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Thursday 1 February 2018

Something In The Air?

Hi my dearies.  Well, here we are, February already!  I feel in my waters that this will be a year that will fly off the shelves.  Not great for us oldies who want to savour every single moment, but by taking my Light Touch 2018 approach to the year I've got a feeling it's gonna be GOOD!!  It's going to be the year that I feel some sense of actual achievement.


Another feeling I'm getting is that there's something in the air that I'm breathing at the moment. 

I'm seeing what's happening in this wondrous world of ours and thinking, OK, surely we can do this better?  Hold on, can I do things better?

Maybe there is something in the air and it's Spring!
I feel like I'm waking up from hibernation and I'm hungry for change. (Or just plain hungry!)

Today, the wind has dropped, the rain's not teeming down and the sun is out.
It's bloomin' cold but at least it's beginning to look a lot like springtime.
Primula (Paperwhites) and daffodils have burst out along the hedgerows.
That says spring to me.  Maybe spring is the time for change.  Maybe this is my Pout Spring! 

But enough of this quiet reflection.  That's not what you pop in here for, is it?
Yesterday wasn't about quiet reflection or walks through country lanes.
It was a day of action, delivering more decluttering to various charity depots.
So, did I want to wear jeans and a gilet to go about my charitable works? 
A tweed skirt and cardi to keep my arthritic limbs warm?
 Naah.  Ever the iconoclast, I wanted edgy feminine casual.  That's what I'll call this look.
I took my biker jeans (edgy) in the direction of something girlie and ruffled (feminine). topped with a snug jacardi (casual).  Ipso facto.  Edgy feminine casual.

And what about this, my dears - my silver leaf necklace?

I mentioned some months ago that I'd discovered an exciting innovation.  And here I demonstrate it.
On the left, the pendant is long and lost in all that rufflage.
On the right, it's sitting neatly proud of the ruffles.


My silver leaf is showcased, as it deserves.

The innovation is soooooo simple.  My jeweller (gadds that sounds so grand!), let's start that one again.  My mate Paul, who happens to be a jeweller, fitted a slightly larger link on the chain as seen on the right.  Subtle, huh?

The lobster claw fixing can fit into the ring.

This means that I can close the chain at the very end, making a long pendant for jumpers etc.

Or I can fix it through the additional link  and it becomes a shorter necklace! 
Is that Taadaaah or what?
I'm showing you this because if you want to double the mileage on gold or silver chains to create different drop lengths for different outfits, pop in to your local jeweller and I'm sure you'll get this smart little innovation fitted for a quid or two.
If this is my Light Touch 2018, then I think I can notch that one up as small step making a big change.

So, how about you, my dear readers, are the spring flowers starting to come through where you are?

And are you feeling Something In The Air?

A la perchoine.


  1. Well I'm looking for spring but seeing frost and ice sadly. I did notice that there was a glimmer of light in the sky when I left for work this morning. Love edgy with feminine. Perfect way to wear those edgy trews of yours. Oh my,your jeweller no less. You'll be having a photographer next!


    1. Haha, AM, I realised it sounded a bit Queenie, but I kept it in! And having edgy trews (so funny!) takes Queenie into the teensies. Definite signs of spring around teatime, the days are drawing out noticeably, it's just so bloomin' cold!
      Keep snuggly in your boots, hugs sweetie, x.

  2. Unfortunately we are heading for fall and winter although it has been a very hot and humid summer. Autumn is my favourite season here in Sydney and I have lots of quilting lined up for winter.
    Your necklace idea is wonderful and yet so simple. I do love your white ruffles with your jeans.

    1. Hi Pieta, I'm guessing you will welcome the cooler seasons. It's funny but I've had the blouse about 15 years but have only started wearing it this winter! Does that sound weird?! Hope you'll share what you're quilting some time, what patience you have, so impressed. Hugs, x.

  3. I love your blouse and I love your pants, they look great on you! The pendant is beautiful. With glasses or without them you look beautiful!

    1. Thank you, J-M, I took off my glasses to switch the chain and forgot to put them back on again! Happy weekend, x.

  4. Thanks for the fun music to entertain me while I write! You are most certainly chic in your biker pants and ruffled blouse and cardi! And I love your hair like that too. What a genius idea you had for your necklace, seriously! I love that idea. Brilliant you Lady Leoprint!
    Enjoy the coming of Spring my friend!

    1. Thank you, my flattering Floridian friend.
      I often find myself singing a song in my head, so I just HAVE to share it or I'll explode!
      Genius may be pushing it but definitely a clever necklace idea, OK a VERY clever idea ... OK, maybe genius!
      Hugs, x.

  5. One of my biggest jewellery bugbears is chains which sit too low so this is a good tip. Worth doing with your lovely silver necklace. I hope there is something in the air. We can all do with a lift!

    1. Yes, the mood right now is chilling so I'm hoping spring awakens us all.
      It's so weird that we struggle with annoyingly designed jewellery, yet the solution is out there and it's sooooo simple. I wouldn't trust myself with "real" jewellery but I've bought myself a little jewellery kit and I've saved fave broken faux jewellery to repair or remake ... WHEN I retire!
      Hugs, gorgeous Gail, x.

  6. A Spring Pout you shall be! Edgy feminine casual looks mighty good on you! You know I love the ruffles and Paul the jeweller, what an eye....and so good at making your brilliant idea become reality. Spring is awaiting you darling and it will be grand! xx

    1. Ooh let's keep that spring optimism going, girl, cos the world needs it right now! I'm loving edgy feminine casual, I may just be finding my look, finally, at 68! This could really be my Pout Spring, are you ready for a Nine Spring too, amazeballs Andrea?! Hugs, x

  7. I just love your leggings and that necklace is gorgeous. Here in Wisconsin spring is far, far, far away. It's below 0 and the windchills are even worse. There won't be "something in the air" until April or May I'm afraid. :(

    1. These jeggings really are the best and if I was bossier, I'd order EVERYONE to get some! Oh heck, your zeros + chill factor sound frightful, I appreciate even more your gutsy woodpile photo shoots! Our winters are short by comparison, but then we have milder summer's too. Hugs, adorable Amy, x.

    2. Get a pair of Pearl Izumi thermal nylon & spandex bike tights to wear under a good pair of coated denim jeans ( she calls them biker jeans ) for your Wisconsin cold/ windy Winters; I did when I live in Michigan for 13 Winters prior to coming to Arkansas; will be returning to Michigan and still have my harsh weather duds .I am a 66 year old male who wears N.Y.D.J.coated denim the last 13 years . They are menswear after all , first and foremost.

  8. How handy is that? Having a jeweller friend? I’d like to do this to a lot of my necklaces!
    I’m sure ready and waiting for some colour out in the garden and out and about. Cheers it all up!
    Laurie xx

    1. Laurie, I'm sure it doesn't cost much, yet so often we stop using a necklace because its fall is simply not quite right.
      Out there in "nature" spring seems to kick in much earlier than in our gardens, so it's good to get out and feel uplifted ... WHEN it's not raining, of course!
      Hugs, lovely Laurie, x