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Monday, 21 November 2016

Denim Skirt, Black and Missing Dustbins

Good day, my lovelies.
Seems like I'm going through a denim skirt with everything sort of week.

Today I did black with my denim skirt, which BTW I have checked out.  It's Dotty P.

With my opaques, this time black and Gabor ankle boots, my Limited Collection black lace-edge top.

The top is at least 15 years old.  I find it so useful, every single year. 

The navy and grey East embellished shawl goes well with this as there a bits of navy so dark that against black they look well, black.

I'd bought this skirt for a summer holiday but had stopped wearing it over the years.  Then a few years ago when the Other Granny (who happens to be French = stylish) popped round for a coffee I noticed that she was wearing a denim skirt with thick tights.  I loved the look and realised that hey, I have a denim skirt and hey, I could start wearing it again, but in winter.  So I did. 

And for several years I have continued to feel inspired by Other Granny's look 'cos I quite simply love it!

I dressed up snuggly in the Uniqlo ultra light weight down coat.
It's shorter than the skirt but I think that is OK.  I echoed the blue of the skirt in the shawl and I think that helps me to get away with the varying lengths.

And it was good that I dressed up snuggly as I had to walk around the roads looking for dustbins that had blown out from the drive during  Storm Angus
I found the contents of one a few yards away, then found one dustbin about half a mile down the road! The other dustbin is missing, presumed lost forever.
But thankfully, no apparent damage has been inflicted on house or garden, it would seem, though things have been upturned, uplifted and shifted across the garden.  But all intact.

But the storm had passed away by the time I'd picked up my dustbin, brushed myself down and moved on into town.  All was still.  The sea.  The few boats in the marina.  The sky. 

And all was still in the High Street.  We took a stroll around the town with Other Granny on a Sunday morning when all was really quiet and empty.  A good time to window shop.
It'll soon be heaving with Christmas shoppers.  Have you started your shopping yet?

A la perchoine.

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