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Wednesday 13 February 2019

What I've Been Wearing Lately

Hello my lovelies.  Are you starting to feel the joys of spring yet?  I am!  I'm filled with hope and joy for what is just around the corner.  Spring is coming!

Before I get on to my week's clobber I'd just like to tell you a little story.  This week I visited someone.  She looked gorgeous.  She was wearing pieces that she clearly liked and had chosen herself and had either taken from her wardrobe or had bought herself with no outside influence.  The outfit reflected who she is.   She looked sensational and I was so pleased for her because she exuded confidence - and as they say, there's nowt as sexy as confidence!

So my message here is simple, staying true to who you are inside creates an effortless look and you feel sensational.   Yes, you can get inspiration from others, but still aim to be and look like the real you.

And here, shopped from my wardrobe I give you my humble offerings.  Mostly neutrals again so I'm hoping some colour will sneak into my outfits in the next ten days as we bask in the gorgeous weather heading our way.  10-13c and nothing but sunshine every day!

You'll see that I'm knee-jerking out of jeans and into skirts as the weather warms up.   Not fashionable midis but old wardrobe staple A-lines.  But skirts all the same.  I'm ready for spring and the slow seasonal switch into lighter, brighter clothes - I hope spring is ready for me!

V. old machine-washed suede skirt, leoprint blouse (Primark, £4!), black cocoon cardi and leather/patent booties.

Winter White sweater dress, everything else grey.  I do love grey and white at this time of year, as a (dare I use the word?) transitional  colour combo.  There, I've said it - my first "transitional"  of 2019 !

And after a week or two of tucking success, I finally found a tucking that doesn't work!  This long  split-sided  cashmere mix jumper looks better hanging over my old black leather skirt, IMHO.  Do you agree?

I think the long line of the jumper over the skirt is better balanced and creates a relaxed, almost Left Bank look.  Again, that's IMHO!

Then a few days later I wore that black leather skirt (yes, again -  it's been my skirt of choice!).  I wore it with the leoprint blouse and a cocoon cardi again, but this time the colours were reversed and I just had to do a multipic because it looked like a negative version of the first outfit.  Is it just me who enjoys discovering little things like this?!!

But I guess what this is saying is that I'm drawn to this style and these colours right now and it's starting to feel a bit like my signature look!

Levi shirt over grey polo jumper and jeans.  What can I say about this OOTD other than I thought I was dressed appropriately to go to B&Q (our Home Depot) to buy bedroom paint.  Then came the painting and the scruffy clothes, which I will spare you for humanitarian reasons.

And after a couple of days of painting and room de-cluttering (as one does these days), I treated myself.  I threw off the scruffies, showered and got into a black column and a bright cobalt  cardi.   I felt human again!

So how's your week been?
Have you been pulling out some spring skirts?
And have you caught the Marie Kondo bug?  It really says an awful lot about our western world eh, that the desire to de-clutter homes and wardrobes is sweeping whole nations.  
Is this the beginning of the end of our consumerist society?

A la perchoine,
Mary x.

I'm still playing catch up replying to all your kind comments, please bear with me, x.


  1. I love that white dress - definitely my favourite outfit as you layer it well, but you also look great in that stunning cobalt cardigan and in your other outfits too! :)

    I badly need to get into the Marie Kondo frame of mind, it's crazy how many baby things we still have around - I've been selling a few now and then but I could do with a big clean out. I just can't get past her first piece of advice to start with clothes - they are not the easy things for me!

    Thank you so much for joining the #weekdayWearLinkUp :)

    Hope that your week is going well and you have a nice weekend ahead of you!

    Away From The Blue

    1. Hi Mica, thanks so much, that white dress is a firm fave and I love giving it different colour schemes to play with.
      Well I expect the start with clothes things makes sense, they're the worst clutter culprits. Hard though! Oh and baby clothes, sooo difficult to part with. I gave all my favourite items (the ones I'd sewn or knitted) to my family so that I could see them on my little nephews - perhaps that might make it easier for you to part with baby clothes that way?
      Keep cool down there and keep hugging!

  2. Well I hit a dress, as you saw in my blog. what a surprise. I see a fab theme here of beige, black, tans, creams and leoprint and love it.

    1. Yes and gorgeous you looked in your dress too! Thanks for spotting the theme, the pieces make a good neutral capsule eh?
      Hugs, xx.