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Sunday 25 February 2018

The Lady Who Lunches Meets Lady Leoprint

The Outfit

There are some days when we just want to go back to basics.
Like black trousers.

Wimpy me just wants something warm around her legs when THE BEAST FROM THE EAST is a-visitin'  - skirts and dresses stay in the wardrobe.

Instead of my go-to coated biker jeans which my thoughts had first gone to for the evening's attire, I decided to go right back to basics with simple black trousers.  I haven't worn plain old trousers for an age.  Have you?
Add a camisole to create a black column, layer on a pop of cardi colour in wintry red and you have the makings of what I would describe as a Lady Who Lunches outfit.  Safe. Tried and tested, but it works.

I have to say the Lady Who Lunches staring back at me from the mirror did unnerve me slightly.  But The Photographer said she looked nice just as she was, with no knee jerk dressing required.  I should mention that at this point I had threatened to switch my classic black trousers for the Plan A coated biker jeans.  So I heeded TP's advice,  but gave a nod to my Lady Leoprint roots.

Well naturally something as sensible as a LWL outfit must at least have a bit of subdued edge, so I introduced a scarf and little bag in leoprint.  Lady Who Lunches Meets Lady Leoprint.  And only then was I was good to go.

And go I did, to meet up with my Sibs at a nearby hotel restaurant.

The Meet-Up

The hotel's foyer was attractively decorated, I'm guessing for a wedding reception.

I chucked my phone in the direction of The Photograper because I realised I'd left home without showing you my outerlayer.

It's this.  A black leather zipped and hooded coat from way back.  Maybe 20 years way back.
I'd stopped wearing it purely because its side pockets are positioned a bit too far back for my liking.  Simple solution -  I didn't put my hands in them last night.  Why on earth has it taken me two decades to work out that simple fix?!!

Bro missed this photoshoot.  Funny, that. 

Sis and I wore complimentary colours, without even having liaised beforehand!
Me in black, red and leoprint.  Sis in black, a pretty black print top which she topped with her pop of wintry red in the form of a scarf.

This isn't the first time we've turned up in complimentary outfits, like when we were

That's sisters for you, eh.

Apropos prints, I really struggle to find any prints I like.  Sis, on the other hand, has a kanny knack of finding prints that I always like. Why do I never see these prints in the shops?

The Food Shots

And because I haven't posted any food shots for ages ...

Classic Prawn Cocktail
Hungarian Goulasch - which our sweet Hungarian server
assured us was made authentically as she'd tested it.
Chicken Jalfrezi

Another classic, Toad in the Hole
And the classics continue with an Apple Crumble

Don't fret, not ALL those dishes were mine!

So in summary, my post today:
It's about the forgotten wardrobe hero, black trousers.
It's about classic column dressing. 
 It's about simple pops of cheering wintry colour.
It's about introducing a little leoprint edge to LWL outfits.
It's about how when looking at these pics I realise that black, red and a little bit of print really work well together.
It's about keeping my hands out of awkwardly place coat pockets.
And mostly it's about having a wonderful evening in the company of lovely family.

Hope your weekend is going well, keeping warm/cool and keeping in touch with those you love.

A la perchoine.


  1. looks like a wonderful evening had pity your Bro missed the photo shoot though, maybe next time eh.

    1. Hi Tarquin, it's great to hear from you. Yes, I'll try to nab Bro next time. Wish me luck! Hugs, x.

    2. Yes please. I would love to see a picture of your elusive brother - is he camera shy?
      As always, a perfect outfit choice for a family meet up. The meal looks fab BTW.
      Does your sister always stand to your left in photographs? Keep warm, it's a snuggle up day with TP!

    3. Oh I have no idea why Bro seems to keep out of my pics, he's certainly a handsome geezer and a fine figure of a man. So funny you mention Sis ALWAYS standing to my left, I spotted that when putting this post together! Yes, TP and I are snuggled around a log fire as I type. You keep warm too (unless you are in Florida or Oz, in which case, keep cool!!).
      Thanks for popping in MissFish, x.

  2. Perfect outfit and my sister and I often turn up in complementary outfits too.

    1. Thanks, Pieta. Oh so you and your sis end up twinning it too. It's so interesting that it happens, especially when you're on holiday so the items have been chosen days/weeks in advance. Hope you have a pleasantly cool week, hugs x.

  3. I do love an evening out my bro's - three of them all of whom who are happy to pose for photos!

    I made the mistake of wearing a skirt to London on Saturday and nearly froze my knees off....

    I like you outfit very much; elegant and stylish!

    Keep warm and have a great week.

    1. Lucky you, I will definitely grab my Bro next time!
      Oh Vronni, you're reminding me of when as teenagers our mums would tell us to wear something warmer around our short-skirted legs! Right now,I'm wearing jeans, a huge woolly and my accessory is a log fire!
      Keep yourself hyggeligt this week, x.

  4. Mary you make a stunning lady who lunches! This outfit is so very flattering and I love the leoprint scarf added in for good measure. You and your sister look so sweet together - great minds do think alike! And that food! You always dine on the very best looking meals for sure. You have me thinking I may need to snap photos of my meals when we're out but trust me they wouldn't look near as exquisite as yours!
    Looking lovely my dear friend!!!

    1. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, Mrs R. And I'm sure your food shots will show some fabulously tasty looking dishes. BTW, with ref to your post where I commented on the shoes ... it indicates a vital item of apparel is missing from the outfit! I was fearful of responding on your blog in case you went all teacher-like on me 😱.
      Here's wishing you a fabulous week, hugs x.

  5. You and your sister are adorable and you both look lovely. The food looks delicious. Sounds like a perfect time to me.

    1. Oh Carrie, you say the sweetest things! Thanks so much, perfection was just what it was. Hope you're having a good week, it's just started snowing here, I'm super-excited! Hugs x

  6. I love this look, you look wonderful. I do wear black trousers, usually during the holidays because it's too cold to wear a dress but I still want to dress up. How funny that you wore complimentary outfits. That food looks so delicious!

    1. Why thank you, my sweetness. You're so right, Amy, black trousers feel dressy but without the freezing legs and that's exactly where I was coming from when I wore that! Hugs, x.

  7. Nothing like a classic black trouser! The food looks fab but The star of this lunch is you and your sis! Cuties and over the moon for your leoprint!

    1. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, O sweetest of Andreas! Yup, black trousers are a classic. Hugs, x.

  8. I have black trousers and were them periodically, where as I used to wear them all the time, how things have changed. I'm just the same with my sister, often wearing similar outfits, same good taste eh? Jacqui

    1. Oh how times have changed indeed. I used to live black trousers when I was working, and I've still got about half a dozen pairs left in my wardrobe. Yet somehow they feel a little alien on me now! And spooky how we loved ones do that same-dressing thing eh. Hugs, x

  9. I've rediscovered black trousers too. Not jeansy sort but real trousers. They do have a place in the wardrobe don't they. Strangely I'm finding skirts tights and boots warmer than my trousers whilst the Beast is here.I'm going to be talking about that soon. Why be surprised at LWL? You've got the dress down to a T all quite naturally. You are a pro😊

    1. Hi AM, I don't particularly like those jersey/ponte black trousers, I have a couple of pairs that I NEVER wear, and I mean NEVER! And you are so right, opaques seem to be as warm as most trousers. Oh thanks you sweet lady, I expect I'd better get LWL sussed because that is what I am now!!! Hope you're keeping cosy and the trains haven't been too disrupted. We're stocked up on logs and ready to hunker down. Hope your weekend plans don't get mucked around. Hugs, x.

  10. MMM. Maybe I shouldn't read posts when I am hungry! It all looks wonderful! My sister lives near me and we just enjoyed a dinner out, so nice you could get out with her.
    Love this classic outfit, black and red are a favorite combination of mine too! You look lovely and the leopard scarf is the perfect addition!

    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    1. You are so sweet, Jess! It is lovely to have family around nearby, aren't we lucky? Wishing you a happy first week of spring, x.