everything in the bedroom was 16 years old, bought when I moved in here so I was pretty much powerless!!
      Hugs my pretty, have a cosy week, x.

  7. Lovely bedrooms, I'd like any of them Mary! I've had to settle on new bedsheets lol. Jacqui Mummabstylish

    1. Well that's always a quick freshen up to a bedroom eh, and doesn't require days wearing scruffy clothes and hair scragged up in a scrunchy!
      Hugs, x.

  8. I love your whizzy push-button bed with mega storage. I want one too!

    1. Doesn't it make SO much sense, Terri? I'll report back when it's here and operational. Super-excited!
      Hugs, x.

  9. The whizzy bed sounds superb. Mr. Nine would not let me purchase new bedroom furniture with the house but my sights are set on a suit like the one with the parallel picture above. Perhaps that will happen. After boys all 3 graduate University. We do have deep gray panel walls. These photos really had me swooning. I do wish you the bedroom of your dreams! Literally!

    1. Yes Andrea, seems we girls really do have bedroom dreams, quite literally ! You deserve the lux buttoned headboard and mirror furniture of YOUR bedroom dreams, just tell Mr Nine that I said so. End of.
      Hugs my lovely, x.

  10. These all sound like such great purchases, I love the idea of the under bed storage at the push of a button! :) I have boxes under out bed but they aren't exactly easy to reach all the time!

    Thank you so much for joining the #weekdayWearLinkUp :) Hope that you are having a good week so far :) We finally got a break in the heatwave last night and it was so welcome!

    Away From The Blue

    1. Firstly, I'm so pleased for you to be getting some cooler weather, finally!
      I think underbed storage is always going to present accessing obstacles. My bedroom is so small I have to swing the current bed from one side of the room to the other, it's a good workout. So I'm longing for my new whizzy!
      Hope your cooler weather continues for your week ahead, hugs x.

  11. Oh wow, I love the headboard! We have a similar one in taupe. I love the textured walls, but heck, it took me and my hubby 3 days to paint our bedroom! A comfy and supportive bed is so important! Love the idea of storage too! Enjoy it!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    1. Thanks, Jess, I need all the support I can get from my bed!
      Your headboard sounds serene.
      Hugs, x.