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Saturday, 8 October 2016

All of a Uniqlo!

Oh, I was excited alright.  My first Uniqlo purchase. Uniqlo seem to be quite a blogger brand, so perhaps I should be giving the brand a go.  This is my first toe in the water.
I have plenty more toes so this could be quite fun!
Opening the parcel was quite a spiritual moment, no ripping open, just gentle and respectful cutting movements as I opened up my little parcel of magic.  Delivery was super-quick BTW. 
You know, as I opened it I came over all Ines-de-la-Fressange.  I swear I was close to asking Il Paparazzo (thanks, Anna!) to capture the moment, prevented only by my camera being upstairs in the turret and me not wanting to waste a moment in opening the package.  Yup, 100% saddo.

I have wanted a casual jacket for a while.  But I haven't been too successful. 
I now think my lack of success may have been because I have previously gone for more structured jackets, which can give this big girl quite a manly appearance at times.  A bit Sergeant Majorish.

But this one below is soft, unstructured.  And long - so I don't get the box-on-legs look.

        WOMEN Soft Jersey Long Jacket

It's currently on sale too, here.  I ordered it because I had to pay postage for delivery of the item below, so why not double up and get 2 for 1 for my £3.95.
Have I told you that I am tight?!

I like this jacket!  Length, fabric, fit, colour.  Ticks all those boxes.  The fabric and shape seems more flattering for the larger lady.  And that would be me, so Try-on No. 1 is a keeper!

Here's me proudly displaying my Uniqlo label!

I had also identified a need for a long but lightweight jacket/coat as so often during the winter I wear longish cardis and I don't like the look of a cardi hanging under a shortish jacket.  Jumpers = OK, cardis = not OK, something not quite right about that look.

I'd seen Uniqlo lightweight down pieces favoured by bloggers last winter, but I didn't know of anyone who had a Uniqlo down piece to check out if it really did what it said on the tin. 
I finally had my opportunity in Devon recently, when I discovered that a friend had an item from the range.  I was immediately smitten by its lightness and good construction.  And the novelty factor of it coming with its own little bag to be shoved in, I'm a sucker for novelty!

 It is super light and super snug. It looks stylish.  And I don't think it makes me look like Michelin Woman, so that's a big tick!

And ... oh yes, I've just found a handy hood in the high collar too!


Whaddya think?  Is Try-on No 2 a keeper as well?
I feel stylish and well, cared for, in this coat.  It's light, so cosy and it solves the long cardi dilemma.  That's the good news.

WOMEN Ultra Light Down Stretch Hooded Coat (6 colours)

But the bad news is that I will have to ditch something from my suitcase in order to make some space to take this baby back to Guernsey with me :-(.

A la perchoine.


  1. Love that coat - looks great on you.

    1. Hi Rhonda, it's lovely to hear from you. Thank you for your nice words and I'm glad you like it. It should be ideal for our winters and maybe yours out west too?
      Hope you enjoyed the chateaux recently.

  2. I love the unconstructed jacket on you! It is going to be a valuable item in your wardrobe indeed...and the puffy coat will keep you warm and cozy...I have several versions of this style and my newest is a short jacket which is not unlike the Michelin Man!
    I really enjoy reading your blog Mary.

    1. Thanks for popping in, Leslie, it's great to hear from you. I'm so pleased that you like the look and so glad you are enjoying the blog.
      It really bewilders me that these Michelin jackets are produced when Uniqlo seems to prove you can get warmth without too much bulk. Mind you, I'll have to wait till winter to find whether it really does what it says on the tin!